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Mac users: Vladstudio latest wallpaper in Dashboard

31 May 2008

For Mac users, there is a very easy way to show latest Vladstudio wallpaper in Dashboard, using Safari 3. Here is how:

Open Vladstudio site in Safari. Click "Open in Dashboard", or "Web Clip" button (the button with scissors):


Click on large image showing latest wallpaper. Click "Add" button, then "Add" button again.


Done! Now whenever you open Dashboard, you will see if I released new wallpaper.


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Comments 7

herbert · 1 June 2008
and what about the widget "overview" on the screenshot please ?

Richard Brown · 1 June 2008
ha i did this when 10.5 came out with the new safari.... FIRST CLIP I DID!!! yay for vladstudio

Claudio Vinciguerra · 8 June 2008

VladFan · 17 September 2008
Also, Your pictures are available on the Apple Website! That's where I found You! :) Congratulations! :D

pakkman781 · 1 June 2008
@herbert: iStat Pro I believe. Great idea! I'm gonna put this in my dashboard now! I love webclips, I just wish there was a way to create them from Firefox...

Dannniela · 2 June 2008
No entiendo mucho su idioma, sin embargo disfruto mucho su trabajo, es excelente, saludos de quizas donde...

so.. · 19 October 2008
How bout some fresh wallpapers man ??????

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