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KDE 4.0 released today - with my wallpaper as default!

{12 January 2008}

KDE is the desktop system for Linux and UNIX platforms, and I recently became one of the winners of KDE wallpaper contest. So I was reading this announcement, when I noticed that they probably decided to use my wallpaper as default! (At least you can see it in all screenshots). I think I'll need to install Linux and KDE to see how it works.

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Journeyer 12 January 2008
Very cool! Congratulations!

Daniel Aleksandersen 13 January 2008
I actually discovered your works trough the KDE 4.0 wallpaper contest. ☺ …and I am glad I did. Some of your more recent works are just awesome! I was pleasantly surprised that you actually had my screen resolution (1680×1050px.) too. Now I will only have to wait for KDE 4 to get into the Debian stable repositories. It should not take more than—what?—four years?

Nanda 22 January 2008
Well done, I remember seeing your wallpaper on some of the earlier screenshots, didn't realise it was a system default though! Good news for the KDE project to be finally getting some nice wallpapers by default.

tamara 28 January 2008

Paolo Zacchi 13 January 2008

Ena 13 January 2008

Victor Hugo 13 January 2008
Excellent job, I feel very happy for you. Now Linux is going to have a bit of you art as the Mac does, that's really nice. I mean, I use both MacOS and Linux, so now is like if both OS can share your great style. Congratulations!

fengshaun 16 January 2008
oh yea, I'm building it right now! the EOS2 is outstanding!

Ivan Chertov 28 January 2008
You deserve it man :P

Roozbeh 28 January 2008
Good Job

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