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Introducing vPass - password generator for everyone

4 October 2012

vPass is a tiny web app I made quite long ago, but forgot to announce it :-)

vPass is a tiny web app I created to solve my own problem - keeping my passwords secure and easy to manage at the same time. Passwords are the only way to identify yourself in the Internet. Nothing better has been invented yet. However, passwords are still painful to work with:

Numerous password-managing apps are here to help. Most of them are tied to one OS. None of them appealed to me personally. The best approach I could find is to have single ("master") password and generate account-specific passwords from it (using account name for encryption).

Try vPass (also available as bookmarklet, extension for Chrome, Safari, Opera).

Read more about vPass - highly recommended! It's not immediately clear how it works, but once you get it, you'll probably like the idea as much as I did. Thanks!

P.S. If you can help me make Firefox extension, I'll be most thankful!

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Wojciech · 4 October 2012
Browser ID / Persona?

Vadim G. · 4 October 2012
The approach definitely has a certain elegance! However, there are some situations it doesn't handle gracefully (unless there's a way to use it that I missed?): - sites that impose password restrictions (length, character set) or requirements. They do exist, unfortonately :( - to change a password for one site, you'd have to change the master password, and thus change all the passwords (I guess you can have multiple master passwords, but them you have to remember which set of sites goes with which master password -- but that might actually be manageable if there are only a few of these).

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