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Introducing Siberian wooden houses photo project!

23 July 2008

Siberian wooden houses website:

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Bun&glasses · 23 July 2008
They are definetely beautiful, and the decay seems to add some mysterious air - I do like the photos. But I imagine they are quite cold in winter, aren't they? Anyway, thanks for the idea to make photos!

mark · 23 July 2008
These are beautiful.

lisa · 23 July 2008
just beautiful

Raquel · 26 July 2008
These are wonderful photos, and I admire your efforts to preserve these houses in images; I can't imagine anyone building like this anymore so I'm so glad that you took the time and care to do this, like documenting history.

dion · 4 August 2008
Vlad, you are also a fine photographer, not only an artist in designing great desktop wallpapers! Congrats on this excellent Siberian wooden houses series! And yes, I've already placed your August Siberians wallpaper with calendar on my desktop from Smashing Magazine website. It looks... smashing! :)

saseds · 13 September 2008
mihut : ce site najpa:>:P>:P

VladFan · 17 September 2008
Wow! I really like your pictures! You are NOT an ameteur photographer, anymore! *grin* Congratulations! :)

AngelA · 23 July 2008
I *love* the carved wooden details on some of these. Wow. And I love the effect/contrasting that makes some of them look almost cartoony. Fabulous photos--thanks!

Leti · 23 July 2008
Awesome houses!!! ... I’m Venezuelan and we don’t have wooden houses (even in the past)... your photos are really impressive... thank you for sharing them with us :)

maxim shevertalov · 24 July 2008
Very nice. I especially like the color on some. The detail work is gorgeous.

woo · 1 August 2008
very nice, but why does it all have so weird colors ?

Carl · 1 August 2008
Vlad I think you could do a similar thing for buildings in Japan. It's a shame those wooden houses are being left to decay.

Chris · 8 August 2008
I lived in Ulan Ude for a couple months and spent a weekend in Irkutsk; thanks for posting these... they remind me of that beautiful place.

shaggy_0_o · 13 September 2008

Bora Adašević · 3 November 2008
Vlad, Vi ste veoma pametan čovek! I, nadasve, talentovan! Primite moje iskrene čestitke!

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