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Happy New Year!

{1 January 2012}

Dear visitor,

it is already January 1st here, and although a little late, I'd like to take this chance and wish everyone a wonderful 2012! You might have noticed I was a little quieter than usual lately. The main reason for that (not counting being a unexperienced dad) is the e-book that I have been working on. It is, no doubt, most difficult and time-consuming project I have ever had. I teamed up with great people and I appreciate their help very much. We (naturally) targeted for this Christmas, but in the end we decided to squash last bugs and make final polish instead of releasing "almost ready" book. So, the book is coming this January!

Here is the quick preview of how the book looks now (please forgive the shake - I was filming that on New Year's night :-) -

In several days, I'll publish professional video trailer, as well as new website for our publishing house. I'll also write a looong post in my blog, with all kinds of details of e-book production. And of course, the e-book itself!

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone who purchased an account, left a comment, or simply visited my website. Running a website like this is a dream came true. Where would I be without my audience? :-)

Happy New Year!

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Comments {11}

Callum Barker 2 January 2012
Looks very cool mate. Best of luck!

maxim shevertalov 3 January 2012
Looks really cool. My son just turned 1, not sure if he's old enough for it yet, but can't wait to see how he reacts.

Martin Stružský 3 January 2012
Ray, there already are a few wallpapers, that contain this books images. Check "Who Stole The Moon? Promo", "The Fox And The Moon" or "Nocturnal Animals" :-)

Vlad Gerasimov 4 January 2012
Ray: no problem, will do these, but a bit later! Thanks!

NC Hanger 5 January 2012
Vlad - this is incredible! It makes me want an iPad all the more (::cry::), just for this book. By the way, my first little grandchild is already enjoying your published book most nights -- she adores it.

Ray 2 January 2012
It really looks good for children :) I think they will enjoy it a lot :) Maybe you could make some wallpapers from it's art? I was hoping for more Christmas style wallpapers but those will be equally enjoyable :)

tusen 3 January 2012
Wow, this looks impressive.

bj 4 January 2012
It's beautiful and amazing!

Ray 4 January 2012
I know about these but I was really hoping you'd make one from the art featuring the little boy in his room (with all the toys, the rooftop etc. I think that would look fantastic! How about you guys? Would you like such a wallpaper?

Luis José Conde 7 January 2012
Amazing work Vlad! :)

sorena 7 January 2012
cooooool , like ur works

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