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Fan art - a movie inspired by Vladstudio!

{8 May 2008}

I received email from my website visitor, St. Tadas, who was inspired by my wallpaper, Full Moon in the Midnight Forest, and created a movie from it. Best of all, the 30-seconds movie looks very good! This is the first time somebody ever dedicated a movie to me :-) Thanks!

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Comments {16}

Laura Allan 8 May 2008
What a great tribute!

Joel Dorning 9 May 2008
Amazing work on both of your parts. Vlad you are an inspiration to us all.

Rit@ 10 May 2008
beautiful congratulations

Belén junquera 12 May 2008
it´s fantastic

WM Leung 19 May 2008
What a good idea!

Romina 27 May 2008
Esta buenisimo felicidades!!!!

William Verzellesi 14 June 2008
Sincerely i've not understanded this movie, sorry

Gastón González 26 October 2008
Por favor hagan wallpaper de un mazda 3 sport

Dave Weaver 9 May 2008
Amazing work, 2 thumbs up!

Natalie Ellis 9 May 2008
What a fantastic video!

Michael Krajnak 10 May 2008
So cool! Love it

Kerstin Thaler 11 May 2008
Wonderful. And it's not even the only one. Congrats!

Rolando 21 May 2008
Very very Intresting!!

Dominik 26 May 2008
Fun and very meaningful! Great inspiration, well done!

georgiegirl 14 June 2008
Just having another look around ;D Great news about the advert / video!! It should generate heaps new visitors to your amazing artwork!!!

David 5 July 2009
Wow nicely done! I love this art and adding it to video is another great way to express it!

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