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Birthday gift from my sister, Julia

{12 January 2009}

I wanted to share the gift that my sister, Julia, made to me.

Hehe :-)

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Eduardo Molteni 12 January 2009
Happy birthday! Beautiful gift.

12 January 2009
Great! You are really such a tallented family.

12 January 2009
Hey there! Happy birthday, Vlad! Today my child has a birthday too - she's already 8! With to you aaaaaaall the best! Natalya

Richard 12 January 2009
cool. haPPy birthday, my fellow Capricorn.

Asis 13 January 2009
WoW! The Vitruvian Vlad! Happy Birthday! Great Work! A big fun of VladStudio ... :D

daniela 13 January 2009
Happy birthday! :))

13 January 2009
Happy Birthday!! awesome gift!

Leti 13 January 2009
Feliz Cumpleaños Vlad! :)

13 January 2009
Happy birthday!

Wayne 13 January 2009
Happy birthday! 生日快乐~~~

Azhar Chougle 13 January 2009
Happy Birthday!

Terri GottFree 13 January 2009
Happy Birthday to you from Missouri, USA :)

John and Maria 14 January 2009
It's nice to have a sister. Happy Birthday!! This gift is one to be kept. Very talented sister....

Sysbel 14 January 2009
Feliz cumpleaños Vlad! con atraso. No veo el comentario que envié anteriormente así que va otra vez. Happy belated birthday Vlad! El regalo que te hizo tu hermana es una preciosa obra de arte.

beer.snob.chick 14 January 2009
Happy Birthday!

Gladys 14 January 2009
Happy Birthday, too cute.

Amelia 14 January 2009

T 14 January 2009
It's quite late, so..... Happy Birthday late to you. :-)

DWUnLtd [Lynda} 31 January 2009
Happy birthday! xoxo

ping wang 4 February 2009

giZ 17 February 2009
Very cute. Happy birthday btw. (though it's a little late)

Gift Channel 23 February 2009
Very cool and creative gift! Happy Birthday!

Michelle 12 January 2009
Yes; I hope you have a very happy day, Vlad. What a lovely birthday creation!

Monika 12 January 2009
Forgot to type my name in the previous comment, sorry...

Martin Stružský 12 January 2009
Wow, really nice da-vincish artwork... I'd love if you turned this into a wallpaper some way, it'd rock my desktop. :-D

Dimian 12 January 2009
Happy Birthday to you! All the best to you and your family, all the best for next , health, happiness and peace - I guess that's currently the most important thing.

logos_pro 13 January 2009
Happy Birthday! Present for you ! ,Make & Save WallClock pars PhotoshopCS3 scripts.

Jessica 13 January 2009
Happy Birthday! It was my 30th birthday on Sunday. ;)

Sysbel 13 January 2009
Deseo hayas pasado un muy feliz cumpleaños! Hermoso el regalo que te hizo tu hermana Julia.

reggie 13 January 2009
happy birthday!

Viking Folklorist 13 January 2009
Happy birthday! Your work is a collection of treasures I'm thrilled to have been lucky enough to find. Thank you and happy new year. CA (VF)

Marie 14 January 2009
Very nice : ) A very happy birthday to you : ))

Mahrad 14 January 2009
Happy birthday!!

Samantha 14 January 2009

Gretchen K Wingert 14 January 2009
A very happy birthday from Pennsylvania, USA!!!!!

Michael Krajnak 17 January 2009
Happy belated Birthday, I hope you will make a wallpaper/wallclock out of this!! Smiles...

Jaideep Nadkarni 19 January 2009
Wish You A Very Very Happy Birthday And A Great Year. Classic Gift.

Javier Sepulveda 1 February 2009
I'm a little late, buy anyway...Happy Birthday Vlad! I bought a lifetime account, so I'm glad for that. I love your designs and your tutorials helps me a lot.

MJM 19 May 2010
thiis mools veryy mach. XD weloveyou! we are ndoing a treballing of leonardo... jajajaja

zalli 28 November 2012
Happy birthday

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