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10000 registered users!

{22 March 2008}

I still cannot believe this but my database reached 10000 users today! The 10000th user is George Fievet from USA, and as a small token of my appreciation, I sent him the gift certificate to my Zazzle shop. This is quite important milestone to me, because until recently I never thought I could make my living drawing wallpapers! This inspires me to come up with more and more images, so that my growing community is (hopefully) never disappointed. Thanks again for your support! It means so much to me. Thank you thank you thank you :-) :-) :-)

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Comments {36}

lisa 22 March 2008
Congratulations! You deserve it. Thanks for being so generous and gracious.

trool 22 March 2008
Congrats, thats great news.

Laura 22 March 2008
I'm not the least bit surprised...your stuff is the schiznit!!

Ronald Ottinger 22 March 2008

An 22 March 2008

atotalnut 23 March 2008
congrats!i love your works of art and i love your site! : ))

Ashwin Narasimhan 23 March 2008
Congratulations! 10,000 does seem a little disappointing to me, because I absolutely love your works.

Young-Ho Lee 24 March 2008
Congratulations! Your works always make me feel warm and smile.

Marko 24 March 2008

난 Jay야 만나서 반가워 26 March 2008

Joy 26 March 2008
You rock! You deserve to make a full time living with your art. It's original and highly distinctive. I predict that you are going to continue in your success.

Jeff B 4 April 2008
Vlad, your work is stunning and original. My wife and my two young kids take turns changing our wallpaper. We enjoy the the fun images and unique designs. It adds a little joy to our lives. I appreciate the tutorials also on how you create them. You are doing a good service to people and I feel that you would be a great childrens illustrator. Think about it.

Quang Anh Do 7 April 2008
I come across your site after reading an article on Smashing Magazine and I'm really impressed with your wallpapers! I love them so much :D Keep up your good work! P.S: As you might notice, I'm your lastest lifetime registered user. Hehe.

Di Lyn 7 April 2008
i am new to your site...i adore your beautiful excellent and creative designs!!!! i am very very pleased. Thank you for being kind in sharing your sweet pieces with us all. *hugs*

Zaigham 18 May 2008
No doubts! You got gorgeous website! Congratulations :) 27 January 2010
I always come back with pleasure to see what else is new :)

Vladimir Iguine 22 March 2008
Будет еще больше! Желаю успехов в добрых делах!

Krist2ps 22 March 2008
Cool! Greetings! ;) // Apsveicu! (In latvian language)

Thomas Roemhild 22 March 2008
Best wishes!

Pedro Dias 22 March 2008
Congratulations and excellent work :)

Davidz 22 March 2008
Congratulations! Always love your artworks :)

George Fievet 23 March 2008
Thanks again. :) Your work is amazing.

coffeegrinder 23 March 2008
Congratulations, keep those wonderfull walls coming.

Gretchen K Wingert 24 March 2008
Congrats Vlad....your site warms my heart!!!!!

杨凯 24 March 2008

Lance Fisher 24 March 2008
Спасибо вам!

artofwar420 25 March 2008
I gotta say too, I love your work, and congrats, really happy for you. :)

mom 27 March 2008
love you honey

JudiKaye 28 March 2008
Congratulations, Vlad! As a lifetime subscriber, I am very pleased to be a part of your success. Your art is so unique and original; I am proud to display it on my desktop! I plan to enjoy your art in framed prints in my home soon, and I will be giving your images on t-shirts as birthday gifts this year. Keep up the great work... 5 April 2008
Thank you very much for your wall paper's. *terance - Sri Lanka*

Alexander de Jong 7 April 2008
That's awesome Vlat, 10.000 registered users now a day, wow i mean i can't get this so high on my website. Congratulations! And your design's, wallpapers, wallclock's are very very nice. Go on this way and you will get 20.000 registered users! :) :D

Jeremiah Loveday 16 April 2008
Have you ever considered make Tri-Monitor Wallpapers

manish 18 April 2008
i want to registered to your site

Ioanna 30 April 2008
The pleasure is all ours!!!

Vicki 19 July 2008
What a talent you are!!! I absolutely love your website. You make our day just looking at everything-gorgeous!! Thanks!!

fangirl241 13 May 2011
awesome i really want one (boo hoo)

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