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Neptune and Triton

Neptune and Triton

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Komentarze {45}

Caro 4 Wrzesień 2013
Oh!!!!!!, it´s very beautiful Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Min Ryan 7 Wrzesień 2013

Donna Eichelberger 8 Wrzesień 2013
Overjoyed that you are back! Love this one :-)

Monica Almeida 18 Wrzesień 2013
Simply fantastic !!!!! Thanks, Vlad !

Sweet 19 Wrzesień 2013
The King of design is back!

airmoo 28 Wrzesień 2013

مهسا 16 Listopad 2013
عالین مرسی

joyce 19 Listopad 2013
so amazing!

Claudia 2 Grudzień 2013

R.I.P. Vladstudio 10 Grudzień 2013
Beginning to feel that we will never see a new Vladstudio wallpaper again...

Livanco 15 Grudzień 2013
Хорошая работа SHD( super HD)

devinT 18 Grudzień 2013
TJ, don't be insensible, I'm sure if it was up to him, Vlad would happily post new wallpapers here every week. When you paid for your subscription, you paid for what was already here, not what would be posted in the future. That's just a perk. Live in the present and please love yourself. Be happy with what you have. Happy holidays, TJ, I hope you read this.

Иван. 31 Grudzień 2013
С Наступающим Влад! Здоровья, успехов, удачи, счастья и радости! И новых проектов и обоев! И хоть в этот НГ не получилось у вас подарить нам новые яркие обои, но надеюсь это затишье неспроста и вы готовите прекрасную серию с новогодними синими лошадками!

xxx 15 Luty 2014

mjuhos 20 Luty 2014
Что с тобой? Больной? Нет идей? Много работ? Мы ждём новые чуды!

Amir 7 Marzec 2014

DANIEL 9 Kwiecień 2014

Nme hre 16 Wrzesień 2014

鄢正鹏 27 Listopad 2014

H 6 Grudzień 2014

Danny Cecil 25 Marzec 2015
I've been a subscriber for several years and love your work. I've recently upgraded to a 4k (3840x2160) display and would love it if you would start publishing your images in this resolution.

mangle 18 Marzec 2016
np go

Jw 7 Wrzesień 2016
Like it

stan 4 Wrzesień 2013
Thanks for that! I am so happy you are back! It is beautiful, all three new :)

Pavel Verba 4 Wrzesień 2013
It successfully combines stunning beauty of space and minimalism of the hand-drawn imagery, bravo.

qwerqwer 10 Wrzesień 2013

Jorge 17 Wrzesień 2013
What a beautiful wallpaper! Thanks Vlad, it is good to have you back :)

Structor 25 Wrzesień 2013
Nice! (I'm just testing your smart submit plugin:) )

Luis Garcia 30 Wrzesień 2013
I love it! This could be also a very nice icon concept for the Eclipse IDE Thank you for this charming wallpaper!!

Pimpa Archibaldova 2 Grudzień 2013
I have problem with puzzle on Mac. Some pieces of the puzzle follows the cursor instead of remain in place :(

Vlad Gerasimov 13 Grudzień 2013
R.I.P. Vladstudio - sometimes, I feel so too. But hopefully, it's not so.

TJ 14 Grudzień 2013
R.I.P. Vladstudio. I am a Premium member...paid for my subscription, and no signs of life from the site. I was always impressed with (and looked forward to) the work on here. I guess now I have to go use a different site for wallpapers...

chanoodle 18 Grudzień 2013
vlad wallpapers always make me smile.

Mike 29 Grudzień 2013
I love all the wallpaper and have literally everything by Vladstudio, but I miss the not seeing anymore for many months now. Please come back! http://www.vladstudio.com/wallpaper/?neptune_and_triton#

Baby Ice 10 Styczeń 2014
It's so happy to realize that I know several English words. 那你们能看懂中文不?嘻嘻。

David Branson 15 Luty 2014
I miss Vladstudio stuff too. I hope everything is going all right?

FlLlm 15 Luty 2014

Trineka 6 Marzec 2014
Hold on to the one that you love!

luca pasquadibisceglie 10 Marzec 2014
hi vlad .. are you still alive?

vik 19 Sierpień 2014
nice job u have done.............

arsLan 24 Październik 2014

mrinmay brahma 28 Listopad 2014
It was just awsome...nice gift.

Jean gates 1 Styczeń 2015
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maxire 19 Sierpień 2015
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Kevin 26 Maj 2017
Ha! Really cool wallpaper, minimalistic and stunning! Do u plan to add some more wpps to ur website??? It'd be nice! I use 500px.com, wallcrave.com or bing for searching new wallpapers, but this collection is the best. Added to bookmarks, thx

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