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How Internet Works

How Internet Works

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Komentarze {145}

Tusnelda 4 Lipiec 2009
Very interesting angle on the way it works! I like it! + certainly different! Thanks, Vlad! :)

unknown 4 Lipiec 2009
Epic! :)

Milan Vít 4 Lipiec 2009
That is so cute! :-)

mkultra 4 Lipiec 2009
ultra cool vlad

XTINA 4 Lipiec 2009
It's always good to try new things. Well done Vlad!

Noha 4 Lipiec 2009
That is really, reallly definitely cool & cute. u are one of a kind Vlad. Keep going (Y)

Tim Smith 4 Lipiec 2009
Cool!! I like the idea. Great job.

MaTt 4 Lipiec 2009
quite good!! funny idea...

Andy 4 Lipiec 2009
lol new things work for you vlad! Funny comic!

Kelcey 4 Lipiec 2009
Adorable and amusing, nice work.

Leti 4 Lipiec 2009
muy creativo! excelente!!! :)

Kaz 4 Lipiec 2009
I showed this to my mom, it explained things better than I ever have and I'm studying Computer Science at University! Thanks from me and from her!

Heini 4 Lipiec 2009
Wow Vlad! Your imagination is endless! Very, very cool! :)

yoshi 5 Lipiec 2009
no me parece adecuado como papel tapiz.

Emma 5 Lipiec 2009
I had to read it a few times to get it. I was suck because in real life its so much faster that that!

Caline 6 Lipiec 2009
Pretty cool!

Darkcat 6 Lipiec 2009
it going to be a very long journey to search through

Maggot 8 Lipiec 2009
Очень здорово Влад! Жду развития идей с комиксами :)

Rosie :) 8 Lipiec 2009
haha cool idea, I like the drawn look.. (: Rosie :)

bfyakumo 14 Lipiec 2009
google it!

Sonthi Yamniyom 16 Lipiec 2009
i love it!!

Andy 21 Lipiec 2009
Thank you !!!

bob 23 Lipiec 2009
did i install the thing on my screen?

atanas 31 Lipiec 2009
Honestly, I like the story and the comix, but I really dislike the background. Great work!

Sasha 14 Sierpień 2009
I instantly thought of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I'm not sure if that was part of your inspiration for this, but I love it all the same :)

Jiggy 14 Sierpień 2009
You forgot Windows asking you twice if you are SURE you want to use Google instead of Bing.

19 Sierpień 2009
Menuda puta mierda. En blanco lo más importante de internet.

19 Sierpień 2009
really cool,

Lyra 20 Sierpień 2009
Cute! Nice work.

mikealpha 21 Sierpień 2009
This must deplict an IE browser because im sure FF would have a corvet and a gps system

Faruk 25 Sierpień 2009
I really admire your imagination. This piece is fantastic, already sitting on my desktop.

Debayu 8 Wrzesień 2009
Very enjoyable

Dragos 15 Wrzesień 2009
Misto bravo vlad!!

WERA 21 Wrzesień 2009

Nat:* 21 Wrzesień 2009

angelspark 24 Wrzesień 2009
love this, it's so funny

Teh 27 Listopad 2009
I like the wall paper design!

woo eee 24 Grudzień 2009
woo eee duch en swatch

Hanukhak 27 Grudzień 2009
Sweet :)

Niloo 15 Styczeń 2010
i loved

Salvosuper 3 Luty 2010
really cute!

Wow. 1 Marzec 2010
Very nice, it made me laugh. I'd love to see some art work like this posted at my website, http://www.time-burners.com!

x5x_tim 5 Marzec 2010
Nice drawing, good explanation

Hya 8 Marzec 2010
'ur idea is very great....!!!

marie 8 Kwiecień 2010
I like it very much : ) Do you think it could come with different color back grown.

13 Maj 2010

Joe 22 Maj 2010
Den er da fed

IceWolfDMA 18 Czerwiec 2010
WOW! Really nice work, very educative! :)

andy 26 Lipiec 2010
very useful. Fantastic

rose 26 Lipiec 2010
excellente!!!buen informacion!!!!

Lucila 17 Sierpień 2010
I will use it in classroom to teach how internet works! Very very nice! Really!

lala 15 Wrzesień 2010

Utpal Bhatia 22 Grudzień 2010
That's very simple way to make it unerstood of most complex network. Gr8!!!!!!!!!!!

FlaminGeeks 13 Styczeń 2011
Great comic. The most simple explanation ever

Amy 18 Styczeń 2011
So smart! I love it!

7 Maj 2011
good job inneed lovely life trapping.

hiral 13 Maj 2011

7 Lipiec 2011
very nice

moha 19 Listopad 2011
cool......... nice work.. boomm..boom

Hunter 16 Marzec 2012
Saw it on reddit, loved it.

PHILLIP SUTTON 30 Marzec 2012

Ixe 9 Maj 2012
i think i'll actually get more from this than from computer books :)) good work!

seyedi534@yahoo.com 10 Sierpień 2012
I got this picture of me so How Internet Works · 1024x768

suraj 31 Październik 2012
good education

tyhera 14 Marzec 2013
hi i lve the sight it's lvely

Miguel 15 Marzec 2013

Jai 6 Marzec 2014
lol... sun and moon together......

Krishna Ahire 28 Marzec 2014
Information with Creative Idea & story. Nice.

KUMAR 22 Czerwiec 2014
can anyone make a story for this pleazz..

Dany 5 Sierpień 2014

eiman 9 Październik 2014

Nithya 17 Maj 2016
sooo good..:)

LucasDT 4 Lipiec 2009
Nice drawing, not for wallpaper

Hiram 4 Lipiec 2009
Muy bueno

4 Lipiec 2009
An ingenious work :)

Ana 4 Lipiec 2009
I really like this...keep going with the comics. ;)

Nat 4 Lipiec 2009

Martin Stružský 4 Lipiec 2009
Really imaginative one, as usual... I especially like #7, where the browser runs back to the user, eager to tell him the result. :-D

Emma 4 Lipiec 2009
This is aweosme and all, but it sucks otherwqise when you crop it to fit your (my) phone! :P

a.J. 4 Lipiec 2009
lol It's soooooo funny like the wallpaper of google search center before. good work, vlad!

Bovary 4 Lipiec 2009
Great! I study IT and took my Internet Protocols exam just yesterday, so I enjoyed this one a lot!

negmaya 4 Lipiec 2009
WOOOOOOOOOW i really like it :D

ChrisitneA 4 Lipiec 2009
Eeeeee!!! That was just too darn cute Vlad!! It's a bit busy for a wallpaper I would guess, but I love it just the same. :D

mbtx 5 Lipiec 2009
So, that explains everything! I like it a lot.

Oomu 5 Lipiec 2009
Very Imaginative and mostly true technically :)

Cec Medin 5 Lipiec 2009
Nice and different compared to the Google Search Center. Still enjoyable. Thanks Vlad.

Abderrahmane TAHRI JOUTI 5 Lipiec 2009
Very Cute !

Tade Sargsian 6 Lipiec 2009
MEGA! :)

ufuk 7 Lipiec 2009
funny work :)

Amy 8 Lipiec 2009
i like it!

Vasyl 11 Lipiec 2009
So cool! Respect!

Charles 12 Lipiec 2009
My favorite one yet. Make more of these!

15 Lipiec 2009
Nice job

Gabriele 17 Lipiec 2009
This is simply great!

librarian from Croatia 21 Lipiec 2009
will use this to explain internet to kids in my workshops....

John Boero 25 Lipiec 2009
Best. WP. Ever.

1 Sierpień 2009

GFYM 12 Sierpień 2009
Just sad that you didn't get the IP for google.com right. Make a trace route and see. tracert google.com in a command prompt and you'll get

14 Sierpień 2009
u r just like me

19 Sierpień 2009
Very good explanation about how works the net. Muy bueno y original :)

19 Sierpień 2009

20 Sierpień 2009

cris 20 Sierpień 2009
so freak! I loving it!

Stefano Bagnatica 22 Sierpień 2009
Very nice!

27 Sierpień 2009
this is so COOL!!!!

dawhite 8 Wrzesień 2009
very nice - smart - the head, the heart and the hand working well together...

faB 15 Wrzesień 2009
I love it!! its pretty good!.. and creative..

Nat:* 21 Wrzesień 2009

22 Wrzesień 2009
discovery: "How it works" )))))))

Stef 7 Listopad 2009
ohhhh!!!! love comics def make more!!!!

Foradian 24 Grudzień 2009
You should have added some routers to the script. Once the guy gets IP address from the DNS server. He gets the route with the help of routers.

SmArTcOOkie:) 31 Grudzień 2009
I love this!It's so cool!Why don't U make another something like this?That would be awesome!!!

Passerby 26 Styczeń 2010
That's so cool. Love it...

Tarun Kalra 6 Luty 2010
Great imagination Vlad. Excellent piece of work. you are gifted and a gift to the world..

Muhammad 2 Marzec 2010
Funny and informative. Excellent!

DARTHPLUNGER 6 Marzec 2010
tht was cool

25 Marzec 2010

Adam 11 Kwiecień 2010
That's awesome!

threesye 14 Kwiecień 2010

Ratko Lipovac 19 Maj 2010
Cool ;)

TIIm 28 Maj 2010
the only thing that would have made this better, is a proxy server. well done.

HayashiKaiji 12 Lipiec 2010
Isn't the firewall suppose to be the other way around? Protecting the user from the internet instead of the internet from the user? xD

Uday Kiran K 29 Lipiec 2010
Nice art work..

Darby 18 Sierpień 2010
So cute!! I like it a lot!!

lala 15 Wrzesień 2010

Jayant 14 Listopad 2010
Wow... I died out of joy while reading this... Explained so nicely in comic manner...

patty 1 Styczeń 2011

Vikas 8 Styczeń 2011
its nice ....and its easy to understand how our internet works........

chandrasekhar 5 Maj 2011
Its an intellectual way of expressing the ideas.

thenetworkguy 12 Maj 2011
great strip and like the way it is represented. very effective for beginners to understand the concept

unknown 16 Październik 2011
Love it, love it and love it!!!!!!!!!!! It's so super cute!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

sano 25 Grudzień 2011
i wish school trains the same way

PHILLIP SUTTON 30 Marzec 2012

ritesh sinha 13 Kwiecień 2012
this is very good

gr8... 29 Maj 2012

zahra 9 Lipiec 2012
very good

pol 13 Październik 2012

Happy Face 10 Marzec 2013
Nice. I had to think for a moment after every panel. :)

kk 21 Styczeń 2014
superb !!

ram 13 Luty 2014
Nice & Creative explanation :) Helps quick understanding.

Mayur 17 Czerwiec 2014

lekha 11 Lipiec 2014
very interesting .................super

ashok 5 Październik 2014
You rock with Presentation

veeresh 29 Październik 2015
creative and awesome!!!

Cool guy 1 Luty 2017
I am heavy weapons guy.

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