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Robots in Love - Making of (video)

5 hours of Photoshop compressed into 5 minute video.

Background music by Booroondook Quartet. Result: There is also realtime video (it's looong!) - robots_in_love_realtime.m4v (270 Mb).

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Comments {18}

Marco Ghisla 6 February 2012
Why not the 5 hours video this time? I loved the "Halloween" and "Lion" full length video! I hope you upload this one too ;) Thank you…!

7 February 2012
vlad u r the best,thanks for shearing videos :)

Christopher 17 February 2012

vpp mubarak 28 March 2012
spr work,but fast video.pls slow..,

anonyme 10 June 2012
amazing. It's so beautifull <3

Ivan 22 June 2012
Incredible! It looks like magic!

John 19 October 2012
Amazing video! The link to download the realtime video doesn't work though. It's returning a 404 Not Found error. :(

Miroslav Fotyi 13 May 2013
Opravdu kus dobře odvedené práce (nejenom této ukázky výroby pozadí, ale všeho!!!), kdo umí, tak umí a druhý kouká (čumí). Nelituji toho, a jsem velice rád, že jsem mohl přispět Vámi požadovanou částkou k registraci. Přeji Vám mnoho dalších úspěchů a dobrých myšlenek pro výrobu krásných pozadí.

Vlad Gerasimov 13 May 2013
Miroslav: thank you for your kind Czech words, I was able to google-translate them :-)

Vlad Gerasimov 6 February 2012
Marco: just added realtime video! Thanks.

Marco Ghisla 7 February 2012
Oh Vlad… Thank you so so much! Made my day :)

Iare 7 February 2012
You make it look so easy, thanks for sharing with us.

Antunes 2 March 2012
Velho você é foda de mais vey parabéns

Szykielet 1 May 2012
Thanks! Very nice video! And good music too! :)

Oiram 21 June 2012
Oh Man! I really enjoy your art

Jay 3 September 2012
You are an institute of art!! I'm glad people like you exist!!

Vlad Gerasimov 19 October 2012
John - link fixed! Thanks.

Sam D. 15 November 2012
Hi this is very excellent tutorial for Photoshop. I would like to have your tutorials at my website also. So you can submit your tutorials at Thank you

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