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Frosted - Making of

The very first step is  to create the background gradient. Click the Create new" icon in Layers tab

... choose colors for your gradient, style and scale (in my case, dark blue, radial, 96%).

Now I will need an excellent free fractal software called ContextFree, available at . I used it  to create around 30 fractals similar to shown here.

Then copy all these fractals to your photoshop file, and distribute them around, so that they fill entire image. Then merge all layers containing fractals so that they are all in one layer.

Set this layer blend mode to overlay. If  it is not bright enough, duplicate layer.

There is  a filter that will give us the frosted look that we need. Go  to Filter menu - Distort - Glass, and adjust the filter settings to your liking. The result would be similar to shown here.

Create another fractal, copy it  to photoshop, invert (from black to white) and move to the edge of image, so that only part of fractal is visible.

Repeat 4 times :)

Photoshop has nice shape tool (U key) which I use very often. Create your own snowflake shape, or choose from custom shapes menu. Then apply some bevel and shadow (not much though).

You can then use small white brush to add some smaller snowflakes, with the same layer effects (bevel and shadow).

We're almost ready! There is only one important step left. Merge entire file into single layer (you can hit Ctrl-Shift-E but make sure to save a copy of PSD before that, in case you need to make changes later). Then, duplicate layer (Ctrl-J) and apply Gaussian Blur filter. Then, set this layer opacity to 30-40%. This will give us nice glow" effect."

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Moo · long ago
Yay! Now I can make it, too! hehehe The fractal program is really neat, too... I think I'll be using it for my desktops in the future. Thanks!

Sergio Bonfiglio · long ago
Where are the images ?

FoxcoNN · long ago
Ïðåâåä, ïðèêîëüíî ðèñóåøü =)

rob · long ago
I'm new to your work, and i was just looking through at your wallpapers, and at the begining of this tutorial, it looks a lot like emotion2 but it's it? Anyway looks like you've been doing well with all your work, and i look forward to seeing more, keep up the good work, Thanks. :-)

secret say · long ago
very very good work good to Know real art can still be found on the web

Julia - · long ago
Âëàäèê!!! Íà ñàìîì äåëå, ïî÷åìó íå íà ðóññêîì ,íó õîòÿ áû íà èñïàíñêîì........Àé ÿé ÿé......

Thompson · long ago
Now this is great stuff!

Dustin · long ago
Wow, that fractal program is incredible! Thanks a lot for the link to it! I'm having so much fun playing around with the codes!

wizard · long ago
thx for link to "fractal maker" :)

oxx · long ago
ïîòðÿñàþùèå ïîñòåðû, ïîòðÿñàþùèå óðîêè, íî ïî÷åìó íå íà ðóññêîì??? íå ïàòðèîò âû...

justin · long ago
thank you vlad. but i was hoping youd go more in-depth with the fractal having trouble with it...mind shedding some light on it?

Anup · long ago
Vlad, it's a nice wallpaper. But i'm facing a problem in following the tutorial. Can you tell me, how can i insert the fractal in photoshop? Best Regards/ (Y)

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
Anup, justin: here's what I did to move fractal from Contextfree to Photoshop: * as Moo said, open "tangle" example, click Render button several times until you get the one I liked, right-click on it, choose render to size, wait, then right-click and choose save image. Save to some temporary PNG file. Open it in Photoshop. Copy and paste to new temporary image. Then remove white (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Q, Ctrl-V, Q, Del), then invert (Ctrl-I). More info about removing white at

PaRy · long ago
Fabuloso, simplemente fantástico :D. Es usted formidable, Mr. Vlad. Magnífico trabajo.

saima · long ago
VLAD, you done a great job,that,s really according my favourite wallpaper,s site.almost daily i visit this site:-)

justin · long ago
thanks vlad for the clear up. that program has some very neat designs. i hope to see you use them in your future for your snowflake. how did you create your own? im sorry for asking so many questions, but i love working with photoshop, and seeing how things are done with it.

تيم · 4 June 2008

Radu Podaru · 6 January 2009
I love this kind of tutorials ... Please give us more ...

PS-Newbie · 13 September 2009
man u`r the best

LJ · 9 December 2009
Nice, thank u again

· 3 August 2010

anbu · 6 October 2010
thaliva pinita po,super machi

Mistee · 17 October 2010
This is lovely, and I have downloaded the contextfree program, as I wish to make fractals myself, but I am at a loss as how to use it. I hope one day you will make a tutorial on how to do this. Lovely wallpaper, too. Very frosty!

DustBust · long ago
For anyone confused on how he "made" that cool squiggle design: If you download the context-free program, when you open it there will be tabs up top. Select the "Examples" tab and select "Tangle" from the drop-down menu. Render, and enjoy! BTW, SUPPORT CONTEXT-FREE WITH ALL YOUR SOUL! It is really a divine accomplishment. And it's for FREE, no less!!

Martin · long ago
Hi, can you help me, how to use filtr - Glass? What settings use to get similar result as author? Thanks

Prem · long ago
Hi You have done a great job Really amazing! Keep update your worthy tips! Prem

Gwen · long ago
kak v etoi programme zdelat takie stutski ?!

bammy · long ago
The ContextFree software ... could you do a quick step by step on how to use this... rather how you achieved that look please??

cooldude · long ago
(Y) fantastic man

helloman · long ago
hi, the contextfree software link is broken, and i cannot find it anywhere, anyone can provide it to me? thks thks

Chi · long ago
I love these tutorials :)

verbus · long ago
wow amazing!!! i want more... i want more

Moo · long ago
I haven't figured out how to manipulate it yet, either, but I believe for this background he just used one of the examples, "tangle". To have the computer re-create another fractral, click "render" again. You can right click (ctrl click) and "save as" to keep it for furthur use. The code on the left side is still jibberish to me, though... :S Does anybody know what language it is?

Anup · long ago
Vlad, You've done a great help to me. Thank u very much.(Y)

justin · long ago
hey vlad, i just saw where you got your snowflake from. i just made a wallpaper, and i was wondering if you would take a look at it for me, and maybe give me some feedback. let me know.

sam · long ago

Pino · long ago

newbie · long ago
really love the program, but how do i copy it to my photoshop file? after i render it in context free .... are there any other programs that i should know about ??

sandra · 8 January 2008
hi. I love this frostal wall paper, but I still have one problem making it.. after you put the white fractals all over the paper, the fractals are different and I don't know how to get 1. How do I change the white fractal layer? 2. What settings do I need to use in the distort glass filter? I'm sorry, that I have to simple questions, but I'm from Germany, and since in my German photoshop there are different commands... and I'm also pretty new with photoshop. Thanks for the help and the great tutorials!

Grace · 8 February 2009
Aw this would be fun, but I don't know how the fractal software works!

· 10 January 2010
GOOD SHOT |||------> · 30 May 2010
I love these tutorials

vikingdude · 26 August 2010
can't it be created without using any other software

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