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Frog - making of

Start with new document, fill background with solid green color.

Apply the following layer effect - Gradient overlay, 150%, white-to-black, radial, blend mode = color burn, effect opacity = about 25-30%

Set foreground color to very dark green (almost black but not entirely), select Pen tool, and start drawing very thin curve...

...looking like this.

Resize the curve (Ctrl-T) so that it take a bit more than half of image.

Duplicate this vector many times similar to shown here. There are several ways to  do so. One way is  to select path with Path Selection Tool (A) and hit Down arrow while holding Shift and Alt keys.

When ready, duplicate this set of shapes and flip them horizontally.

Set the following layer effects for these shapes: blend mode = screen, bladk drop shadow with blend mode = overlay and size = 2-3px.

In new layer, select Pen tool and create a shape with silhouette of  a frog. When ready, duplicate the layer (you will need 2 copies of silhouette). Hide one of duplicates.

Create layer mask (Layer menu - Layer mask - Hide all). Then, with large soft white brush, draw inside the mask to only reveal parts of frog silhouette touching the leaf.

Then, hide this layer, select duplicated silhouette, rasterize it...

Apply Gaussian Blur (with large radius, 10-30 px), and set layer opacity to 80%.

Voila! Here is how all our layers look together.

The last touch is: create new layer between frog silhouettes and leaf background, set layer blend mode to overlay, select very large white brush (300px or more) and put very big dot - it will be our light source. That's all!

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Sara · long ago
Cool, you are the best. I'm your fan!! :-D

Cynthia · long ago
Thanks heaps for this gorgeous tutorial. Hope you keep posting tutorials. ;-)

shay · long ago
Very nice. Didn't think it could be so easy! Thank you :)

Fransheska · long ago
Eres un genio!!! (Y)

Jian · long ago
So good. You are the best. Keep going...! :-D

Sergio · long ago
In wich program did u do that? :-o

Justin L. · long ago
Phenomenal work! Awesome. Thanks for the great tutorial! Keep them coming!

Tamzon · long ago

Sarah · long ago
This is absolutely wonderful! And you are so generous to share your techniques!

martan_i · long ago

Diane · long ago
Guess what??? I just notice your birthday is the same as mine.. January 10 th!!! Cool!!!

· long ago
Î÷åíü êðóòî! Ñïàñèáî!

Steve · long ago
A sign of a great artist is always that they can make something so elegant look so simple. From this tutorial its very clear that you've accomplished that! In my office I am complimented almost daily on my wallpaper choice, and I always mention your name! Thanks so much for so much great artwork! Steve London, Ontario, Canada

Sebastien · long ago
As another said: you are generous and talented keep up the great work. You are an internet gem. (y) Sebastien Québec, Canada

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira · long ago
Bloody Hell!! Cool. thanks for sharing.

Duy · long ago
I can not say anything or praise you again.Thanks alot for sharing (L)

pengjing · long ago
very good!!!

· long ago
àõðåíåííî ñäåëàíî! êðàñàâà!

Czech · long ago

diyarbekirli · long ago
hayran kaldım yav.. kafa isteyen şeyler bunlar bravo.. //////////////// well done!.. I like this..

Suraj S. India. · long ago
You are great..... Simply superb

evolus · long ago
Simply amazing :) Nice work

little munster · long ago
Wow, that's cool, mind if you become my teacher?

kim · long ago

Gopinath Sankar · long ago

Juliana · long ago
I'm from Indonesia. GREAAAAAAAAATTTTT ARTWORK!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Jill · long ago
You're absolutely brilliant in the way you use tools we all have at our fingertips, but combining them in such novel and inventive ways to create such incredible images. I hadn't seen the frog wallpaper before reading the tutorial, so the final image was a moment of pure delight. Thank you! Consider me among your admirers and now, your newest student in St. Louis.

Digital-Man · long ago
Very nice drawing

Kun35 · long ago
Que imaginacion. Muy bien echo.

Froggie! · long ago

Wiziris · long ago

Dan · long ago

mike · long ago
Very nice!

D3v:L D3z:Ns · 9 January 2008
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn u rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gr888888888888888!! amazing art dude!!

Eve · 26 January 2008

Anna · 6 February 2008
Dude, you're way too good. I found you on Apple-Downloads. I loved your Christmas & Valentine sets. :D So I wanted moreee. And I googled you. And found this. And I was plainly: Wow. I love this one. it's so clever. And so simple. Jheezzz you're way too good at this thing, I am so jealous. Okay, I shall stop now, for your sake and for the sake of anyone who may read this. :) how nice of me~ haha Keep it up! - Anna.

ivaaa · 23 May 2008
bravo! bravo! bravo! bravo! bravo!

Poonam · 26 May 2008
This is a lovely tutorial.... ur awesome !!!

georgiegirl · 14 June 2008
this is one extremely awesome amphibian masterpiece ;D

omemedia · 27 June 2008
Beautiful, almost like the real thing!

· 6 January 2009

vin · 4 February 2009

Thisara De Silva · 13 February 2009
That is really kool work!

Rady · 11 March 2009
Great. YOu are dam good.

shyjukesav · 16 July 2009
NICE......................admired sir

PS-Newbie · 13 September 2009

Thomas · 30 September 2009
Wow! that is so realistic. I almost hate seeing images like this. It is so good that I wish someone hadn't done it first :)

Erica · 24 December 2009

pankaj · 2 January 2010
what a work....where r u 4m....

Austin · 9 June 2010
AWESOME!! SO cool. I love this!

paul · 14 March 2011
simple but good work

Sam Otieno · 1 April 2012
OMG! This is great... So creative... you are gifted... and so I am, right form the day I stumbled on this page.

Don · long ago
I'm your fan, too... I like your works very much. Ciao ciao... &:o)

FRAGgleROX · long ago
very nice output. Thank you for the tutorial.

Oscar A.G. · long ago
Very nice (Y). Do you accept constructive critics? I think the mage could be better if you blur a bit the frog parts touching the leaf. I think they are too sharp.

RtistK (aka Wobin813) · long ago
Thank you for sharing

rauf · long ago
One of the best wallpapers from Vlad!!

Rich · long ago
Absolutely amazing..

M · long ago
Many, many thanks for another great tutorial! And I totally loved the frog wallpaper. ;-)

Tamzon · long ago
You do amazing work! I especially love your scenic wallpaper: sky, trees, mountains, etc - amazing and inspiring! Don Quijote and Above the Clouds have to be favorites though.

Diane · long ago
Hi .....I am from Québec, Canada, and I am a great fan of yours!!!! You make very nices things.......d'ont stop!!!!! Thank you!!!! Merci!!!

· long ago
àùå ðÿëüíà

Bibaniu · long ago
Wow. This is really fantastic :) Than you for sharing :)

Hanafy · long ago
(Y) thats gr8

Mark-LA(Y) · long ago
Your Photoshop talents are unsurpassed Vlad. You energize the art world.

carola · long ago
Brillante Vlad !!!!:-O

DEVIL · long ago

Ojas · long ago
Par Excellance Vlad!!! Having been in the field of arts, I always wondered how you created these masterpieces! Just Marvellous!!! Thanks for the tutorial...quite enlightening! :) ~ an ardent fan

Deep · long ago

Deepa · long ago

amit · long ago
i m new in adobe but expert in flash its fandoo

A · long ago

nana · long ago

nana · long ago

Howie · long ago
...and i thought you just put a frog on your scanner and voila !! great work dude..

Suraj S. India. · long ago
You are great..... Simply superb

hasan · long ago
Wery good

trozeli · long ago
you are really amazing ... i'm learning photoshop and that helps me alot. thanks alot.

Genio Creativo · long ago

Hasan Tayyar Beşik · long ago
rela work is --> drawing the frog :)

rajan · long ago
a very nice imagination u have , cool nice

uwix · long ago
saya dari indonesia, kamu artis sejati..teknik dan

pickupjojo · long ago
I always think it was a shot...

Kevin · long ago
Jesus Christ you're good!

Badal · long ago
You are truly great!

Richard Bennett · long ago

Gustav · long ago
abrumador muy bueno

Loris · long ago
wonderful work !!!

raju mansukhani · long ago

Esmee · long ago
That's really awesome! I love it! Very very very good! Just a picture. Esmee (The Netherlands)

Sandeep · long ago
that's amazing!

sach · 15 January 2008
u r best yaar mind blowing.......................

catte · 20 January 2008

Santosh Achari · 5 April 2008
Dude!!! Woww... Am your fan!! Loved your wallpapers on deviantart. Now I love the way you make it!!!

diaa · 5 May 2008

Alfonso · 14 May 2008
Estoy impresionado, anonadado ... Llevaba tiempo sin ver algo tan impresionante.

Ongo · 19 May 2008
just found this site... and you're a talented man BRAVO

sachinrewa · 26 May 2008
I apriciates your talent.

Ania from Poland · 18 June 2008
Your wallpapers are great!!!

polinos · 23 November 2008
Ну закидал ты мя .... письмами))) ток и успеваююю гладеть)))) спасибки за открытку)))) щас дети припруться в пол второго))) и все, до завтрашенго утра мне компа не видать((((((

Rakesh · 29 April 2009
really fantastic...

feng wang · 6 July 2009

akash · 6 September 2009
man how do u make a frog picture???

jp · 26 September 2009

deyan · 23 November 2009
man you are a ninja :))

Greg · 1 December 2009
I love your work too. Just excellent and beautiful.

Farzad · 29 January 2010
Exelent. your design was vary good.

JP · 14 May 2010
Fantastique ! Très belle réalisation pour ce dessin...

vasu · 3 May 2011
I thought tht, this photo taken by discovery channel or animal planet.

vuthinh · 25 January 2013

ron · 11 April 2014
sooooooooo good.....

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