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Fast hair

In this short tutorial, I'll share the technique I discovered while trying to quickly draw a creature with hairy body. Ideally, you need Wacom and a lot of time - then the hair you draw will be very good indeed. However, I found that this technique is not bad too, and it's much faster. So, to start with, create a shape of... something :-)

I made this shape only as example.

Create new layer, fill it with grey.

Apply a lot of Noise effect (Filter menu - Noise - Add noise) - about 150.

Set layer opacity to 60-70% - so that you can see the edges of shape you made before. Then, switch to Smudge tool.

In Smudge tool settings (on top bar), open Brush window, and from default brushes, select the one that has 100 as default size (third from end). Keep strength at 50%.

With your mouse (or pen), make a lof os short strokes in the directions that you want your hair to follow.

Move by move, smudge the area that overlays above the shape, plus some area around it. Do not leave un-smudged noised areas inside your shape.

Apply Sharpen effect - Filter - Sharpen - Sharpen). Then again, and again, until the hair is sharp enough.

Finally, group this layer with previous (Layer menu - Create clipping mask) and set its blend mode to Overlay. Ta-da! (This particular image does not look very polished, but you get the idea? :-)

From that, with another couple of touches, we can make... a weird hairy creature!

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Amber · long ago
Wow~it is really amazing!~thank you Vlad! I can't wait to try it myself:)

upul · long ago
wow... these guys are really creative why i can't think like that?

bAd · long ago

Din · long ago
great, thanks!!!

marvin · long ago
thanks vlad!

Jwan Khalaf · long ago
Awesome, you're ACE man

Berry · long ago
Thank UUUUUUUU~~~~~~

Melody · 5 January 2008
Hahaha!!! I know almost nothing about Photoshop, and gave up learning it after trying to use it to edit my wedding photos, but I certainly LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE what YOU can do with it. And this little orange creature you create? It's soooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!! Could you use him to make a wallpaper for us?

:))):):):) · 9 January 2008
i wont that put down easy tutorials thank

kunimitsu · 21 January 2008
thanks it's a big help for me. Now I have new information about making wallies n_n

ramses · 17 April 2008
Güzel bir çalışma olmuş...

Nicolai Schneider · 6 May 2008
yes! is tried it and it worked really well :) vlad, you're great

boo · 14 May 2008
Boo you delete mi pic, but thanks for the tutorial

Николай Ax · 2 July 2008
Привет Влад, расскажи пожалуйста как ты сделал последнюю картинку? Hi Vlad, please tell how do you do the final image? Thx

argun · 25 September 2008
çok teşekkürler

· 23 December 2008
awesome man thanks to vlad

Rene Kriest · 27 January 2009
Total niedlich. :D If you find some spare time what about a cartoon or making a short story of "the fluffy wombat"? I really believe that this is the next big thing.

DANA · 31 March 2009
It´s great!, thanks

jesurajjoseph · 9 June 2009
very heartly thanks for VLADSTUDIO tutorials. And all creative works very very..........................Excellent.

Jane · 3 July 2009
Это здорово! Спасибо огромное!

· 24 July 2009

helena · 20 October 2009

· 23 October 2009
wow amazing..

heathermoor · 15 December 2009
yeah...nice..:| but I have now idea about making those cool anyway;)

shaghayegh · 27 January 2010
thanks.i like it.i am iranian.this site is very good for me.

Bamboocha · 13 March 2010
this looks like my brother :))

Andreea · 11 April 2010
I couldn't do it...

Mohan · 5 November 2010
Cool Idea Man

ashu · 27 March 2011
i think you play a joke with photo-shop .after all photo-shop developer cant imagine that his software power.

dhika · 26 June 2011
i love u

Gecko · 12 August 2011
Here's what I've done using your tutorial:

Avril · 10 October 2011
very good tutorial :D

6skill · 20 December 2011
Absolutely amazing!! Thanks Vlad to make simple impossible things!

airlangga kusuma wardhana LA · 31 May 2016
WOW thank to your seering

Lucia · long ago
thanks for this easy tutorial !!!! it's a good tool to make hair ;)

Julian · long ago
Can any one be kind enough to tell how you got the final image polished up. I have been trying but i cannot get that look you have achieved at the end. Thanx

Rizuki · long ago
that great i must try that!

mohamed · long ago
great , thanks

lisa · long ago
Amazing! I love how you make things that seem impossible, possible!

Luis Angel Raído · long ago
great, thanks

PraphulPA · 3 January 2008

dpcdpc11 · 9 January 2008
super tutorial... is this the way you did the hair on the square elephant? and one more thing... i see in the final picture that the edges on the little orange creature are ruff... how can i do that?? the final result looks realy good... could you extend the tutorial to show us how to make the little creature to the end???

D3v:L D3z:Ns · 9 January 2008
awesome!! it wll take long to bcm so cre8tive!! Nice tutorials! thnx.

Lena · 12 March 2008
So awesome! Thanks.

Daniel Small Dickey · 2 May 2008
Hi I love harry things and thiis put a new way of seeing harry thing

Grasila · 13 May 2008
Awsome I love these tutorials

Alexandra Black · 15 May 2008
you are a photoshop guru! thanks!

Joko · 13 July 2008
Woaaa!! its very useful to create mascot!! thanks mr.Vlad!

sniP · 18 September 2008
wow cool, thanks Vlad! greetings from Bosnia, Sarajevo city

KEISYUU∞ · 1 January 2009
Simple and cool!

GARID · 1 February 2009

peerkook · 2 February 2009
du har åbnet mine øjner for en højere grad af brug af programmet. TAK, det er flot!!

Lilix · 23 April 2009
Awesome!! its so easy!

srinadh · 27 June 2009
Its very Pantastic and awesome its very great useful for me

riunix · 17 July 2009
thx fot this's reaLLy easy to followed :D

Majko · 13 August 2009
Cool, thank u.

Hi Hero! · 21 October 2009

stph · 6 November 2009
wow no comments

java · 2 January 2010
great! i'm gonna try that for the illustrations of a story i'm writing

kiah · 27 February 2010

· 8 April 2010
it good

Jerold · 18 May 2010

Maria · 5 January 2011
You're a genius and very generous. I love your website. Thanks

· 15 May 2011
simple but really amazing :O :S

Yvan · 2 July 2011
You are extremely talented Vlad, I am glad i found your site!

· 19 August 2011
que fome

nyncuk · 12 October 2011
Классный урок, спасибо! Вот такое чудо получилось: милый не правда ли?;)

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