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Eze - Making of

Let's start with the background image. Fill the layer with solid color...

... double click on layer to open its blending options, add gradient (overay) and a bit of inner glow (black, overlay).

To make this background look like a wall, I took the real photo of  a wall (taken by  me some time ago), turned it  to grayscale (Ctrl-Shift-D) and sharpened the wall texture by increasing image contrast.

then I pasted this image to our file and set its blend mode to soft light.

Next, we'll need a picture in  a frame. Let's start with the frame itself. Create a new layer set, new layer inside it, and draw a dark-red rectangle.

in menu, find select > modify > contract and contract selection by around 20 pixels.

hit Del to remove selected image.

Add the following layer effects: Stroke (1pixel, outside, almost black), bevel (3-4 pixels, overlay mode), shadow (not too big). Tweak settings carefully, to make frame as realistic as possible.

underneath this layer, create new layer, fill it with darker grey, and add black Inner glow effect.

Now simply duplicate this layer set several times and distribute the copies here and there. For each frame, hit Ctrl-T (transform) and rotate but very slightly (not more than 1 degree).

Our frames are empty - we need pictures inside them. My idea is  to have one photo sliced into pieces. But before that, I need a single layer which would be container" for this photo. Select all frames (to do so

go to menu Select - Modify - Contract, and contract by around 40 pixels.

Create new layer and fill with solid color (doesn't matter which).

Paste the photo that you'd like to put inside the frames...

...and then simply hit Ctrl-G to group this layer with previous. Voila! If you are registered vladstudio user, you can download Photoshop source file from . Thanks!

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Chi · long ago
I really like the textures and lighting that you use for your backgrounds. They make an otherwise simple design look much more interesting.

pascl · long ago
Hi, there are some screenshots missed! tested with Safari and Firefox. the other tutorials dont have those problems!

VdF · long ago
Its a pitty that not all pictures are visible hire.

secret say · long ago
very good

Linda · long ago
You are such an artist! Do you paint or draw along with your digital art? I am learning so much from your tutorials. Thank you fo being so generous in sharing them with us all.

adriana · long ago
I havent seen any new tutorials :-( . Really looking forward for new tutorials. This is where I learn real design techniques.

cy2 · long ago
I loooooove your textures... yum Thanks for sharing how you did Eze.( A 'dreamer' tutorial would be nice ;-)) Beautifu work Vlad. Thanks.

JRosing · long ago
wow, looks good man, keep up the good work.

dave · long ago
wow~ thanks a lot for this tutorial! keep up the good work :-D

Hemant · long ago
That was simply amazing man, Jai Gurudev.

carlos muñoz · long ago

c4denn · long ago
step 3 ñàìûé êëåâûé %) äàâíî õîòåë óçíàòü ÷åì òû ôîí çàïîëíÿåøü...

nkm · long ago
u re a talented and generous artist. my salute to u!

:-) · long ago
wow, nice. i'm new with photoshop, but these turorials are so easy, i can make mine look ALMOST look like yours, haha.

saskia · long ago
i dont know how you do it

K@tika · 16 April 2008
It's realy cool !! Thanks, friend.

wielie · 8 September 2009
bit hard for a 14 year old beginner but coll work i realy like the pic ^^

Leslie Nicole · 23 October 2009
What a great Tutorial. Thanks for this. It's really nice that you share your techniques, Vlad. This is just what I was looking for.

· 20 February 2010
thanx for this gr8 tutorial!!

· 15 December 2011

Joyce A Ertner · 10 July 2012
Greetings, First, I love this concept! I've just subscribed to Vladstudio and apparently missed the posted source file for Eze. As I'm just learning Photoshop this looks like a great tutorial for learning purposes. Is there any change of reposting the source file? Either way, thank you and I love your stuff. BTW, I work at an elementary school in a computer lab and the students REALLY love your work. I've used your free wallpapers in the lab for years... THANK YOU!

pascl · long ago
No, thank you for making amazing tutorials! Need more of this stuff :)

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
pascl - fixed! thanks.

adoh · long ago
I can not see some of the pictures ! could u pllzzzzzzzz fix it .. plzzzzzzz thanks :)

Olivierdu29 · long ago
(N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-( (N) (U) :-(

Mohammad · long ago
amazing.....amazing.....amazing You're No. 1

rameshitm · long ago
thanks, good technical and informative · long ago
good work!

amit · long ago
eze indeed ! Thats nice. Keep it up !(Y)

mia · long ago
i luv all the tutorials.its better to learn this way than flipping through the thick book.thanks.anyway this is my first time here.thanks for sharing great it possible you could share previous tutorials since you start this tutorial section.thanks a lot for the so much needed effort teaching us learning photoshop.

Lila · long ago
amazing, really:) (and very good idea!)

marina · long ago
your work is always perfect.Congratulations

niks · long ago
amazing man...need to learn loads more from ya dude

c4denn · long ago
à â äðóãèõ ðàáîòàõ, The two and The Valentine èëè punctuation ÷òî çà ôîí? Òîæå ÷åðåç soft light?

H e l e n a Panama · long ago
thanks very much for your generuosity, hope u launch my web soon at ild like to know about your opinion,.. im working on it still. kind regards, Helena ( (L)

shiv · 12 June 2008
good creativity...

Ram · 24 March 2009
very is very good to learn

saiwal · 22 November 2009
wow great !!

· 20 February 2010
thanx for this gr8 tutorial!!

VioLine · 3 August 2010
Я давно уже видела эту картинку, но не думала, что так просто сотворить ее)))

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