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Design a colorful Northern Lights landscape

Let's start with mountains (though the particular order of steps is not important now). Switch to Pen tool (P), set foreground color to black, and start drawing mountains with short strokes" or pen (click - drag a little - release). "

Continue until the mountains shape is ready.

If you want mountains to look more natural, you can add trees to top of it. Create new layer, switch to Brush tool (B), select very small (2-3px) hard brush, and draw trees carefully with short vertical strokes. I recommend you zoom in while drawing.

This is how mountains look with trees added.

Now let's design the sky in the background. Create new 'sky' layer behind the layer with mountains (it should be  on bottom of list of layers). Fill it with black. Because mountains are also black, they will disappear, just like shown on this preview :-)

Set foreground color to dark blueish-purple, select very large soft brush (B), set brush opacity to 10%. Draw some lights behind mountains.

Change color to lighter gold, make brush size smaller, and add smaller lights just near the right edge of mountains.

Change color to lighter blue, and repeat the same on the left edge of mountains.

Now it  is time for the most exciting part - the Nothern Light! I recommend that you create new layer set for each Light. Switch to Pen tool, set color to black, and make the shape similar to shown here - bottom curve is important, all else will become invisible. It might go outside file boundaries, if you'd like. Let's call this layer Northern Light black shape layer"."

Create new layer, switch to gradient tool (G), open Gradient Editor (to do so, click the gradient preview on top toolbar). Create gradient with colors you'd like. Then, fill the layer with gradient from left edge of image to right.

Go to Layer menu - Create Clipping Mask" (Ctrl-Alt-G)

Select the Northern Light black shape layer. Create a mask: Layer menu - Layer Mask - Reveal all. Make sure layer mask is selected (not layer itself). Switch to Brush tool (B), set color to black, select very large soft brush. Draw on mask with black brush - the layer becomes invisible as you draw, similar to Eraser tool. You should erase" almost everything

To make our lights more realistic, we need to add some vertical shades. The best way to achieve it  is to use Noise effect. Create new (temporary) document, about 20 x 8 pixels. Fill it with grey color, then apply Noise (Filters menu - Noise - Add Noise, amount = 20-30). You should get something similar to shown here (zoomed in).

Select all (Ctrl-A), copy (Ctrl-C), close temporary file, paste into our original file (Ctrl-V), then transform (Ctrl-T) and scale up  so that it covers Northern Light black shape layer entirely and even bigger. Apply some Blur (Filters menu - Blur - Gaussian blur, radius = 10-20px).

Go to Layer menu - Create Clipping Mask" (Ctrl-Alt-G) so that the "noise" layer is only visible within Northern Light black shape layer."

Finally, change layer Blend Mode to overlay". Ta-da! The first Light is ready!"

Repeat these steps for each Light that you want to add. Let me show you quick previews without much comments:







To add more lights, simply repeat the steps above.

Next step is: water and reflections. Create new layer, set foreground color to dark blue, switch to Shape tool (U), select Rectangle tool and draw rectangle where water is supposed to be.

Open Layer Blending Options (Layer menu - Layer style - Blending Options). Add Gradient Overlay (black-to-white), check Reverse (so that black is  on top), set gradient Blend mode to Multiply.

Create new (temporary) document, with width and height 50% of our water rectangle. Fill with grey color, then apply some noise (Filters menu - Noise - Add Noise, amount = 20-30). Then change Image Size (Image menu - Image size) to 200%.

Select all (Ctrl-A), copy (Ctrl-C), close temporary file, paste into our original file (Ctrl-V) so that it covers the water rectangle.

Go to Filters menu - Blur - Motion blur. Set Angle to 0, Distance to 30-50 pixels (please experiment).

Go to Edit menu - Transform - Perspective, drag lower edge as shown here.

Set layer Blend mode to Overlay, and opacity to 15-20%. Now the water is almost invisible, but do not worry! We'll add reflections and it will look better.

Hide all layers except Lights. Select all (Ctrl-A) and copy merged (Ctrl-Shift-C).

Show all layers again. Select the layer with water, paste lights (Ctrl-V) and flip vertical (Edit menu - Transform - Flip vertical). Move lights down inside the water.

Transform (Ctrl-T) and squeeze the layer vertically.

Apply Blur (Filters menu - Blur - Gaussian Blur), radius = 20-30px.

And finally, change layer Blend mode to Linear Dodge and Opacity to 40-50%. Done!

The last step is  to add some stars to top of dark sky. You can read about drawing stars in  my previous tutorials, Making of Rainbow or Making of Christmas Night . Thanks for reading!"

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Jeremy 5 April 2009
Wow! Awesome~

Nando 8 April 2009
Body! You are a magician!!! Wonderful! Thanks for share the tutorial...

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Kt. Givin my pinion!!! 12 May 2009
I like the real northern lights. I dont want 2 make one. But, the tutorial is good 2.

me 12 May 2009

Стас 19 May 2009
Прикольно, но не слишком ли запарно?

Jota160788 22 May 2009
I still work for your time and hope they are all very good things to learn beautiful as you and thanks for the institutes.

agape may 2 June 2009
awesome!!! thanks for the tutorial, Vlad! great job!

12 June 2009

Hub 23 June 2009
Thankyou, for the tutorial, I really enjoyed, and used the hills that surround my cottage.

24 June 2009
From: IndonesiarnGreatfull..... AJAIB..... mantaps.... AWESOME.....rnThank's...

enki 5 July 2009
realy its nice tutorial....dafinetly i will try it....

EL 10 July 2009
Vlad, your work is beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to document your methods for the rest of us to learn from, it is most appreciated.

KEISYUU∞ 11 July 2009
Wow it's so AMAZING!!

sushmita 20 July 2009
lovely tutorial ...and a beutiful piece of art ! good work

zee xonix 23 July 2009

M-n 30 July 2009
i like it it seems cool!

Lucia 31 July 2009
neuveriteľné javascript:void(0)

Muthu 4 August 2009
Now a days, i am also a creative graphic designer to my company. but really, creative copy righter...... ha! ha! ha! Vlad Studio, U R MY ROCK!

Mher 15 August 2009
it's a cool men!

meKo 20 August 2009
็Ho! this good ดีจังเลย!

Moritz 9 September 2009
I like the tutorial, i like the way the northern lights fade out.

juunaloke 14 September 2009
that is really cool

Xercoginqta 15 September 2009
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22 September 2009

wow 30 September 2009
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vO 7 October 2009
what program you used for this?

zur4ik 11 October 2009
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moru 9 November 2009
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alkanfe 1 December 2009
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heathermoor 15 December 2009
this is more than cool!!!!:O OMG!!! you're got so much imagination:))=)) ...i'll try it right now.....(I'm 12 years old)

Riefvan 21 December 2009
Very nice, thx for this awesome tutorial

Gyuhun 24 December 2009
Wow! Grace!

bob billy bob billy billy bob 4 January 2010
i think it is so cool!!!

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thats alright .

3 April 2010
this tutorial suxxx like shit!!!!!!!!!!

الحوت 4 April 2010
ارجوا اعتماد اللغه العربيه من ضمن الغات واحترام اللغه العربيه لانها لغه القران الكريم

GiRl 19 June 2010
It didn't work. Is this ment to be a CS4 Photoshop Tutorial?

Shinan Barclay 25 June 2010
great tutorial; you are close; i lived in the Arctic and have been attempting to paint the northern lights with watercolor, then acrilic paints; now in my second photo shop class. I want a northern lights image for my memori ARCTIC JEWELS AND DENALI GOLD

Thaís 7 August 2010
WONDERFUL! I did but it was not the same... Still it was very good.

Desk 10 October 2010

Dark Angel 16 November 2010
Great Job!!

Yosua Michael 7 December 2010
Terima Kasih buat tutorialnya.... :)

Vlad Gerasimov 27 January 2011
Brandon: I realize that :-)

erick 14 March 2011
just amazing!!

sutonuka 7 April 2011
its a very nice romantic night scene.but i cant do properly the water reflection.will u help me a lil bit?

15 May 2011
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Wow!... Awesome.. Simple,Beautiful and really useful :O :O :-O

Eveysy 22 July 2011
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14 September 2011
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WA 10 February 2012
Thanx lot..Excellent work..

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Noname 17 April 2012
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Ed 22 April 2012
Well done, looks great.... apart from the lower side of the lights, just to sharp and unnatural. A bit of blurring of those harsh lines might do :-)

mcchuggin 21 January 2016
i love it its really great to see someone finaly acnolagaising the gods light

Cat cat cat 25 May 2016
This is the best. I was drawing a fox spirit, you gave me the PERFECT background!

Cavell 6 April 2009
Great tutorial!

Kurt Lorenz 8 April 2009
You make it look so easy.

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Wonderful. Thank you for sharing..

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Not good. :( Hate it! :P (=^..^=) bunny! (short attention span.)

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Vlad Rocks again!

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Mr A 17 July 2009
YOU are a GENIUS Vlad! Now, I will try to figure this out, thanks. Have you ever used Blender to do 3D designs? I have a feeling you would be good at it too.

NReing 24 July 2009
I love water reflection, anyway great tutorial. It's really helpful, thanks!

31 July 2009
i LOVE this one. i just moved from ALASKA and it looks like i WONT be missing the northern lights after all!!!! whew LOVE LOVE LOVE IT thanks thanks thanks and thanks for the tutorial~! you are amazingly talented!

11 August 2009
thats no mountaines thats are some lightn colorfull lines with some crazy curves ;) 1/10

srinivas 17 August 2009
superb tutorial

26 August 2009

PS-Newbie 12 September 2009
wow so cool! but it`s too hard for me, I`m newbie :D

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San Tigi 9 November 2009
Guy,people like you make the world a better hope for the hopeless and brings the smile when miserable. Thank you and keep on keeping on.

Rosalind 11 November 2009
Greetings from Australia, Vlad, and thank you so much for your wonderful, wonderful tuts. I am a PS novice and this took me 3 days, but I got there hehehe!!!!

Saimaginative 6 December 2009
how do u make the "noise layer" preserve the gradiant color without changing its physics? creatin a clipin mask cant be done becuz under it theres another layer thats clipped to the "northern black shape" layer...anyone help? and thanks for the tut its sweet im havin fun!

Tobin 14 December 2009
Ha! I think it is MORE beautiful than actual photos of northern lights, it's a killer rendition...especially from scratch, you are awesome with the pen tool (which I avoid more than cookies hehe), and want this for a wallpaper for after the holidays!! I like rabbits too but still stayed, looked, will link, will come back, and who knows...maybe I will look at a pen tool tutorial (which will be the first in my 11 years of owning PS lol!). Maybe this will inspire you to do some rabbit goin' down the bunny match the cheshire cat?!

Zach 4 March 2010
looks cool but not like northern lights.

I see girls everywhere ! 6 March 2010
So the Northern Lights, just happen to look like a naked woman lying on her front ?

3 April 2010
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3 April 2010

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That was cool I loved every thing about it good job

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You are very talented! Thank you for sharing your work!!

dakoda 6 October 2010
those were AWESOME lol i think the colourful 1s were the best =P =P =P

J.L. 16 November 2010
I'm a College Student and I followed your tutorial and I got about to the middle of the project and I'm stuck? very well done tutorial though.

Brandon 27 January 2011
As someone who sees them every night, I can tell you that they're not quite that straight on the bottom.

Bani 6 March 2011
Thank you so much it's Great, fantastic, awesome :D

ForeveR LaGGit <3 23 April 2011

15 May 2011
Wow!... Awesome.. Simple,Beautiful and really useful :O :O :-O

Constructor 16 May 2011
Hello, nice tutorial, but a word of advice: Blur the base of the northern lights to chieve the actual look.

8 June 2011

3 August 2011
coole its Awesome one

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Roxxi 16 April 2012
This is a really bad tutorial... awesome product, but the way you make it is completely wrong... I don't know if it's just my version of photoshop, but gaussian blur doesn't give me the same result... and i had to work around this tutorial. -___-

DM 9 September 2012
Awesom tutorial. Thanks

seelu 3 February 2013
amazing......... :)

alkione 30 January 2016
Awesome tutorial..

secret person 12 October 2016

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