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Cant Sleep: Making of

Start with new image, and fill it with very dark blue color. Then, with very large (800-1000 px) Soft Round Brush, add a bit of black here and there. Then, apply blur (filters > blur > gaussian > 30-40 px) to smooth the background.

The following steps will help us  to create insteresting non-homogeneous texture. Create New Layer, switch to Rough Round Bristle brush, set color to white, and fill entire layer with the chaotic brush strokes.

Then, set this layer blend mode to Overlay. It will look almost invisible, but after all this is only a background :-)

In another new layer, repeat the same but with black brush.

Then merge all layers (Ctrl-Shift-C), and adjust the brightness-contrast (images - adjustments) to make it just a bit brighter. I also added black Inner Glow to this layer effects.

Now that we have the background, we need the objects. I have some photos of old buildings from my recent travel to Koeln (Cologne), Germany. One of them is  on the right; there were 5 photos total, and how I merged them is the subject for another tutorial :-)

...and here is the resulting image. I joined several photos together, corrected perspective distortions and convertted to greyscale (Ctrl-Shift-U).

Here is how the houses look on our background. Not quite right, but... it very easy to fix - just change this layer blending mode to Overlay!. To make it look a bit brighter, I duplicated this layer.

I thought that the wallpaper needed something else, small but eye-catching, and decided that one of the windows should have light inside. This was very easy to do. First, zoom to the dizired window. As you can see, there is nobody inside yet ;-)

Create a new layer, and carefully fill entire window with light yellow color. Of course it looks bad now, but...

...all you need to  do to make it look better is  to change the layer blending mode to Overlay!

the light is too dark now, of course, so duplicate this layer until it  is good enough (I duplicated it 5 times).

The final touch would be the moon. I found the photo of the moon in Internet, pasted it and resized.

Then I, again, changed its blending mode to Overlay, and also added light-blue Outer glow (about 20-30 pixels).

Then I, again, duplicated the layer with moon, to make it darker and the glow lighter. That's all!

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secret say · long ago
this is one of my personal favorites keep up the good work(Y)

AlexP · long ago
I grew up on PS. thous are great things. I guess you have to go to school to learn this. and how much of inspiration you have, which is so respectfull.A+

Jordan · long ago
For some reason when I try and make the background I am left with big black blobs, it doesnt look near right. 1. Fill Backgroun with Dark blue, then color w/ black (brush 800 px). 2. Gaussian Blur @ 35 px 3. New layer, paint almost all of layer with white rough round bristle brush @ 100- 200px. 4. Set new layer to overlay. Perhaps I should change the opacity/flow on the bristle brush? Thanks! Your tutorials have been a great help.

secret say · long ago
this is one of my personal favorites keep up the good work(Y)

Ziggy · long ago
Wonderful stuff, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

prashant · long ago
I really love this site, all of u r the great artist , i really impressed. Thanks

CandY_G!RL · long ago
Very nice.. Gonna try it for sure :)

Denisa · long ago
It was really beautiful , i love this site ... Thank you for sharing your ideas with us .

Vitaly · long ago
Ýòî âñå ðàâíî ÷òî äåëàòü ãîëëèâóäñêèé ôèëüì ñâîèìè ðóêàìè. Î÷åíü èíòåðåñíî! Ñïàñèáî!

rohit · long ago
i had liked this wallpaper too much, and then was really surprised to see this tutorial! a wonderful job. i appreciate that (Y)

Jay · long ago
You're really really talented. Thanks for the tutorial. It really helps amateurs and sparks their interests when ppl take time to do this kind of stuff.

james · long ago
thanks for the have given me some great ideas.'can't sleep' looks fantastic,very atmospheric. (Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
To Yura - not bad! My small advice - put your resut into one layer, then duplicate it, and set its blend more to "screen". This will make image a bit brighter.

SethP · long ago
Hi there! I've just been here for a very short period, but your site seems very well worth registering in to... so I'll just do that (right after writing this)... This tutorial (and also the very nice-looking wallpaper/work-of-art) was splendid! (Y) from Seth P, Sweden.

clara · long ago
thank you! it gave me lots of ideas too! :-) even though i got into some mess ups, i managed to pull it all together :-) (Y) great tutorial!

vikkie · long ago
thats cool

B. · 29 March 2008
Thanks allot! You are helping all of us in a great way. Please keep the awesome work up! :D

Scrappy Smile · 21 April 2008
Love this!!! Awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

· 3 December 2009
yeah thanks for sharin pretty kool site and yeah hahaha

Aliraza · 23 September 2012
thanks for this tuttorials. i want to try this was a best night so scarry night thanks.

Labraianna · long ago
Just incredible! What a gift you have! Thank you for sharing! (L)

c4denn · long ago
íè÷å íå âèäíî :)

Encon · long ago
PURELY GENIOUS! Dunno what to say but it's ingenious!:-O

chia · long ago

Sami · long ago
(y) I love this picture.Thats cool. Thank you for sharing! :- )

Don · long ago
This is way too cool. I really admire your work and your creativity :)

loyou · long ago
Thank you soo Much!!!!! (Y) :-D the tutorial's very helpful!

Timur · long ago
OMG you rock! Thanks so much for making a tutorial for this! :D :)

Eric · long ago
love the wallpaper and the tutorial thanks

Saroj · long ago
Wow what a graphic design! (Y)

BS_ED · long ago
Vlad,your rock!!!(Y)

Vlad "Avatar4pro" · long ago
ïðèâåò èç ðîññèè!(hi from russia) . îòëè÷íûé óðîê ò¸çêà

Amoo · long ago
Cool, that's pretty good, thanks for ur toturials, appreciate that!

Nagai-san · long ago
Arigato - really good!

ElKeeN · long ago
ìíå ïîíðàâèëîñü :) áóäó ïðîáîâàòü

panthea · long ago
:-) (L)

emma · long ago
thanks for that it gives a really good insight into how to make brilliant wallpapers like that. (Y)

Yura · long ago
Great effect with the brushes, thanks! Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work the way you described, I did almost everything differently but ended up with something very close. Ofcourse I used your 'Overlay' style :). Here is what I ended up with: . Thanks for the tutorial! Spasibo Vlad!

SethP · long ago
Oh, it wasn't that easy registering... I thought (without checking it first) that it was free. I'll check the site out some more and then, if I like it as much as I do right now, I will be placing a Int. Money Order for access to the whole content here...

Kris Gainsforth · long ago
Great Turorial! My only problem is I'm using The GIMP cause I don't have Photoshop, but this one works very well in both!

fm_rox · long ago
Hi, I just love this picture, I'd like to know which program u use for this.

cradle33 · 9 March 2008
very nice picture ....

vaRi · 8 April 2008
Amazing!!! .... first I thought that you used a 3d software, but when i saw this tutorial.... you are so good!

Victor · 18 August 2009
very easy! thanks

· 16 June 2010

vO · 30 August 2010
Awesome! Thank you for sharing.

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