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Komentarai {91}

marzi labai seniai

Normal labai seniai
it's easy & normal , where's the art ?

asuka labai seniai
i like books~!!!!

Andrey Popov labai seniai
Good work!! But google is much much more!!

vj3-k2l labai seniai
s0 k0ol!!! ^______^

Alfa.Alex labai seniai
Veramente carino. Very nice

carolifen labai seniai
yes, i really really enjoy it. thanks Vlad! i love reading so much!!! "i want to go there and reading some books;)" oops,1more thing: where's the sofa???

puteniene labai seniai
grazus paveikslai

Justin labai seniai
im pretty sure the little door is the way in to the data library..

Stefko labai seniai
You amaze me evrey day Vlad!

MikkiTaro labai seniai
beautiful...(Y)...where does the little door at the bottom lead to?

mostafa labai seniai
pAs ShErA kAsI OnjA NiSt ha

Dee labai seniai
I just love this - I love all your work, but to make the technical whimsical - what a gift!

preet_hipno labai seniai
its cool creation (Y)

aparna labai seniai
I love this one! Has become my fav! :-D I have to say this has been one of the type of wallpapers you won't find anywhere else! Totally in love with it!(L)

mike labai seniai
can you keep the little people in the picture w/o the bubbles? i like the little people. thanks!

listening labai seniai
(N) dno down

reggie 8 Sausis 2008
this is my very favorite of all the collection on this site! great work!

Krishna 2 Balandis 2008

silvia 8 Gegužė 2008

Barbara 25 Gegužė 2008
Wow! This is amazing!

Javier 30 Gegužė 2008
Esta web es una joya

Caryne 17 Rugsėjis 2008
Absolument brillant. Wow, wow et re-wow. J'adore ton art, j'adore ton coup de crayon, j'adores tes couleurs. J'ADORE!

Heidi Voigt 23 Spalis 2008
This is my favorite wallpaper of all time. Any chance of a tutorial to go along with?

BM 16 Gruodis 2008
looks warm ! i want to read a book! Thanks!

14 Sausis 2009
Thanks, Thanks, thanks... Ana

Isiliel 28 Vasaris 2009
I thing this is my most beloved of your wallpapers! I remembered it today and came to see it again. Greetings from Greece.

littleladygoldie 1 Balandis 2009
dont know why but reminds me of harry potter... but i mean it in a good way.

Lubos Jirasek 15 Gegužė 2009
One of my the most favorite. It has absolutly fantastic atmosphere !!!

Tanja 21 Spalis 2009
Awesome :)

Ashar Niazi 21 Gruodis 2009
owsum yaar

bubba 9 Sausis 2010
very good...

adrian 31 Gegužė 2010
Super grover. 4Ever-W Rytmie Disco.

15 Liepa 2010

Thomas Albrecht 1 Lapkritis 2010

lost in admiration 10 Gruodis 2010
you are AMAZING!! what beautiful, magical work you do! I hope you are rich and famous because you got talent, whoever you are!

keltse 19 Liepa 2011
woya! cool~

31 Liepa 2011
where are the sprits

24 Lapkritis 2011
Thanks for all your art

Shay 14 Gruodis 2011
Lovely! Thank you! =)

May-Irene 2 Sausis 2012
Thank you for sharing your warmhearted work!

martha 17 Kovas 2012
wow q bello fondo de pantalla nunca antes visto genial!!!!! graxias :D

Kate 1 Gegužė 2012

Pooja 3 Gegužė 2012

fateme 8 Rugpjūtis 2013
kheili khoob*mersi

eyzo30 10 Vasaris 2015
nice thats a beautiful wall

Linda Kolar 29 Gruodis 2017
Howdy! I love your stuff. I came across a Kindle cover using this image, and I thought I'd let you know in case they didn't have a license for it.

HawkPunk7 labai seniai

ee labai seniai
the best ever

chirag labai seniai

Mon labai seniai
Excellent work!! awesome..simply love your art :)

Vishals labai seniai
Fantabulous.. (y)

amy labai seniai
beautiful, perfect for the coming cold months... and classes!

librarian from croatia labai seniai
magic! love from Croatia!

Matt labai seniai
Absolutely incredible!

gudusina labai seniai
puikus piesiniai

Cynthia labai seniai
WOW! This is a bonus Vlad! Heap Thanks! :-)

Dave labai seniai

penguin labai seniai

HawkPunk7 labai seniai
(Y) Billiant. You are a true Artist with a wonderful and warm site. Thank You.

Fransheska labai seniai
Vaya!!! Tienes una imaginación desbordante, eres genial(Y).

Liisa labai seniai
Could we get some wallpapers with brighter, happier colors? You've been using a lot of brown lately.. Love your work, keep it up :)

Susan Azar labai seniai
Fabulous, just fabulous, candy for the eye. Seriously Sincere, Susan Azar

Jennifer labai seniai
Very good! I've been looking for something just like this for a long time. Thanks! You do wonderful work!

mouse labai seniai
Lame, but not as lame as data center.

LayZ labai seniai
Your power of imagination is amazing vlad...its a gift,and you have put it to good use..I'm a big fan of your work buddy.. :)

:: saathiyaana : 16 Balandis 2008
very fine work..!! really so impressive..!!

Pia 8 Gegužė 2008
Vlad - You, Sir - are The King - I love this wallpaper - I have changed to others every now and then, but this one is my favourite. Bookalicious. Love your work!

Marian the Librarian 10 Birželis 2008
I'm a librarain, what more can I say..... LOVE IT!!!

Mz. Marianne-The Librarian 29 Rugsėjis 2008
I love your work Vlad! This is my background at my work station and everyone who comes into my office loves it! Thank you for sharing your creations with the world. I wish you all the best!

Nicka 14 Gruodis 2008
i love this picture

ANA 10 Sausis 2009
nice wallpaper.but i just want you guys to add some artist wallpaper from indie band..i've tried to find them but its really guys knew augustana band?please i really want their wallpaper

nicka 29 Kovas 2009
мені дуже подобається ця картинка...дуже красива:)

Lauren 3 Balandis 2009
You are the best

Bakey 29 Balandis 2009
hedan alus pisan !!!!!!!!

ventik 19 Spalis 2009
kráása !! cool ! :):-*

19 Gruodis 2009

BlueCat 3 Sausis 2010

Phil 30 Sausis 2010
I wish I could buy one at a time for my desktop wallpaper 1680x1050. I'll have to save up. Meanwhile, I'm thankful the low res version is available.

owoc 19 Birželis 2010

Crazyjo 6 Rugsėjis 2010
I,m just craaaaaaaaazy about this work, like cuckoobananas crazy in love with it. Thank you for driving me crazy!

Stefano 15 Balandis 2011
You know what? Without characters, now candles really stand out - they went kind of unnoticed before! Shame on me! :)I

31 Liepa 2011
اكثر من رائع

shiva 26 Spalis 2011

레힐 14 Gruodis 2011

eli 23 Gruodis 2011
You amaze me evrey day Vlad!

... 12 Kovas 2012
cute and cool picture .... love it (y)

Dominika 18 Kovas 2012
I just bought this as a vinyl sticker for my Kindle and it's great (although a bit dark in printed version). When I took a closer look, I couldn't believe my own eyes. Could you please, please tell me how it happened that the book titles are in Polish? :)

Haziq 15 Birželis 2013
Nice place:) I realy want to go thr

gamer1312 12 Birželis 2014
niiiice 1

Henriette Wullems 27 Rugsėjis 2017
This image is also used on a tote bag at I hope they pay you

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