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[!] Zoomed Pixels

Create new file with size 160x120 pixels. Fill it with solid color (say, blue).


Apply noise filter (Filter menu - Noise - Add Noise). Try different amuont values to choose what you like most.


Now we need to resize our image (Image menu - Image size). First, change pixels to percent in width dropdown. You will notice Width value is now 100 (per cent). Change it  to 1000 (we want 10x zoom, which is 1000 per cent). Now, most importantly, goto resample image dropdown and set it  to nearest neighbour! This will give us nice squares with hard (not antialiased) edges.


Cool! Now we already have a nice pattern built from mini squares (each is 10x10 pixels). But we can do more.


We will need a 1-pixel gap between the squares. To  do so, we will need another image to help us. Create new image, 10x10 pixels, transparent background.


Use pencil tool to draw the lines on the left and bottom edges of the image (or right and top, nevermind). After that, select all (Ctrl-A) and define a pattern from selection (Edit menu - Define Pattern). Then, you can close this temporary image and return to our main image.


Create new layer and fill it with the pattern we just created. To  do so, open Fill dialog (Edi menu - Fill), choose Pattern, and then in the list of custom patterns, find the one we need (last one).


oh yes! now we have blue squares in layer 1 and a black grid in layer 2. This is not all yet!


Hold Ctrl and click layer 2". The black grid should become selection. Then


Then, simply hit Del button, and you will get the 1-pixel gap between the squares. Why would you need it? Read on!


Now that each square is separated with a pixel of transparency, we can apply layer effects. I used Bevel and Emboss, you can other. Note the values shown in the screenshot: size is 0, shadow mode - color dodge with opacity about 50%. When applying layer effects, always remember than no effects looks better than too many effects. So, be careful when setting the values.


To make our iage even better, how about a slight overlay of the gradient? Note the values: gradient - black to white, style - radial, blend mode - overlay.


Words look wiser on old paper →

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I love tutorials, and greatly appreciate your sharing your techniques. Thanks so much!

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Simply Amazing! (y)

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Muito bom seu trabalho e suas dicas. me identifico muito com seu modo se trabalho. Obrigado pelas dicas. Yours technique will help a lot. Thanks for your generosity. From Brazil.

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U really gave a new vision to create shaded squares.Excellent....Superb (Y)(Y)(Y)

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Really nice tutorial, but the comments system needs to be fixed for cyrilic I guess... Ïðîáà ("Test" )

Matt labai seniai
Totally cool. I'm going to do it for my monitor size (1680 x 1050) and use it as my desktop background!

prashant labai seniai
He vlad, its funtastic dude, :-) I really found a new vision for the design. Thanks (Y)

chiroki labai seniai
master of magic ïîçäðàâ èç ñðáè¼å

mbandempo labai seniai
what a great tut ;-)

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I'll love you forever if all this can be put in "paint shop pro" terms for us poor fools who can't afford Photoshop (L)

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fantastic, appreciated

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Excellent! Simple and very helpful.

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Алекс: скажем так, ушли на доработку по многочисленным просьбам.

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DewrGleision labai seniai
Understated genius; quite valuable, this tutorial is to me, to borrow a little of Yoda's syntax. ;-) :-) You wouldnt have any other feats of Photoshop ingenuity floating about that gifted psyche, aye? Clueless clods with Elements and some basic DHTML knowledge like myself are always in the need! :-) Bravo.

Vlad Gerasimov labai seniai
To Charlyk-Marlyk: :-):-) Simply go on, and work 16 hrs a day, and by 24 (I am 24) you will be much better!

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great thanx, if more send to this mail please as a favour

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;-) Excelente, sencillo y con un gran efecto Gracias

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Very very gooooooooooooooooood we want more plz give more tips to develop ourself plzzzzzzzz

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Simple and really nice (Y) I like the wallpapers, currently using Ooleetka Hot on my 17" LCD. Thank you.

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Absolutely nice!!!! It's very useful! thanks

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Russianless 30 Balandis 2009
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15 Liepa 2009
how i can download it?

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Хорошая обучающая программа Vlad! Большое спасибо!

Victor 18 Rugpjūtis 2009
thanks! helpful!

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Mahaveer 25 Spalis 2009
can i use this on a picture?? will that be effective in bringing more clarity in its visibility???

lili 3 Sausis 2010
c'est trop bien ait merci beaucoup !!!! lili

Silvia 25 Kovas 2010
Thanks for share this tutorial. Simple, very nice and very useful.

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WOW, your tutorials are so amazing and easy to follow. Keep on making such cool effects

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Top notch tutorial, Vlad! Thank you very much.

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Thank uuuu sooooooooooo much I did my first photoshop !!!

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thanks for the tutorials , they are remarcable. good luck in the future

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One word - "Great"

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ОООгромное спасибо тебе, Влад, что открыл этот новый и оччень полезный раздел. Я буду очень рад перенять хоть какие-то навыки у тебя. :)

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Thanks! Really nice and helpful tutorial!:)

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Cool stuff..... :D But u didnt give the values of the gradient and so on..... :( Any way nice techniques.... ;)

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ffs where's the damn pencil on the toolbar!!!!! i wasted an hour looking and searching - maybe its a pc/mac or adobe version thing

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