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[!] Please Wait animation

For a serious interface project, I needed to create a nice Please Wait animation. Here is the result - I think it turned out quite nice. Below you'll find that it  is very easy to do.


Start with new document, let's backgound color be white. Important - document should be square (not required but will help us later).


Select Shape tool (U) to draw a little circle on top of document. You can of course use any other color from blue.


We want to have many circles within one shape layer. First we need to duplicate this circle. To  do so, drag it down holding ALT key.


Nice! We have a shape layer containing two identical circles. Now we need to align them relative to each other and to document. First, select both circles using shape selector tool (A). You will notice that buttons on top toolbar are enabled. Click the Align Horizontal Centers button. Next, select Layer 1 (white background), link it with shape layer (notice the chain link icon next to shap layer), then select Move tool (V) and again, click Align Horizontal Centers button. The result - our shapes are perfectly aligned!


We need 12 circles, but we only have 2 now. Duplicating shapes is super easy - select them (dont forget about shape selector tool, A key), copy (Ctrl-C), Paste (Ctrl-V) and rotate (Ctrl-T). After you hit Ctrl-T, you will get some input fields on top toolbar. Find Angle field, and enter 30.


Now we need to make this shape fade". For this


It will be gradient layer with the following settings: - white - to - transparent - style: angle - angle: 75 (well, 77, nevermind :-)


OK we are done with the graphics, but how do  we make it rotate? Very easy - instead of rotating entire graphics, we will only rotate the gradient. Now we need to create another document, where each layer will represent one animation frame. After document is created (make sure dimensions are the same), return to original document. select all (Ctrl-A), copy merged selection to clipboard (Ctrl-Shift-C), switch to new document, paste (Ctrl-V), then return to original document again. Then, select gradient layer, rasterize it (layer menu -> rasterize), and rotate entire layer 30 degrees. Then, well, repeat 12 times :-) Result - a new document with 12 layers where each layer is the frame of our future animation.


You can save original document and close it. Then, jump to ImageReady (Ctrl-Shift-M) and hide all layers except layer 1. This will be our first frame. In the screenshot, frame delay is set to 0.2 sec, however, i found it too long and changed it  to 0.1 sec later.


Create new frame, then make next layer (layer 2) visible. Then, uh, repeat 12 times :-)


That's all. Now you can preview the result (Ctrl-Alt-P) and save it (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S). I hope these little tips were useful to you.




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CubidoN labai seniai

apon labai seniai
i am gay

abee02 labai seniai
DUDE! ok maybe im a newb but u seriously need to make the tut a little clearer! (if thats' even a word!) i got seriously confused at the gradient part. i made the circle and everything but after that, with the gradient thing u just lost me!

Oleg labai seniai
What i meant in last post is that you should use last balls with the same opacity. Also complete circle with balls. Don't reduce balls to empty space. There shouldn't be empty space. It will reduce flickering.

Simone labai seniai
Thank you very much, it's been a great help! (Y)

Ingielu labai seniai
Where have you been all my life? ;-) I love what you've done here. Made it easy to understand. Keep up the good work! (Y)

iMP labai seniai
Êëàññíî ... ýòî æå êàê íàäî äóìàòü, ÷òîáû äî òàêîãî äîäóìàòüñÿ :)

zilchjr labai seniai

adoh labai seniai
Now we need to make this shape "fade". For this, we will use Fill layer. Menu Layer -> New Fill Layer -> Gradient.???? Ok I can not do this...actually I did but the whole page , change the color not just the Circles.. :( anybody can help me plzzzz ?? thanks

prashant labai seniai
Its really great, thanks.

Swapnil labai seniai
:-D I am really happy and enjoyed Thanks a lot, Nice work (y)

Paulino labai seniai
Excelente! the tutorial was great! :-D(Y)

dave labai seniai
You can also use an adjustement layer for the gradient, this way you can change the balls anytime without having to do all the work all over again...

Jules Manson labai seniai
I love this animation. I will create one but perhaps a bit smaller. Do you have a javascript for MSIE and Firefox that will make this image disappear once page has completed loaded? If so please add to this tutorial and/or email me at

1deg2kol labai seniai
Thank You for taking the time, really good examples....

Mansoor_nazari labai seniai
(Y)Wow. tanks we want more...!!

Ditza`H labai seniai
Well it kinda' looks like the Firefox "please Wait" (upper right corner), but the tutorial is great. 10x a bunch dude!

pwnerer labai seniai
N tahts ql (Y)

Pilou labai seniai
Yeaah thank you very much for tips ;-)

Artem labai seniai
Класс! Думаю будет отлично смотреться на мобильнике в качестве screensaver'а!

EricRed labai seniai
Àáàëäåòü. Êòî áû ìîã ïîäóìàòü, ÷òî âñ¸ ãèíåàëüíîå ïðîñòî.

amit labai seniai
Simplicity at its best ; great stuff man thank u

Cool labai seniai

ds labai seniai
thanks it was really helpful!!

El Tigs labai seniai
I commend you for your genuine contribution in making the internet a positive and knowlegable experience gained with pleasure. Well done and do keep up the good work. Tigi.

yeah labai seniai
nice, really cool 8-)

shannon labai seniai
Ican't make heads from tails from this sux :(

marcel 28 Sausis 2008
Great tutorial Thanks!

Tuncay Türk 5 Gegužė 2009
Thank you so much!

cmmx 28 Rugsėjis 2009

pepsiyong 29 Gruodis 2009
It's will be hard, because I don't understand

Masoud 2 Spalis 2010
Many thanks dear author ! :)

Владимир 16 Sausis 2011
Эту же анимацию можно сделать с одним слоем. При этом в каждом из 12 кадров ставим в Стиле слоя Наложение градиента. Градиент конический черно-белый. Режим наложения - Screen. Для каждого кадра градиент смещаем на необходимый угол (около 25º). Оптимальная длительность кадра - 0,15 сек.

Moony labai seniai
No you are gay

WeDe labai seniai
Woow, that's perfect ;-)

guoshuang labai seniai
i love this artilce.nice!

Mitul labai seniai
This is Mitul from Www.DesignWebGraphic.Com - This is a nice t utorial.

Razorfold labai seniai
Excellent man :)

Oleg labai seniai
Last balls look flickering. Flickering is not pleasant. To avoid this flickering effect, just add more balls to complete the circle. Also would be better if instead of gradient for entire image you use different balls with reduced opacity. It will look more professional. Otherwise it is a pretty good idea. Keep up good work! :)

Nico from Italy labai seniai
you are great man!

secret say labai seniai
nice to know

rainier labai seniai
great! :-)

ctenhxbcax labai seniai
Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! oenbeiccrje

egx labai seniai
anladın sen onu

Rahul labai seniai
simple & awesome. Thanks!

budewa labai seniai
no comment, it's too good.

MaKo labai seniai
a ne proshe li sdelat' zagoguliny s gradientom i povrashat' ee v imageready? Namnogo menshe telodvijeniy :)

Sergio labai seniai
W?O?W......that was great man keep working (Y) :-) :-D

d5bup3WRs1 labai seniai
Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much! BmoK3a39cg

Christoph labai seniai
Thank you for that really nice example. have joy to write new tutorial :-)

Jen labai seniai
Thanks so much for this clear and lovely tutorial! Your efforts are appreciated.

Charlyk-Marlyk labai seniai
i don't like it very much. maybe it looks great on those PC but default mac bars are better(N) labai seniai
thanx what to explain really great

vlad gerasimov labai seniai
To Ditza: and the Firefox animation is in turn looks very much like Aqua (Mac OS X) ! So the roots are deeper...

Anonimus labai seniai
Cool. Êðóòî! (Y) Where did you learn it? Ãäå òû âûó÷èë ýòî? :-S

opus285 labai seniai
I like spheres, and the glassy look. this is the first round progress bar I have see.. totally like it.

Vitaly labai seniai
Просто Отлично!

Amoo labai seniai
Pretty Cool, guy! Thanks 4 ur teaching. good tut. I am gonna try it.!!

Amoo labai seniai
Pretty COOL ,dude. thx 4 ur teaching, and a nice tut. cool .

Famme labai seniai
Privet vlad! Otlichnaya robota! I really enjoyed this Tutorial. Have a nice day. Poka.

PS User labai seniai
Great tut man. thanks!

EmpireMW labai seniai
Amazing! :-)

kymera labai seniai
very cool and useful i feel so much better about doing things in ImageReady now :-)

Almo labai seniai
Hey Thank you very much !

shannon labai seniai
Ican't make heads from tails from this sux :(

Cyrus Poonawala labai seniai
Thanks for this amazing tut!

## 12 Rugsėjis 2008
Thank you for this great tutorial. Could you have a logo tutorial also. Great job. Keep up the good work.

miele 10 Liepa 2009
>> To do so, drag it down holding ALT key. dont forget to select the "path selection tool" (A) and NOT the move tool!! otherwise you'll get 2 layers.

Ivo Dojchev 3 Sausis 2010
Да! Просто отлично!

Hasib 18 Gruodis 2010

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