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Patek Philippe Watch - making of

I think many people will agree that old hand watch mechanism are beautiful. And as you will find from this tutorial, it  is not difficult to design them using only Photoshop tools!

Start with plan background, filled with color of your choice...


In new layer, use very large soft black brush to add shadow.


Let's create watch body. Using Shape Circle tool (U), add a circle.


Add metallic look to it. You can do  it well enough using only layer effects:
- outer glow: black, mode=overlay;
- inner glow: white, mode=overlay;
- gradient: switch to Metal family of gradient, then choose the gradient shown on screenshot, style=angle, mode=overlay, opacity=50%
- pattern: choose a pattern from nature patterns (or create your own pattern!), mode-overlay, opacity=10%.


Add another, smaller circle, with brighter color, and repeat layer effects. (You can copy them from first circle and paste into second).


Add more dark (almost black) smaller circles. Then apply the same layer effects.


Now we need to add some symmetric decoravite elements. In new layer, use Pen tool (P) to create a shape similar to this.


When your shape is ready, duplicate it (copy-paste), then move down and rotate 180 degrees.


Select both shapes, copy, paste, rotate 6 degrees (to do so, hit Ctrl-T, then enter 6 in textbox on top bar with preferences). Repeat 60 times, until circle is completed.


Carefully align this decorative shape with clock shapes (so that they all are centered), then set layer blend mode to screen, and apply some layer effects: drop shadow, pattern overlay, bevel and emboss. Do not overload image with effects, though!


Using the same technique, create another decorative shape, duplicate it 60 times, align with center of clock shapes, and apply some other layer effects: inner shadow.


Then use the same technique for another decorative shapes, and again and again until you're really tired :-)


Now it  is time to create gear wheels! Here is how to create a wheel. In new layer, using Rounded rectangle tool, create a rectangle similar to this.


Duplicate path - select with Path selection tool (A), copy, paste - and move the shape down.


Similar to what we did before, copy-paste-rotate shape until circle is completed.


Combine all paths into single path (use Combine button on top bar), when add another circle to this shape, center-align it, add another smaller circle, change its mode to Subtract, and center-align.


Add another (yet smaller) circle to this shape layer, center-align...


and finally, add another couple of rectangles (make sure they are perfectly aligned horizontally and vertically).


Apply the same layer effects that you applied to original clock shapes: Gradient, Inner glow, Outer glow, Pattern overlay (you can simply copy effects from your earlier layers and paste into this layer).


Now it  is very easy to make more wheels! Duplicate layer (Ctrl-J), move, rotate, repeat!


For some wheel layers, change layer color from grey to gold.


Instead of plain rectangles, you can use Pen tool to create nice curved shapes and use them in your wheel designs.


We need more metallic mechanisms. In new layer, use Pen tool to create shapes of these mechanisms....


...then apply the same layer effects.


Then in new layer, create even more shapes! And apply the same layer effects.


Next thing we need is some screws. It  is very easy to create one: create new grey circle...


...then apply again the same layer effects to  it (except pattern overlay)...


and then add another grey rectangle and set its blend mode to Multiply.


Then group these two layers (select them and hit Ctrl-G). And then: duplicate - move - rotate - repeat!


Next thing we need is some small jewels. Create new circle shape, apple the following layer effects to it: Bevel and Emboss (mode=down, highlight and shadow=overlay), Inner Glow (black, mode=overlay). I had a photo of glass sphere in stock, so  I pasted it into this file, scaled down, de-saturated (Ctrl-Shift-U) and adjusted levels (Ctrl-L) to add contrast.


Center-align these 2 layers, and group glass layer with previous (Layer menu - Create Clipping Mask). Then set second layer mode to Overlay.


Almost done! Now we just need to add some mysterious look to entire wallpaper.


The very last touch is  to add some lights reflecting from the clocks. To make it, change foreground color to white, then switch to Polygon tool (U), set Sides = 4, then open dropdown window with Polygon Options, check Star checkbox, set Indent to 92%.


These settings will allow you to create this shape.


Then simply set layer blend mode to Overlay, and add some very subtle Outer Glow.




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Serkan GURKAN labai seniai
wonderful Vlad.. Thank you..

gigie from Belgium labai seniai
just...WAW! labai seniai
I really appreciate that you are willing to share your talents with the rest of us. I will get some of my students to try your tutorials. I will be subscribing to your site in the new year...a small price to pay to support your work. Thank-you!

apoq labai seniai
what a nice touch!

2020 labai seniai
You are something Special

Sudhir labai seniai
whoa. -bows down-

labai seniai

IFx labai seniai
Ìàêñèì Óëüÿíîâ: Did you say in russian language "Ninja"? I agree with you in that way, when I am looking at this To-U-Too-rail from Mr.Vlad! Well, Mr. Vlad, your "public how-to-work(s)" are so important for me for its "non-shore" creativity in simple idea and great finish of the piece - master piece. Thank you - dekuji Vam!

deocliciano Okssipin Vieira labai seniai
As always awesome.

Dusan 16 Sausis 2008

Jigokuhebi 24 Sausis 2008
awesome tutorial...never would have thought it all up on my own. really appriciate that you have these tutorials online, they're so (pardon) freckin' good!!!!

Nitt 19 Vasaris 2008
Amazing! Thx for the great work!

Blod 24 Vasaris 2008
Gracias por compartir sus conocimientos y sus trucos, es todo un detalle por su parte para los que deseamos aprender mas cosas sobre el diseño.

johnsarq 20 Gegužė 2008
very good! 100%

Latif 9 Birželis 2008
sen bir harikasın tebrik ederim.

Melvin 18 Birželis 2008
This is art!...... nice.

Sandip Chahan 17 Liepa 2008
Amazing work dear, Its ammazing!!!!!!!!1

kuntal sharma 19 Liepa 2008
hi, ur tutorials r great, plz make a tutorial on innovative use of simple tools in photoshop

Jeremy Roach 5 Rugpjūtis 2008
Vlad, you epitomize the Photoshop Purist. Your skills are truly out of this world.

yanangski 23 Spalis 2008
your tutorials are the best! thanks!

bose 27 Lapkritis 2008
What a great art & artist!!!!!! Thanks

Luke 19 Gruodis 2008
WohHWWW Genius.. :)

master gib 25 Vasaris 2009
nice... amazing!!!!!!!!!!

shruti 18 Kovas 2009
gr8 man

23 Gegužė 2009

Tigerbil 1 Rugpjūtis 2009
magnifique !!! quel beau travail, merci (wonderfull, what a great job, thank you !)

cooldude913134 15 Rugpjūtis 2009
you give me wood. where do we go from here?

Rocky 21 Rugpjūtis 2009
Lintek! Baling-galing! Halimaw!

florina 30 Spalis 2009

Eric 31 Spalis 2009
I have followed the tutorial and made one myself. I couldn't reproduce all the color settings and shapes. Didn't matter though since my creativity took over and I am very happy with the results. It took me about 7 hours though :) Thanks man, I learned a lot.

Kristijan 6 Sausis 2010

lol 4 Kovas 2010
♥ ♠ ♣ ♦

Sergio 30 Balandis 2010
VladStudio is the Best!!!

Anonymous 21 Birželis 2011
It's freakin' beautiful. Amazing attention to detail with minimal effort.

Ankita 30 Kovas 2012
Like everything else you do, awfully awesome. :-)

ASD 27 Balandis 2012

chuck tedesco 14 Rugsėjis 2015
Thanks so much!!!

Rene Kunert 15 Vasaris 2016
I still come back here to refer to this tutorial. It is my go-to for metal-work :)

armani watches 16 Vasaris 2016
Very interesting blog, looking forward to more wonderful!

Muthu labai seniai
Dear Vlad, This is the 1st time that i am seeing your lectures. Its very great and wonderful to learn from this session. Now onwards, i will be come to ur tutorial institute for sure daily. I feel that for sure i will be a great designer soon because of Vladstudio! Hats Off!

dioxyd labai seniai
God... This is more than awesome! Why don't you make brushes for watch machine wheels? If not, i will ;)

Igor labai seniai

Niels labai seniai
Simply amazing! Keep up the great work!

ZSai labai seniai
Great...Amazing art

Chicha labai seniai
That's a great piece of art. I'm glad you shared with us how to do it. Cheers!

Haz labai seniai
It's amazing! I'm launching PS and starting playing with it right now! Thank you Vlad!

Ariyo labai seniai
Thank you Vlad for this tutorial. It is amazing. it is a master piece.

LordAzuzu labai seniai
Amazing tutorial, great piece of art, man! ;)

Ksenia labai seniai
looks awesome, almost like a real Patek =))) thought mine is much more simple and would be easier to make =)

TSiRKO 5 Vasaris 2008
It must takes hours but it is worthy! Thx for this amazing tutorial!

passerby 6 Vasaris 2008
wow this is really amazing! Thanks Vlad I love your wallpapers!

Creative Media 1 Kovas 2008
Dang :)) nice piece of Art, Very Goodddddddddddddddd

Hrish 7 Balandis 2008
Wow Amazing Work dude! Awesome guys really ur very talent designer.

Sylvia 25 Gegužė 2008
Wow!, Im still in shock, really, thanks for share your talent, you have a fun way to share you talent...Your tutorials are friendly and easy to understand. Love all your tutorials and your share spirit!.

Anderson 29 Birželis 2008
This is a great tutorial - throughout the process I was able to learn more about the pen tool and constantly went back to fix my initial workings. What did you do, at the end, to make everything so rich and golden?

reza 10 Rugsėjis 2008
thanks alot for your tutorial.

Ivette 9 Spalis 2008
Hello ^_^, I have used this tutorial here: Hope you like my result and thank you so much for sharing this handsome tut, very very appreciated and a bit difficult (in my opinion :D). Take care, cheers.

Aman 23 Gruodis 2008
Vlad...u r a genius effort put in here quite matches that of a horologist :)

yo mismo 17 Sausis 2009
compadrito la cago!!!!!

John 24 Balandis 2009
you sir, are a genius... you are the best of the best. i have searched for people better than you, and as i believed, there are none.. keep it up.

saqib wasim 5 Rugpjūtis 2009
simply mind blowing man........its fantastic

dear vlad. your designs are realy amazing , it requires a talented hands to do that... i beleive that you can chalenge the bigest design companies in africa ... so if you ever thought to visit africa we are in sudan we welcome you any and your famelly.... regards:mns.

11 Lapkritis 2009
wow, one of the best art work i have came across so far. amazing!!!! unbelievable what can do, amazing.......

Dianne 26 Lapkritis 2009
I love's perfectly nice & detailed!

Raluxitza 29 Gruodis 2009
Cata munca ai prestat Vladutz! Felicitari ai tutoriale foarte bune!

Nahum Vasquez 23 Balandis 2010
Eres el mejor, quisiera algun dia ser como tu, excelente y gracias

16 Gegužė 2011
Must have taken ages... cheers!...

Vladimir 3 Kovas 2012

Dark_Haseo 6 Balandis 2012
sir you have my admiration you are a geniusssssss

rolex watches for sale 9 Liepa 2014
Really really like, thanks for sharing!

emporio armani horloge 17 Lapkritis 2015
Very interesting blog, looking forward to more wonderful!

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