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My favorite wallpaper background texture

Create new image, fill it with solid color.


Apply some noise (Filter > Noise > Add Noise), not much, around 5-6%. Then, apply Water paper filter (Filter > Sketch > Water Paper), setting length, brigthness and contrast values simiar to shown here.


To mix water paper effect with previous noise effect, hit Ctrl-Shift-F (Fade) and set fade value to 50-60%


Then, apply texturizer filter (Filter > Texture > Texturizer), with Sandstone texture and relief ~ 2.


Create new layer, switch to Brush tool, open Brushes pallette and select the brush similar to shown here. In brush properties (right below menu bar), set opacity to about 50%


set color to white, and fill entire image with chaotic brush strokes.


set color to black, create another new layer, and fill again with brush strokes.


Final touch - set blend more of last 2 layer to Overlay, and change opacity to 50-60%. That's all!


← promo wallpaper - making of Full Moon in The Midnight Forest - making of →

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Horia labai seniai
wow, you are the best ot the best.... genius...i'm speechless

hamid labai seniai
very nice and easy and compalite tutorial

trmadol labai seniai
Bonjour! What a super websight! Very refreshing to peruse from where we live in Paris (France). I eat frogs and drink wine. Woold like more informatons on this. Best regards! Mikael.

Sassan labai seniai
Very very brilliant while still being simple (L)

Wow labai seniai
Very nice job. You have talent!

Hi labai seniai
I still dont get the last point. Image is forbidden from that link what you gave.

ForXy labai seniai
Thanks! Great tutorial!

balbinka labai seniai
I've just started workin' in paintshop and I'm wondering: how You get the result of "children" drawings on Your wallpapers? Simple black lines, simple shapes... do you scan it, or am I so ignorant in using basic shape and pen tools? :)))

A b labai seniai

Chadrick labai seniai
nice and easy and genius

Pumkin Pie labai seniai
Great tutorial, I use this alot! was reading through it againg though becuase I couldnt remember the step where you fade the noise and water paper, and i noticed that on the second step "similar" was misspelled. Just thought I'd let you know :-D

archScandium labai seniai
Opens up a new world to me (L)

freben labai seniai
thanks a lot!

Pavel labai seniai
Very, very nice.

Mohammad labai seniai
Thanks ..... : )

aj labai seniai
where can i find the "blend mode" option in my adobe cs2 .........plz help:-s

Demisha labai seniai
Very very nice :-O

gaurav labai seniai
cool effects with simple techniques

aj labai seniai
:-pthanks a lot...vlad....ur the best:-d

Vitaly labai seniai
I knew it! :-)

aj labai seniai
i got the blemd options.............can u just clear the last step....i aint gettin it!!! :-(

$TA$ 1 Balandis 2008
супер!!! спасибо

spamming robot 22 Gegužė 2008
i'm spamming robot, but my opinion: thats great thank you vlad

iMonk 16 Gruodis 2009
thank you very much! :)

marian riquelme 18 Kovas 2010
nice, beautiful and so simple! tnx!

Fillintheblanksbaba 20 Gruodis 2012
vay anasını sayın seyirciler

bonbona labai seniai
Thanks Really very simple steps & a great result ..really i'm impressed;-)

Yeny labai seniai
I love your work!

orange_girl labai seniai
Spasibo bolshoe! Otlichnie tutorials i illustrations Olga (Cologne)

Maninder labai seniai
Good Tutorial (Y)

Vojin labai seniai
I just want to say that you're great... I was learnd a lot of from this site...That I was nad used on my job and and become a famoust...:-) Thanks a lot. youre amazing (Y) Vojin from Montenegro (Yugoslavia)

fisherman labai seniai
That's great! Everything - the wallpapers, the tutorials, the site design! I really appreciate your work and help!!!

ram ashok labai seniai
Very nice job,Great tutorial

sanju labai seniai
awesome this bg has helped me lot building my comingsoon page..thx

MrWangster labai seniai
Man, your work is amazing, keep up the good work! (Y)

abhi labai seniai
great job :)

mark labai seniai
the work on this site is amazing(Y)

Karen labai seniai
Thanks for another great tutorial!! I love your work. :-)

Alfonso Alvarez labai seniai
Very pretty design

Agnostico labai seniai
Great tut. Thanks a lot! :-)

Murgatroid labai seniai
Ok, thanks, easy and famous...

aj labai seniai
i am still not gettin thru the last step ...plz help:-)

CJ labai seniai
Amazing. thanks for being so open and willing to share your cool talent!! :-D

lira labai seniai
ÿ òàê è äóìàëà :)

hghh labai seniai

Vlad Gerasimov labai seniai
AJ - see help image here:

Christos Prokas 28 Sausis 2008

xerion 18 Kovas 2008
nice tutorial thanks...

NonsenceLXBMS 29 Balandis 2008

12 Gruodis 2008
buenísmo...muchas gracias, realmente el acabado es muy fresco, atractivo.

Marko 7 Vasaris 2010
Great tutorial !

tamalita 4 Rugpjūtis 2010
love it :) thank you!

airlangga kusuma wardhana LA 31 Gegužė 2016

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