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Mont Saint Michel (Dark) Making Of

As always, start with new document and fill it with solid color.


Use very large brush, different colors (similar to main color) and gaussian blur (with large radius) to fill background with chaotic color variations.


Use the following filters:
- noise / add noise
- sketch / water paper
- artistic / sponge
- artistic / water color

For each filter, adjust settings carefully and experiment to achieve natural" look


Here is the photo that I took in Mont Saint Michel. Copy it  to the document...


select the layer containing the photo, change its blend mode to Multiply" and opacity to 80%. Duplicate layer (Ctrl-J)


in default brush set, there is  a brush called Rough Round Bristle. Select it, create new layer, and fill it with chaotic black and white strokes.


set this layer blend mode to overlay and opacity to 50%.


one final touch is the trees growing around the screen. I used ContextFree software to generate several trees...


...and then copied them into the document. That's all!


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Komentarai {26}

FIFI labai seniai
It's reel good for me - thx :)

grphicforastronout labai seniai

nathan labai seniai
your artistry, imagination + generosity know no bounds...thanks vlad - you're talent is inspiring to 'creative' hacks like are the real deal!! all the best..

vinya labai seniai
merci pour ta générosité Vlad !

RuthAnne labai seniai

Gilberto labai seniai
Very nice, something melancholic.

i m from indonesia labai seniai

Dave labai seniai
Thanks. I'm new to photoshop so this really helps. Bloody good work!

HECTOR labai seniai

George labai seniai
THANKS SO MUCH! this is great i cant wait to try it out on some pictures i took of belmont abbey last week : )

Cris 2 Gruodis 2008
That's great :D What version of Photoshop are you using...?

shyjukesav 16 Liepa 2009
really great sir ."HATS OFF"

ibrahim 30 Rugpjūtis 2009
its amazing

Aina 16 Lapkritis 2009
:( I did this great tuto but the layer with rough round bristle brush has a different effect than you describe. Only it sees in blend mode overlay are black spaces. It's possible there is a missed step?

Alexander de Jong labai seniai
Verry nice very nice. I love all your designs Vlad Gerasimov ;)

Sergio labai seniai
Great job! You are a trully inspiration! Could you post the CFDG code for the tree?

air labai seniai

brajesh (nepal) labai seniai
superb maestro!!!! looks so simple yet so terrific, your tutorials are guides to help dumbs ;-) like us to explore in the ocean of this software

Misha G. labai seniai
Why no "See Wallpaper" link near this tutorial link?

secret say labai seniai
very good i am pleased to know that there are those that still have a reson for the madness

Shane labai seniai
Wow! These tutorials are awsome! Your work is SOOOOOOOO COOOOL!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

mohsen labai seniai
(U) (L)

andrew 12 Gegužė 2008
whats the software for the trees?

Vlad Gerasimov 2 Gruodis 2008
Cris: It was Photoshop CS2 (i switched to Mac since then).

Amit 6 Rugpjūtis 2009
Its grat !

Abrar 13 Lapkritis 2009
Wonderfull that's beautiful. thx

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