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To start, we will need a rectangle with rounded edges (right click on Shape tool to select it) and light grey background.


Create a new layer and fill it with the same color. This layer will contain brushed metal texture.


Add a lot of noise (filters menu - noise - add noise).


Next, use Motion blur filter (filters - blur - motion blur) with the angle set to 0 and distance about 70 pixels. Then, hit Ctrl-Shift-L (Auto Levels) to increase texture contrast.


Now, hit Ctrl-G (group) - it will apply texture layer to shape layer, so that only a part of texture inside the shape is visible. To make texture look natural, adjust its blend mode (I changed normal to soft light, you might also want to try overlay, or linear burn, etc, and also to play with opacity).


Now the tricky part - we're going to create a custom gradient to give our metal a nice reflection effect. Select shape layer, open its blending option (layer style), turn on gradient overlay, choose black-to-white gradient, and then click on gradient itself to open gradient editor. You'll see it has two stops" - black and white. Now


After you're done with gradient, change its blend mode to overlay, or soft light. The result should look similar to shown here.


That's not all yet - create a new layer, and use a large brush with blurred edges to draw 2 white diagonal lines (you can also apply some blur). Then hit Ctrl-G to group this layer with previous, and, again, change its blend mode to overlay or soft light.


The little screws would be  a nice final touch. use shape tool to draw a small circle. You can do  it black or white - we're going to make it transparent later.


Repeat 4 times :-)


Now with a little help of layer style, make these circles real screws. If your layer color is black, set blend mode to screen, if white - to multiply. The result will be transparent layer. Then go  to blending options (layer style), turn on Bevel and Emboss, set Style to Pillow emboss, size to 0, and highlight mode to color dodge. That's it!


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simon labai seniai
you must be from mars or something where do you get this ideas man....

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i lik my butt

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very deaitailed i aprove your work

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its great .....the tutorials are very gd....indeed..i love the site.....very much.......always sharing and collaburation will make excellent results...

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Marvelous. Thanks, will spread this among my friends!

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Marvelous. Thanks, will spread this among my friends!

Jordan Parker From Wales, UK labai seniai
Vald all the stuff is realy good im 13 and i like desgin stuff :D ^^ mostly everything i know is from your Tutorials.... Thanks Jordan Parker Website:- Emails:-

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To put it simply ..... Great Site (Y) and even better tutorial section :-)

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Chi Shen labai seniai
These tutorials are useful and well-explained. Other photoshop tutorial sites generally have amateurish and poorly explained tutorials. I love this site!

Desst labai seniai
Î÷åíü êëàññíûå óðîêè! ÈÌÕÎ, ñàìûå ëó÷øèå - ýòî Zoomed Pixels è ýòîò. ÇÛ Äàâàé åù¸ :-)

roro labai seniai
so cool!(Y) I learnt a lot,thank u very much!

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This site is KILLER!;-) emm Goody mid Ohio

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Great stuff mate! Keep up the good work!

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I could go on thanking you,but I do realise I have to stop.You are a gift to the human race. El. Tigs

Venkatesh labai seniai
NICE What a beautiful

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Thanks Mate!

zero labai seniai
i worked in out. in my version it is called 'Clipping Mask' and maps to 'Alt+Ctrl+G' :-|

David from Ohio labai seniai
Vlad, The stuff you're showing in your Tutorials are great. Thanks so much for doing this. It's a big help to folks like me. God Bless, David

marcel.pajda 26 Sausis 2008
Thanks one more time

lu.G 6 Vasaris 2008
excellent tuto

tessie 26 Balandis 2008
I got spammed first time so this will be short! thanks for sharing your fantastic art and knowledge. Any tips on PSE4

Rukz 8 Rugsėjis 2008
Hi, I have to admit, you tutorials are easier to follow then those from computer art magazine! Brilliant stuff Rukz - UK

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sorry for this comment vlad, but can you translate some tutorials in italian? thanks

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good job

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waw that`s nice thanks alot

roarbb labai seniai
Tutorials like this helps me a lot. They are so good explained ..... Thanks u very much.

beavis and butthead labai seniai
i lik my butt labai seniai
I love it, thanks for the tutorial. I can use it to create my gradient and webby. cheers... ed :-)

3Jlo labai seniai
Thanx for your lessons

murs labai seniai
God! You are a genius! The simplicity with which u do all of them is remarkable! And you are a good teacher as well :-P

rapchi labai seniai
gençler böyle nimeti tutupta kopyalamamak varmı ya.....

janis labai seniai
it's a nice tutorial but on 1024x768 pix.. it doesn't look so great:s

PUTSI PUTSI PUTSI! ehts, jah labai seniai
ma olen eestlane, juhhu!

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im total noob in PS but those tutorials are great even though i was doing thi 3 hours :-), but now im fucking happy and i can go sleep. thx vlad

Vitaly labai seniai
Спасибо за письмо! Ты мне очень помог, на сайты обязательно зайду. Очень понравился мне урок Zoomed Pixels. Он самый лучший пока.

samsundar labai seniai
he stuff you're showing in your Tutorials are great. Thanks so much for doing this. It's a big help to folks like me. God Bless, sam sundar india,tamilnadu,madurai

Rhisiart labai seniai
Enormously helpful

Hamid labai seniai
Come On You Are Great!!!

Raff Guns labai seniai

zero labai seniai
i can get your result with 'Ctrl+G' as step 5 shows. could you please explain a little bit further. why hide some thing from reader? :-|

wizard labai seniai
Please, show us how to do nice buttons with "water covered design"

Awesome stuff 4 Sausis 2008
Well, I'm still a complete hack at photoshop, but you've got so many tutorials up here I'll have at least a couple cool ideas to play with! You're great man, I never knew photoshop could do so many cool things. Ja PUTSI PUTSI PUTSI, olen eestlane kaa =p Imelik, et ma naen uks teine siia peale (not originally from there but I speak the language)

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i m growing as total cre8tro wth ur tuts!! awesome work!! gr8 thnx 4 ur priceless tuts!!

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you are the best designer on the god damn planet. since years ago.

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güzel eline sağlık

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grouping does not result in desired effect.. grrr

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u rock with these superub tutorials, these are very helpful for newbies like me, thanks a million

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you are truly amazing at phtoshop..i have tryed things like this but never as good as your stuff! =)

Mahek - India 31 Rugpjūtis 2009
Thanx man. I love your all tutes

PS-Newbie 13 Rugsėjis 2009

Zuzana 2 Gegužė 2011
Great...this is exactly what I need for my design right now. I was wondering how to make this metal "doorplate" and now I can make it!!! Thanks a lot Vlad!!!

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