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Default layer effects are evil

This very short tutorial is  to express my belief in the fact that default layer effects settings in photoshop are really bad. Each setting (bland mode, size, angle, etc) should be always carefully tuned to fit into general style of your design. Shown left is 2 text layers with 2 effects, drop shadow and bevel. Here I simply turned them on...


... and here I spent another couple of seconds to set up effects in the way I liked. Moral? No effects look better than too much effects.


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Komentarai {29}

Aneesh labai seniai
Your Right man

Brandon labai seniai
"No effects look better than too much effects." YES! Spread the word!

LÖDD labai seniai

Secret lover labai seniai
I love you!

Vlad Gerasimov labai seniai
Hm. You're right! I didn't think about that. the full title should say " Default layer effects are evil (when desigining for web and screen)" :)

Famme labai seniai
I really, really agree! The default layer effects settings in photoshop are awfull! //Famme

Mincetro labai seniai
I agree, I never use defaalt fonts either, Unless I have to in which case I use Verdana.

joost labai seniai
je weet toch, gast.

kymera labai seniai
so true

Aneesh labai seniai
Simply superb

Deviant 1 Kovas 2008
Cheers man

Mo 10 Birželis 2008
you are right. sometimes it is easyer to make your own shadow and your own effect than take the photoshop ones. most of the times less is more.

Marge 1 Gegužė 2009
You need to elaborate on your very important tip. When you apply a shadow or bevel, a blue 'fx' shows up on the right side of the layer in the Layer palette. Double-click on that fx and you get all kinds of settings to 'work' with.

dark 21 Lapkritis 2009
i realy don'l like it!

AHMED 5 Birželis 2012

ashok labai seniai
Its amazing. I never seen this kind of tutor like it. Thank You so very much.

labai seniai
Ïî¾äðàâ èç Ñðáè¼å !!

ASHOK labai seniai
I want my name with beautiful background...

ramoz labai seniai

kavehjaanam labai seniai
this is really interesting!!!

Christ labai seniai
I only agree in some extents! Because the default effect is not used for everything in every size. In your example, the world "TEXT" is too small so the effect looks too much. I have experienced sometime i only used default setting also can create decent graphic.

venkatesh labai seniai
fantastic toooooo beautiful

joost labai seniai
ja ja, nou nou.

Charlyk-Marlyk labai seniai

Vitaly labai seniai
Спасибо, большое, спасибо... Еще, Еще, Еще!

tired shebi 29 Gruodis 2008
where the hell are the customized effects u described then...

lawrence77 3 Liepa 2009
wow..... Speechless.... :)

imro 11 Lapkritis 2009
what effects did you use and how can i get them?

Kodez 2 Gruodis 2009
I spent about an hour I didn't have looking through all your stuff. I have to say, I'm just starting out myself, (Graphic Designer in training) and well, I hope to only achieve what you have, my friend. Some of these are amazing. Good tip with the None is better than too much!

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