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Vlad Gerasimov 22 11 月 2012
Also, I do realize I did not publish "really new" works for long time - despite having lots of ideas for new wallpapers, I still struggle to find time to actually draw them. Hopefully soon! The work that keeps me so busy is our second e-book, Puss in Boots. So many challenging and exciting things there!

Ольга 22 11 月 2012
Супер! Наконец-то можно обновить обои на рабочем столе. Жду с нетерпением Ваших новогодних работ.

Roberto Maina 22 11 月 2012
It's wonderful!

Иван 23 11 月 2012
Да, а чего по-польски столько надписей? Они нам не друзья, мягко говоря...

Pavel Verba 23 11 月 2012
Absolutely beautiful!

George Mariot 23 11 月 2012
It gives you the feeling of a real Library. Excellent choice of colors and shapes!

Caro 23 11 月 2012
Wowwwwwwww!!!!, is fantastic. I love the books, thank you very much!!!!!

Lisa 23 11 月 2012
This is absolutely lovely :)

马士杰 23 11 月 2012

Trust-No.1 24 11 月 2012
Love it

Jacek Stromecki 24 11 月 2012
@Barbara Dopiero teraz gdy podszedłem do telewizora dojrzałem, że tam jest masa polskich tytułów. Co mnie zaskoczyło, bo myślałem, że Vlad jest Rosjaninem. @Vlad I just realized that there are so many Polish title. Is there any reason why do You choose them? :-)

Lucas Ayres 24 11 月 2012
love it!

Shelley 25 11 月 2012
Wow! This is so awesome! Thanks!!

Łukasz 28 11 月 2012
Most of your books are from Poland :-)

Mary Lezama 30 11 月 2012
simplemente perfecto!!!!. felicidades por todo tu arte, eres genial!!!!

Geoff 1 12 月 2012
Really good. Can you say something about the wall behind the books. Thanks again

juria 2 12 月 2012
Cool, but it's no complete as that with the sign.

Darxicus 2 12 月 2012
Vlad, are you going to release any new Christmas-related wallpapers this month? If you are, I can't wait for them :)

Alcapone 22 12 月 2012
Thank you ! I really like your work !

Farzaneh 12 1 月 2013
That's so nice. Thanks

Kubra 29 1 月 2013
so beautiful Vlad ! :)

dee 9 2 月 2013
this is sooo cute. thank you so much!!! :D

Barbara Heath 8 3 月 2013
My favorite of your Wallpapers so far. It speaks to me.

Przemek 27 3 月 2013
Many polish titles hehe

الــی 6 6 月 2013
مرسی زیبا بود :)

ran 16 9 月 2013
Thank you, It's cool, I will try this...

Javier 20 9 月 2013
Me encanta este dibujo, es muy intimista. ¡Enhorabuena!

zaRa 24 8 月 2014
ohwoOo........ nyceee collectionxx

صابر 5 11 月 2014
خلفية سطح مكتب رائعه

Vishal patel 25 4 月 2015
This is Simply Good :)

andrea 29 6 月 2015

MILUSKA 25 7 月 2015
estas imagenes son muy buenas, que genial pagina :)

me/myself 22 9 月 2015

Bodyeuh 27 11 月 2015

MARYANN GERETY 20 3 月 2016
HI! Could you create something more dependable than WALLACH. Is there another program for KDE that handles graphics....like folowing my instructions. WALLACH IS SO RETARDED!

alfredo zuniga 23 5 月 2016
any updates for ipad pro?

Deblk 22 11 月 2012
I luv this....thanks :)

Jacek Stromecki 22 11 月 2012
Great one! Love the amount of different colors mixed together. I have even found a book with Polish title :-)

Kelcey 22 11 月 2012
Love it:)

Shoegazer 22 11 月 2012

Belén junquera 22 11 月 2012
wow!!!! espectacular!!! congratulations I love it!!!

Barbara Kurzawska 23 11 月 2012
@Jacek Stromecki - "Opowiadania" Czechowa? :D Bo mi się w oczy rzuciło. @Vlad - as huge book lover I have to say it: this wallpaper is totally awesome! :D Thank You!

Koo 23 11 月 2012
This one is great!

hindun 23 11 月 2012
the children love it, they want one in they're room and I'm supposed to ask if they can come have a visit at your library :D... beautifully done as always

stan 23 11 月 2012
As usually - i love your work so much :-) You are my the most favourite artist in the world.

Rodney L Bricker 23 11 月 2012
Thanks so much.

Gaurav Sethi 23 11 月 2012
It's definitely brighter and has a more stream-lined look than the previous edition. Good job.

Namaskar 24 11 月 2012
Love your library & all your work.

Jacek Stromecki 24 11 月 2012
@Barbara Dopiero teraz gdy podszedłem do telewizora dojrzałem, że tam jest masa polskich tytułów. Co mnie zaskoczyło, bo myślałem, że Vlad jest Rosjaninem. @Vlad I just realized that there are so many Polish title. Is there any reason why do You choose them? :-)

Kk 25 11 月 2012
Very good.

lmb 26 11 月 2012
Very nice!

Shelley 30 11 月 2012
Thank you. It is wonderful.

DownUnder Pete 1 12 月 2012
Awesome images, I love this one especially, as books mean so much to me and I will miss them as they slowly become replaced in this digital world. Is there any chance you would make a template of the books with a separate layer for book titles, so we could put our own favorite titles/authors on there? Just an idea! Love your art, your view of the world, and your sense of whimsy!!

behm dollentas 13 12 月 2012
this is so cute ( sweet )

Maria 4 1 月 2013
Sooper poza

patdan 28 1 月 2013
呵呵,活捉小马哥一只。。 I love Vs

Sanskar Tiwari 14 2 月 2013
A Masterpiece... Vlad G. is a Master...

Ana 9 3 月 2013
I want to live here!!!

Marley 26 3 月 2013
its cool... bookworm

Sana 28 6 月 2013
Very nice;)

Vincent W 6 8 月 2013
"This is the book title"... LOL! But nevertheless, it's great :D

Aneesh Jaiswal 28 3 月 2014
i am a nerd and love books. so yay!!!!!!!!

Valentina 3 6 月 2014
Esto no descarga virus ?

Bruce Young 3 3 月 2015
HI, Thank you for the nice library art. FYI, I am using a crop of this as 'screen saver' for my Nook e-reader. (I cropped the image to get mostly one column, re-sized it to the needed 600 wide by 800 tall, changed to 8-bit 256 grays (as Nook e-ink screen will not show more than that), and lightened a bit) and now have added it to the small collection of screens for my Nook. I did similar with your Google Library image. Both seem perfect for Nook e-Book e-reader device! Thank you. Best.

Лариса 12 3 月 2016
Замечательные работы, просто супер - столько чувства, юмора и красоты - я не встречала работ лучше уже года три. Автор замечательный, творческий человек большой и щедрой души. Удачи во всем и крепкого здоровья!

edward 29 3 月 2016
thank y0u, love this..... ^_^

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