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コメント {90}

hohooo かなり前
very dark but nice

thinkcentral かなり前
cant sleep is just great.....cant express it here how welll it looks.... i would recommend all my friends about this site.... may this site last for another couple of centuries....... ;-)

Steveeeee かなり前
It's almost 5 am and this piece parallels my feelings completely. Vlad, you're a genius and keep up the amazing work. (Y)

Nate かなり前
This is my favorite wall paper of all time. need more like it :-) keep up the good work

vulture かなり前
only problem is- their so good that i cant decide which 1 to display. i want them all at once ! !

Skapo かなり前
Wow. How do you do these things?

Tanya かなり前
The only thing I know about art is what I like, and so far, Vlad, I love your work. I'm an incurable insomniac and this piece jumped out and shouted at me, "This is you at 3:00 am! Dark and alone, except for the hint of hope, given from the often shrouded moonlight." You have found a way to put feelings on display for everyone to see. You are truly gifted.

bod かなり前
it's awesome.i'll send it to my insomia friend, Ayu!

jude かなり前
perfect and awesome.

ivy かなり前
this is the most beautiful wallpaper I have ever seen

ribbot かなり前
Looks just like my grandmas house.:)

subcon-fusion.com かなり前
love this one

saz かなり前
this is the best stuff eva!

Clint Bradford かなり前
An extraordinary work. Many thanks.

ZoLToR かなり前
Îôèãèòåëüíàÿ îáîÿ!!!!! Ïðÿìèêîì íà äåñêòîï! (Y) :-)

Gözde かなり前
güzelmiş gerçekten (Y)

zel かなり前
that is amazeing its prolly my fave

Mathias かなり前
Amazing! I really love this one.. thanks Vlad! You really have skills!

latrab かなり前
WoW! This one is a great wp. Thanks :) from Hungary

Magaly かなり前
LoVeLy (L)

Dima かなり前
Vlad, what you are doing is beautiful. Can you make something light and positive please? It's a spring now!

Gil かなり前
Masterpiece! Greetings from Texel, The Netherlands

Kitty かなり前

Lisa(aaqua123) かなり前
Love, Love, Love it!

Lisa(aaqua123) かなり前
Love, Love, Love it!

Lisa(aaqua123) かなり前
Love, Love, Love it!

dumdida かなり前

saba かなり前
Another example of your outstanding work.Props. Keep it up.

me かなり前
i hate the "free" in the title for search engines, and the "register for 11.99" on the side

Radi かなり前
man oh man u r a g ni uss (Y) ;-)

angel of fire かなり前
Yeah, I do know that feeling... Darkness. So thick you can almost feel it. This is awsome!

simpleminded かなり前
your work is truely awesome. you should try ur talent at canvas. with your insight on things u could become one of the great ones. (Y)

Jack かなり前
This is beautiful. It's about 9am and I haven't slept. But this is so delicious. Thank you.

Vitaly かなり前
Íàñòîÿùåå ïðîèçâåäåíèå ñîâðåìåííîãî èñêóññòâà! Âëàä, ó òåáÿ íå áûëî èäåè óñòðîèòü âûñòàâêó ðàáîò? Õîòÿ áû íåêîòîðûõ.

Magaly かなり前
I love (L) dark wallpapers, in fact, I think I love everything in dark, I am not too romantic :-P

Magaly かなり前

reggie 8 1 月 2008
so me! i am the window with the light on at 2:12am cause my body has its own ideas about when to sleep and for how long! thank goodness for sleep drugs! lol!

Your Name Here 16 2 月 2008
My favorite

William Knox 22 2 月 2008
I scrolled down slowly and when I saw the single room with the light on, I said, "Woooooaaaaaaaah..." out loud lol. Hit me like a ton of bricks. Awesome.

taku 21 5 月 2008

Sam 25 7 月 2008
Wow this looks fantastic. There's a man on the moon, I can actually see a man sitting on the moon, although fain he is there! Awesome job!

susan 4 10 月 2008
I love it.

Leanne 16 11 月 2008
This is beautiful and pretty spooky/unerving at the same time... (or maybe it's just me) Love the texture of the whole thing!

CrucioAtrus 24 5 月 2009
Brilliant, you know howto put emotion and meanings in your work! Thanks from Overijssel, Netherlands!

Ceia 27 8 月 2010
This is my favourite! It's like me: Only one window lights up the night. Mostly I use the computer at night. :) Thank you!

Allan MacKenzie-Graham 3 10 月 2013
¡Saludos from Los Angeles! Another beautiful composition, Vlad. I love the way you capture emotion in your work.

steffer かなり前
this is *so* me... up late working because I can't sleep... love this!!! :-D

Mahek! かなり前
I m From Pakistan... sum1 mailed me thizz amazing Site abt wallpaper...... I just dunt know how to Thank Himm.... Vlad.... Ur work is just Beyond Outstanding..really Words Cant Express It... They Way u go into the depths of each n every scene is just........... SUPERB! i cant find a proper word... Thanks.. n Keep Up Ur ASTONISHING ART.... Mahek....!!!

Elusive かなり前
like to draw when I can't sleep.This feels just like it.Got me staring at the monitor half an hour,it's just perfect.

Jens かなり前
Home, sweet home :-)

P1x44r かなり前
Truly amazing creation!

XsnrG8 かなり前
I love it, thanks so much Vlad. :-D

Celia かなり前
Me encanta tu obra YYYY

andrew かなり前
scarey but comfortable for a background

Kata かなり前
I m from Serbia, Vlad you are the best! Very nice :-)

Charm かなり前

batcilla かなり前
óìîçàâîðà÷èâàþùèå îáîè íå ìîãó ðàáîòàòü, ñèæó íà íèõ ñìîòðþ... âàààó...

kulo nuwun.... かなり前
gambar opo to iki?? medeni tenan.... ning nek mung nggambar kaya ngono aku yo iso wong mung gambar omah karo mbulan.....

sara かなり前
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh is very beautiful.1

amir joon かなり前
barikala,daree azat khusham miyad

prabhakaran かなり前

Ferri かなり前
Second only to your Mont Saint Michel (Dark). This work so perfectly captures the cold, dreary, and also eerie loneliness of long, empty nights. Masterfully done. Thank-you for sharing your gift in these inspired works.

Vlad Gerasimov かなり前
to Me: Please read what's written at http://www.vladstudio.com/register/. Each and any wallpaper is available for free if you want it.

王泽 かなり前

Blaz Sef かなり前
You probably don't recall me, but I promote your site with my personal site, because I mostly use your wallpapers as backgrounds. I still check your page - daily - and download your artworks, which astound me with their simplicity. Anyone can take the long route, but "laconica brevitas" is much more interesting. I know, I write poetry :). Keep the imagination flowing, Blaz, Slovenia

Armelle かなり前
Very, very nice ! Sincerely ! You are definitively the best, Vlad, sure !!! (L)

gaul かなり前
Wonderfull Vlad, just right. Once i saw the mail, i checked out the wallpaper. And man, "i can really feel that dreary cannot sleep, what to do ?" feeling on seeing it. One of your many masterpieces no doubt. Keep the good work going. (Y)

Tim Finnegan かなり前

kim かなり前
Thank you Vlad! I hope you have more sleepless nights ;-). It´s wonderful- please more of them! Greetings from Braunschweig/Germany Kim

larry かなり前
truly excellent. beautiful and straight from the gut. the texture is interesting. it has a resemblence to Indonesian Batik textiles. ;-)

Aniruddha かなり前
Wow! I appreciate your work so much, but this one just made me stop and write a comment. Sublime. Period.

siva.s.kumar かなり前
simply supereb (Y)

maria かなり前
Very soothing thanks, Vlad (Y)

Sana かなり前
This is one of ur best!! Keep up the awesome work (Y)

Timur かなり前
That is sooooo interesting and an excellent work! :-D I wish I knew how to do these, but Im not even close to being that good in photoshop :-(

Vlad Gerasimov かなり前
UPDATE: you can read about how I made this wallpaper at http://www.vladstudio.com/photoshoptutorials/?9

josephlu かなり前
i waiting for the chinese edition,l love this wallpaper,well done

Katty 27 1 月 2008
I love it! I save it! :)

aliginie 10 2 月 2008
love it

Marija 1 3 月 2008
When I can't sleep I flying in dreams :)I fly to dreamland...it's so miracle:) I love another colours dark night :)Blessings

12 4 月 2008
nice work, buddy!

Nathalie 13 7 月 2008
All your works are just so awesome, all your wallpapers are really creative! =] Keep up the awesome work

katrinne 27 9 月 2008
don't like it :/

monica 28 10 月 2008
i really love this.i think its amazing how you do this.

LooR 19 11 月 2008
Can´t sleep either... just beautiful !

elisha 13 1 月 2009
beautiful vlad. its peaceful and yet rather creepy at the same time. a wonderful mix. greetings from the great plains! haha!

jeff scott 31 12 月 2009
My favorite

Amalia 20 10 月 2011
Suka suka suka!! Really amazing artwork and amazing idea!!!

Giacomo 17 9 月 2015
Scelto !!!

Lamppa 31 12 月 2015
It is one of the bests wallpaper (it's me! now is 2:33 AM) but I would have chosen the top window of the second house - I prefer to live there :)

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