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Vlad Gerasimov 8 Giugno 2005
Alla fine di una calda giornata, improvvisamente la pioggia, che gioia!

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Commenti {58}

Elusive molto tempo fa
The passage from the drawing to the graphic part is abs-top! :-).I can feel the drops on my face;it's great.

Ferdous molto tempo fa
:-) Great & amazing & Es ist unglaublich schoen.

Kathy molto tempo fa
I am saving it for the rainy season. I think it is cute!

cheeky molto tempo fa
:) mitico !

ali molto tempo fa

cincir molto tempo fa
burada tam bu resme uygun bir hava var:) gri bir görüntüye rağmen resim çook güzel...:D

lucian molto tempo fa
seems wet:-)

maya molto tempo fa
beautiful wallpapers :-D the nice imagination ;-)

amir molto tempo fa

Fredrika molto tempo fa
This one is my alltime favourite... It's pretty sad though, because I think of "The two" as me and my brother, and he's living on the other side of the world now, and I havent heard from him in almost a year... so sad. (U) But it's a good thing that your art brings out emotions like that, keep up the great work!

vishtasp molto tempo fa
very good

Jason molto tempo fa
How can i choose the size?

Dusik molto tempo fa
mne nravitsa o4en ...from Ukraina

belkin molto tempo fa
they are magnifcient if i had to rate it i would give it (Y)

Vany molto tempo fa
Fresh one :)

Mike molto tempo fa
(Y) Finally some new stuff. I love it! :-)

Jury molto tempo fa

justin molto tempo fa
lets just say this was my new wallpaper as soon as i saw it. humorous, yet stylish. nice work.

SAN^2 molto tempo fa
Ame... kirei!!!

Vitaly molto tempo fa
Ðýéíèíã, îäíàêî! (:

gil molto tempo fa
great to see those drawings back, they are great and my favourite :D

No molto tempo fa
No (N)

monia molto tempo fa

sonu molto tempo fa
its too boring

Cristina molto tempo fa
gorgeous, as all the ones featuring "the two"... you're really great :-) (Y)

Tril molto tempo fa
Yay, The Two are back! (L)

kim molto tempo fa
++++++lovely+++++++ kim from Germany

Matthias Heil molto tempo fa
Well-done, and a strong comeback to what you're best at - marvellous piece of work, my family loves it (especially my 2 1/2 year-old son keeps praising it!)...

Rit@ 15 Maggio 2008
no words :O:P:D:):@

aida 7 Settembre 2008
most of your creations are all about cold, sad, alone, dark, depression, grey, rain.. :'( nevertheless.. they are all beautiful.. but how about ading more happiness and joy and humor and laugh? :)

Jose molto tempo fa
Very beautiful! Thanks! (Y)

Susanna molto tempo fa
Es ist wunderschön!

jmne molto tempo fa
:-) 好!

max@work molto tempo fa
Ïîä íàñòðîåíèå ïîäõîäèò ïðîñòî òî÷íî... Ñïàñèáî!

Whitley molto tempo fa
The smaller one without the umbrella is definitely me. I love to dance in the rain.

JO molto tempo fa

Birkoff molto tempo fa
La verda super genia, me gustaria aprender hacer este tipo de imagenes ;-)

Prerna molto tempo fa
Its very refreshing & cute! You have awesome imagination!

amir/pershian molto tempo fa
wwwwwwoooooooooooooooooowww very ,very,...,nice. :_)

boxit molto tempo fa
:-) such a pure soul !

thankyou molto tempo fa
i love it , feel like a child again your work is so simple but.. great!

undead faery molto tempo fa
Fun!!!! It's so perfect, and so true. Especially in the summer, with thunderstorms and all. Oh, I love it all. It's so WET! *infinite grinning*

koko molto tempo fa
ana wo 3washi ha3 ha3 ha3

Philippe molto tempo fa
Great ! I like it. The transition between ground and sky is +++

|unknown| molto tempo fa

Kay Shane molto tempo fa
I live in Calgary, AB Canada - where we're all about to build an arc....after Day 7 of almost straight rain - but I still love your stuff :-) It's my screensaver now.

Benoit molto tempo fa
Glad to see the "Two" back. I was missing them! (L). Honestly, I prefer these to photos. I hope to see more soon! (Y)

dine molto tempo fa
as usual, the "two" are fantastic ... I really love them, and it suits perfectitly with my mood of the moment ^^ thanx

P47 molto tempo fa
Õîðîøàÿ èäåÿ + îòëè÷íàÿ ðåàëèçàöèÿ!! Î÷åíü êðàñèâî. Âëàä, Âàøà ðàáîòà â î÷åðåäíîé ðàç íà ìî¸ì ðàáî÷åì ñòîëå. Èñêðåííå âûðàæàþ áëàãîäàðíîñòü. ÑÏÀÑÈÁÎ!!!

monia molto tempo fa

Wacky molto tempo fa
I like it ^^

Suzanne molto tempo fa
I love the way the clouds are rendered in this one.

Rina molto tempo fa
(y) excelente!!

Cristina from Italy molto tempo fa
I was waiting for a new work and this one doesn't disappoint me..it's great!!

유휴 25 Gennaio 2008

은민 29 Aprile 2008
love rain. love this wallpaper. that little girl is me. xD

anohita 15 Maggio 2008
so cute.....i like it so much..

katrinne 29 Settembre 2008
:O the colours are great!!!! everything is so perfect :) you are getting better every day!!! Love your work Thanks for sharing with all the world :D

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