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Vlad Gerasimov · 19 Novembre 2006
Questo sfondo è molto personale, e credo che possiate indovinare il motivo! Dedicato alla mia bellissima moglie :-)

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Commenti 97

asmr · molto tempo fa
vlad you are the best , you are really a real artist.

Guido Benigni · molto tempo fa
Congratulations. Very happy for you two. I have two little kids and it is truly the best experience you could ever dream of. I'm promoting your site every day throughout Italy, keep on going...

idhem · molto tempo fa
congratulations :-)

Omid · molto tempo fa
congratulations, I wish your kid to become an artist like you.

Matthias Ficht · molto tempo fa
Hey Vlad, that's really great news! :-) Best wishes to you and your wife from Germany!

Marcus · molto tempo fa
Congratulations for you, your wife and the new born.God bless you all ! Greetings from Ostend in Belgium. (L):-)(L)

Câline · molto tempo fa
Congratulations Vlad!!! What an amazing way to tell us this beautiful new!! :-D :-D :-D

· molto tempo fa
Íà¼ëåïøå æåšå è ìíîãî ïîçäðàâà èç Ñðáè¼å!!! Best wishes and warmest regards from Serbia! Your art is amazing. May you have many cheerful years with your familly, and I wish you three more babies! :)

Matt · molto tempo fa
Vlad- if you are half as good a dad as you are and artist you child will be one of the luckiest on the planet. congratz man i wish you the best!

Elusive · molto tempo fa
Congrats from Bulgaria, and a BIG smile and a prayer for all of you! :-D

widhy.. · molto tempo fa

Sukhjinder · molto tempo fa
Very Very Nice Expression.

Parzival · molto tempo fa
This is a very close expression of what I feel too for my wife...you are really a genius and have a great gift!! Thank you so much Vlad!

Rebekah · molto tempo fa
My sister just told me about your site, and I must say I am completely and totally hooked! Love your work, man! And belated CONGRATS! Parenthood rocks.

Vanja · molto tempo fa
Hi from Bosnia! Congratulations!!!! I wish I know English better so I can express my admiration to your work!!!!

gabi · molto tempo fa
Super! Thx! :-) My sister is pregnant ;-) Vlad your site is the best! I like it very very much :)

Arjan · molto tempo fa
Amazing wallpaper....... All your wallpapers are Super!!!!

utkarsh · molto tempo fa
to this picture for 2 hearts my sister and my coming nephew (L) (L)

Basak · molto tempo fa
Creativity can enable us to capture the real feelings that others carry. I love the creativity you add to many themes. Love from TURKEY :-)

Sahar · molto tempo fa
very nice and so cute ... ;-) wishing u all the best :-)

Tauheed · molto tempo fa
Hy! Congarts Vlad ;-P

Cecelia · molto tempo fa
Congrats!! :-D What a wonderful news!!! All the very best for all of you! I just love your work! Please, keep making more of kids wallpapers. Also Thnx for sharing your talent with all of us. Good Bless!

Magrata · molto tempo fa
Congratulations to both of you from Czech(Y) My friend is pregnant, I think she will like this wallpaper very much also :-)

· molto tempo fa
Ñ÷àñòüÿ è çäîðîâüÿ ìàìî÷êå è áóäóùåìó ìàëûøó

Justin · molto tempo fa
it is truly amazing how creative you are vlad. you take the simplest ideas and turn them into something so creative, its why youre site is truly one of a kind. congrats my friend.

Greg · molto tempo fa
Haha, lots of subliminal messages in there =) Congrats Vlad!

Beth · molto tempo fa
Congrats! ;-)

Cynthia · molto tempo fa
What a beautiful celebration of such wonderful news! Brightest blessings to all three of you!

Brum · molto tempo fa
Àáñòðàêöèè ñ "×åëîâåêàìè" ñàìûå ëó÷øèå è â êàæäóþ âëîæåí ñìûñë. Òàêîé ðèñóíîê î÷åíü çäîðîâî ÷èòàòü. Ñïàñèáî.

Janet · molto tempo fa
Congratulations and may you have many warm moments together. :-D UK.

Manuela · molto tempo fa
Congratulations and all the best for you!

LucasDT · molto tempo fa
Ïîçäðàâëåíèÿ! Ìèð ñ÷àñòüÿ ê Âàì è âàøåé æåíå

Sneha Kochak · molto tempo fa
Your art is so expressive of your state of mind! One can so very tell when you're happy or when you're dejected. Congratulations on this huge happiness! 'Tis one of your best wallpapers in a long time. (Y)

Vlad Gerasimov · molto tempo fa
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! :-)

Austin (yea me) · molto tempo fa
Congrats man

Amit · molto tempo fa
I havent posted a comment on your site earlier though i've been enjoying your amazing free artwork for a lot of time now........my desktop wallpaper is almost always something from vladstudio. Anyways just had to post this time to extend my warm wishes and congrats. Best of luck mate and keep up the amazing work.

p3titz · molto tempo fa
Congratulations of becoming a daddy! Happy for u and your wife. Love your work as always...keep up all the good work and May God Be With You and your Family. Your work is truly amazing and inpires the people all over the world......... p/s: waiting for your next artwork! ;-) Thanx and warmest regards from Malaysia..;-p

Moo · molto tempo fa
Congrats from Canada! :D My favourite is the alien...

minh · molto tempo fa
I have downloaded many great wallpapers from your site, and this is my first comment. Just to congrat you, Vlad, for a soon-to-be daddy :) Share with us any good news :D

Deborah · molto tempo fa
Ïîçäðàâëÿþ! I'm very happy for all 3 of you! Sincerely wishing you the best in the coming months and years!

kia1981 · molto tempo fa
ïîçäðàâëÿþ! ìàëü÷èê èëè äåâî÷êà? :) Äåòè - ýòî çäîðîâî!

Sandeep · 24 Aprile 2008
Thought provoking :)... Love your wallpapers!!! http://sandeep.pixelring.net

Rit@ · 2 Maggio 2008
I used this image in a work for school about mother's day it was the most beautiful work ever :D thank you vlad

qubra · 7 Dicembre 2008
congratulations.. its very sweet :) i like it very much

kimotheraphy · 24 Agosto 2009
Witty! Charming! Very very clever! You are a very intelligent man besides being an amazing artist. You have so many fantastic pieces .. but this will rank as one of my favorites.. I love your Siberian Houses series as well... Makes me feel guilty enjoying such brilliant art for free... Need to think of contributing ... Let me go count my pennies...

Eagle · 14 Febbraio 2013
I have seen many of your works which are related to your wife,you must love her very much.What a lucky woman she is to marry such a talented artist like you.And I really enjoy your artworks.Thank you for creating them!

tüm.. · molto tempo fa
well done! i adore this one!

Yaser " Par3.biz" · molto tempo fa
:: very nice :: forEver light deys

Beth · molto tempo fa
Congratulations. (Y) :)

Liza · molto tempo fa
Congratulations. :-)

Francesca · molto tempo fa
About all of your images: they touched something inside myself. I really felt emotioned. Thank you from Italy Fra

biruy · molto tempo fa
congratulations!! wish ya all the best!!

mark · molto tempo fa
Congrats to you and your wife. :-)

Coccinella · molto tempo fa
(Y) :-) :-) :-) ! congratulations !

Sahar · molto tempo fa
COngratulations,BEst WisHes 4 u & your family. (Y)

Neil W · molto tempo fa
Congratulations! Best wishes to you, your wife, and your illustrator to be!

dv8ted · molto tempo fa
how about a membership discount after the baby is born...?? hey we need to celelbrate too 11

dv8ted · molto tempo fa
excellent vlad !! keep it up buddee !!

Liska · molto tempo fa
So bright and so charming. It makes very possitive impression! My congratulations too!

宁宁 · molto tempo fa

ZZamboni · molto tempo fa
Congratulations on the baby! I really enjoy your wallpapers, and this is no exception.

divya · molto tempo fa
Hey man !!Many many wishes and luck to both of u.May this kid bring lots of luck and love to your life.Your work is going to be better and better and ..................... God bless

Juavenita · molto tempo fa
I adore your creations and congratulations :)

YASER H.G.P · molto tempo fa
Hi , very nice Dey for You It's a new Design for Sample For you ( your web is my love ) www.PAR3.biz

Simon · molto tempo fa
Congratulations Vlad!! Is this means the start of series 'the three' ?

Karan · molto tempo fa
Congratulations! Let me also take this opportunity to tell you that you are the best designer of desktop wallpapers there is. I can't remember when I last had anything on my desktop that wasn't from your site. Keep up the amazing work and congratulations once more.. :-)

khosro golestani · molto tempo fa
..... my love vladstudio:-D

Melody · molto tempo fa
Congratulations Vlad!!! (L) This is a sweet Christmas gift for you!

Jared · molto tempo fa
Congratulations!! And a special thank you as always for your talent.

Sindri Svan · molto tempo fa
Congratulations old man! :) Now this is a good wallpaper, It's colorfu, very original and very you! Keep up the good work!

Xy · molto tempo fa
I love the connection between the outer and the inner. See a lot of life sringing out. You are an artist who understands the meaning of life. (Y)

Vladislav Gerasimov · molto tempo fa
Thank you thank you thank you!

Cat · molto tempo fa
Many congrats to both of you :-)

Agnes · molto tempo fa
Congrats!!! I've always loved your works. I hope the baby will be as gifted as you are in art. :-) Blessings for the whole family!

Bea · molto tempo fa
Congrats!!! :-)

marysia · molto tempo fa
CONGRATULATIONS for soon-to-be-daddy Vlad and the beautiful soon-to-be-mum wife!

kahi · molto tempo fa
The idea is... incredibly excellent. Best piece of looong time. :-)

lou · molto tempo fa
congratulations & all the best from germany :)

Frank · molto tempo fa
All the best to you and your wife and I think there will be a lot of ideas for new great pictures in the future. inspiration coming from a child is wonderfull.

Birol · molto tempo fa
Congratulations from TURKIYE ! Wish you all the best ! :-D

elisa · molto tempo fa
Congratulations to you and to your wife!!!!!!! (from Italy) :-)

www.Par3.biz · molto tempo fa
I vove your DESIGN Very Very Very (U)

Anand · molto tempo fa
Accept my wishes. May the angel fill your life with whatever you guys want. :) Amazing artwork.

kacenka · molto tempo fa
oh this is soooooooo fantastic!! I am also pregnant and this is just THE wallpaper I needed to see every day on my computer. Congratulations and thanx a lot :-)

Nina · molto tempo fa

Ale · molto tempo fa
Congratulations from Mexico! :-)

Shelly M Cook · molto tempo fa
I don't usually post comments on ANY website, but I had to after seeing this amazing wallpaper. I have been using the companion program for a while now (I grab a lot of free stuff from the internet) and have been VERY impressed, but I haven't really dug into this site until now. After reading the author's descriptions of my favorite wallpapers (and finding some new ones!) I have to say that I am blown away. I can barely afford to run the computer that I see these images on, and it is amazing how personal this artwork fits into my life and home (it's almost wierd). I sat here for an hour just trying to find what to say. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with me and my family.

Kristi · molto tempo fa
Wonderful, wonderful! Congratulations! It appears you now have a whole other world of inspiration to draw from! Enjoy!

Girl from Poland · molto tempo fa
Congratulations vlad!!!!;) Anyway you're a truth artist...I just love your artwork. ,,It moves heart";)

Anna · molto tempo fa
Congratulations and all the happiness in this World to you and your Wife - and the Baby, of course!!! :-D

rominita · 17 Luglio 2008
me parece muy bueno lo que haces, me gustaria saber quien eres, tu nombre, para saber quien es el artista

Diana Pilatti · 6 Agosto 2008
Magnífico... surreal...

Sanja · 11 Febbraio 2009
Ti si cudooooo!!!You are miracle!!!

Tara · 8 Dicembre 2009
Look The Mom!!!THE MOM WILL GET A BABY!!!!!!!!!

cha chu chi · 30 Gennaio 2010
lol <-------sorry

Luis manuel from Mexico · 1 Aprile 2011
What a wonderful concept, i have enjoyed your work, but this is the most profund image i've ever seen here... Congratulations, you are really genial

metallica · 8 Marzo 2013
I don't get it.. ;(

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