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Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

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Vlad Gerasimov · 18 Aprile 2004
5 minuti con Bryce, poi 30 ore di rendering, 5 ore di Photoshop, e 1 minuto per pubblicarlo. Ispirato da Moby.

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Commenti 95

STOMM · molto tempo fa
...Muito bom,ideias novas sao bem vindas e a de vcs,arrasou!!!!!!

buy cialis · molto tempo fa
Bhgggrrrr :) Just great!

Ashwin · molto tempo fa
pizo56 - This is not his main source of income. Just read the homepage.

MAGGIE · molto tempo fa
good job !!!!! but could do better !!!! : - S

sachin Joshi · molto tempo fa
Your works is your god in your mind every thing is beautiful keep working "wishes"

pizo56 · molto tempo fa
moby is a fag too....so...if your gay.....give him your money.....if you support that kinda crap. sorry.....just dont like gays. they can change and they know it. thier just more perverted than most people. and it IS a sickness!!

Tauheed · molto tempo fa
Nice Work

BLUEYEDSIGNGUY · molto tempo fa

Princess · molto tempo fa
(L) I think I'm in love (L)!!!!

jason · molto tempo fa
hey nice(y)

bob · molto tempo fa
I like cows

john · molto tempo fa
super pa

Mark · molto tempo fa
i love it, my knid of stuff, good work...

ko · molto tempo fa

divya · molto tempo fa
superb creation vlad Simply fantastic ;loved it to the core, Thanks

black_wondrous · molto tempo fa
this is very good

Miss UK · molto tempo fa
Excellent !!!

XYcoords · molto tempo fa
(L) Excellent work. :-)

MOA · molto tempo fa
Just wanted to say it's an honor to support your art. At our office, we just ordered several new Mac systems with the 30" Cinema displays and cannot wait to get your backgrounds on them =)

charlie · molto tempo fa
simply marvellous. Pienso que es fantastico. Me encanta. (L)

Logistikal · molto tempo fa
Excelent work!! With a great texture and milacounacious details ;-) You are excelent desiners and I hope you keep the good work Congratulations!!

trilogystar@gmail.com · molto tempo fa
they are using graphic from this wp in a header at www.kverka.no ... guy claimed that he made it?

Blueprint · molto tempo fa
Not sure of your mother tongue... Fantastic site! Tell me, do you offer custom images? Name your price and i'll tell you if I can match it. Emplacement fantastique ! Dites-moi, offrez-vous des images faites sur commande ? Nommez votre prix et je vous dirai si je peux l'assortir. Ed. ;-)

friend · molto tempo fa
looks good

pirrus98 · molto tempo fa
Sigue con tu trabajo tan exelente!!! FELICIDADES!!!

S014n4 · molto tempo fa
beautiful, nice nice job

dfsd · molto tempo fa

pakistani · molto tempo fa
well done buddy(Y)

LanKa-NJ · molto tempo fa
you are so great!!!(y)

Lantis_24 · molto tempo fa
You're my favorite wallpaper site though your archive doesn't contain that much. You have the coolest wallpapers in the web... Rock on... (Y)

Carlos · molto tempo fa
This is my favorite wallpaper!!! It looks aswome!!! (Y)

Kietna Qu'Tak · molto tempo fa
Not simple but its seem so, i like it very much

kawika · molto tempo fa
I love it

Rahil · molto tempo fa
good (Y) :-)

GO TO HELL · molto tempo fa

MainCOre · molto tempo fa

epojomblo · 13 Gennaio 2008
tuhan menampakkan kuasanya

yo · 31 Gennaio 2008

EARLD · 4 Marzo 2008

OK · 7 Marzo 2008

1998 · 15 Giugno 2008
not to cool :(

Bla Bla · 11 Marzo 2009
I cant down load it!

Alkahest · 9 Giugno 2009
Awsome vlad!! You should make more Wallpapers like this =P. They're really nice.

bubi · 3 Agosto 2009
this picture is cool!

Kostya · 30 Ottobre 2009
Здравствуй, Влад! Не мог бы ты хоть немного пояснить, что значит "30 hours of rendering"? Точнее что за этим кроется:) k.tsapenko@mail.ru

Jorup · 26 Dicembre 2009

Миша Манукян · 28 Luglio 2010
Круто =) А можно побольше пиксель-арта?

vanochten05 · molto tempo fa

alex mc · molto tempo fa
absolutely awesome!! ;-)

naveed k k · molto tempo fa
allwas speek trouth

Rajesh · molto tempo fa
Gr8 pic (Y)

Nicko · molto tempo fa
AWSOME!!!!!! (y) :-D

WTF · molto tempo fa
How do you download this damn thing?

Fhernd · molto tempo fa
Greetings from Colombia ¡Excelente! / Excellent! ¡Hasta pronto!

pizo56 · molto tempo fa
I would NEVER pay money for a wallpaper I and I repeat "i" would never pay for the kinda stuff you are doing, I could make 20 x better wallpaper. and animated for most platforms and intergrate them into any window manager. your pathetic. get a new job. People don't pay this guy.......sounds like a failed graphic design artist to me.

maya · molto tempo fa
hi vlad i like ur work a lot how do u do this can u show me?

dms813 · molto tempo fa
I love this one. It looks like the Earth is a gigantic eye for some colossal robot. Well, that's what I see, anyway.

small friend · molto tempo fa
woooooow I think...(ummm...) Sorry I can't say it

olga · molto tempo fa
nothing understand

Zimmy · molto tempo fa
In my opinion, this would be the perfect default background for the OLPC.

Dave · molto tempo fa
Fantastic work. Regardless of how long it took to render, it was worth it. Keep up the great work.

paochan · molto tempo fa

Sam · molto tempo fa

mertcaa · molto tempo fa
(L) naber

Greactor · molto tempo fa
such an artistic there!

bobby · molto tempo fa
you are the best.love your work;

teresa · molto tempo fa

Jmartin · molto tempo fa
I gone to the sight and it is the real thing. so why did you copy it vlad? (U) (N)

G.P.Dawson · molto tempo fa
This is a true piece of future beauty in art work to come in this New Age of Modern Art Work. Please keep this up...

Lauren · molto tempo fa
This is a great picture. I think it's awesome for anyone who is looking for a good picture to put as there screensaver. Thanks so much Vlad Studio.

miguel saucillo · molto tempo fa
lo que cobras por ver tu arte, es meramente simbolico, realizas un buen trabajo de tiempo completo, cuidas los detalles y sabes bien lo que haces, te felicito por tu excelente trabajo, tambien me da la impresion por los formatos y los acabados que realizas tu trabajo con una mac

Erick · molto tempo fa
do you have more picture for me see

maria · molto tempo fa

wonko · molto tempo fa

logisTiKal · molto tempo fa

Aeon · molto tempo fa
Good Work (-; , excelent texture.

~*Nikki*~ · molto tempo fa
Now this is much better...(Y)

Scott · molto tempo fa
Good job... keep up the great work. I hope you offer these in posters... i will be looking for them soon. You are an excellent artist, and I have yet to see a piece of yours that has been created without taste.

Bryan · molto tempo fa
The screen savers are nothing but perfect :-)

A S U R A · molto tempo fa
Nice Work! Looking forward to other creations!(Y)

william fanning · molto tempo fa
i like far pic. keep on going.:-)

cyberpunk11 · molto tempo fa
totally out of this world :-)

EtrinityX · molto tempo fa
This is great stuff. I hope u got the patent for these stuff and your future creations. Don't let your talents go to waste, plus, they don't cost much to get, ok? ;-)

Kilhor · molto tempo fa
This is the same superb as "Day And Night"! Can you provide it in 1400x1050 which is a resolution of my wife's laptop?

Marija · 18 Gennaio 2008
Wowwww I have'nt word's ...It's fantastic.....:)*

RPGFX · 26 Febbraio 2008
This is just awesome. I used this wallpaper years ago, never realized it was yours. So different from the stuff you do now....

Wally · 26 Marzo 2008
very Nice!!!

Merith · 17 Aprile 2008
You're really amazing you know that? Ever considered like being a graphic artist for games or things like that...because you HAVE skills. ;)

cepo · 28 Maggio 2009
nice, good job.

James · 9 Giugno 2009
Excelente!! muy buen trabajo... Gracias

karan · 9 Luglio 2009
look interasting to me i woloud take it as a wallpaper

Vlad Gerasimov · 30 Ottobre 2009
Kostya: эээ, вспоминаю с трудом - уже много лет назад эту обою делал! Я имел в виду что я в Bryce набросал трехмерную модель, а потом он (Bryce) ее 30 часов сохранял как двумерную картинку.

· 22 Aprile 2010
great job thank's

Dragon Master · 23 Febbraio 2011
awesome IMAGE

Ranjan · 19 Novembre 2011
I feel addicted, keep visiting your site and you never disappoints me.. Something gr8 is always there.. you r a generous thing Vlad..

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