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Vlad Gerasimov 31 Gennaio 2007
Credete davvero che le nuvole sian fatte d'acqua?? Haha! Io  lo so, son fatte dei pensieri della gente!

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Commenti {42}

Brave molto tempo fa
This one is so funny.. Great ideas Thumb UP !!!

Melody molto tempo fa
Oh My My! Vlad, I only wish that I had more computers so I could put up all your gorgeous wallpapers at the same time!!!! :-) (Y) (L)

tmy molto tempo fa
everbody is just thinking..thinking is the best thing that we did well..talented boy, congrulations

hanna molto tempo fa
P.S From holland;)-> Dutch

Tim molto tempo fa
I love this wallpaper! Any possibility of a version without the white clouds? I'm in love with the city's silhouette =) Good job!

sonic chelyabinsk molto tempo fa
vlad as always is the best. i wish i could draw such pretty things.

cyanLilprincess molto tempo fa
Tails doll is scary! i downloaded wallpaper beacause it looked cute. but those eyes kept staring at me!

HI HI molto tempo fa
Hi Hi cute wallpapers. HI HI. Bye Bye

JUANFER molto tempo fa
esta hermoso !!!!.... solo una pregunta como hiciste el fondo ....??? it's beautiful !!!! ... just one question how did you did the background ....???

mitra molto tempo fa

Nika AU molto tempo fa
You R great and your work creates a lot of positive light world wide. Ziveo.

Sebastian molto tempo fa
Damn Vlad. The past few weeks ive been in here, you have been droping some serious amount of quality wallpapers, and lots! I cant belive you are doing this on your spare time. Your a great inspiration to all of us here who are watching your WP's i think. Keep up the awsome work!

Cynthia molto tempo fa
Wow! Another wonderful piece of a great work. You're very gifted and talented.Thanks heaps for sharing with us. Love all of them.

Hiram molto tempo fa
Muy Bueno saludos desde Venezuela

Susan molto tempo fa
Can you imagine if they were true; and we could see all the words...wow what graphic that would be!!! (and you would be the one to rise to the challenge I bet:-D

MikkiTaro molto tempo fa
very creative & imaginative...awesome vibrant blue color...really digg this one!!! :-D

kacenka molto tempo fa
I have made at least ten today! ;-)

Vlad Gerasimov molto tempo fa
Justin - thanks! He big-head guy is too busy - blogging! ;-)

SHIP 29 Marzo 2008
Moc pěkné,ale taky mnoho,že jsem co deset minut měnil plochu.Nemohl jsem se rozhodnout,asi bych chtěl všechny!

qubra 9 Novembre 2008
very very very interesting....

Shelly 3 Gennaio 2015
I absolutely love your stuff. I haven't sent an e-card in a long time, but, happily I remembered your site tonight!

tadas molto tempo fa
maladec vlad(y)

Animesh molto tempo fa
i generally am a miser when it comes to giving complimentrs but dude seriously u r a very gifted person and u make thousands of us happy n cheerful, who seek these beautiful pieces of work and get immersed in this surreal world. hats off to you vlad for such an astonishing work. great i bow before your talent, perseverance and yr passion. Cheers

hanna molto tempo fa
Wow YOU're GREAT :-O:-D I've got him on my background! (Y)

atomtodd molto tempo fa

Anna molto tempo fa

cyanLilprincess molto tempo fa
haven't seen all wallpapers but liked the ones i did see :)

cyanLilprincess molto tempo fa
cute city wallpaper. any without clouds?

JUANFER molto tempo fa
esta hermoso !!!!.... solo una pregunta como hiciste el fondo ....??? it's beautiful !!!! ... just one question how did you did the background ....???

Carlos molto tempo fa
In a scale of 1-10, you get a 20...wow incredible imagination, surreal colors, dreams gone wild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mohammed Korashy molto tempo fa
Hi I'm from egypt , I always search the web for new wallpapers . . But This is the only one I stuck to asite , You are areal artist ,and your art is authentic and deep , thank you

Sahar molto tempo fa
it's really nice ,and also your other pic "Wake_Up" . Thanks A lot.

Pospec molto tempo fa
Please stop thinking for a moment, I want to see the sky with moon and stars :-)

mostafa molto tempo fa
good good good

Katie molto tempo fa
You're so clever! This one is my favorite concept. Thank You Vlad!

amelia molto tempo fa
and your thoughts make the most beautiful clouds :-) Beautiful work Vlad!

Câline molto tempo fa
Think, think, think!!

Omid molto tempo fa
Nice work

estherka molto tempo fa
It makes me thinking. It will be very cloudy tonight... Thanks to You Vlad! :-)

Justin molto tempo fa
great work vlad. the digg guy wouldve been perfect on this.

librarian from croatia 6 Agosto 2008
still crazy about your work...

Настя 5 Settembre 2008
потрясающие работы. я просто без ума от всего, что здесь есть! 8))) очень рада, что такие классные вещи еще можно найти

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