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Vlad Gerasimov 15 Giugno 2009
Tutti conoscono lo Stregatto, ma scommetto che da gattino non era così famoso! Ho scovato questa sua foto da cucciolo, è tanto carino, vero? :-) Come sempre, Adobe Photoshop, e  la magica tavoletta Wacom Cintiq.

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Commenti {53}

Kelcey 15 Giugno 2009
Yay, first to comment! This is a fabulous edition to your Wonderland series Vlad, I love it. I'm so greedy when it comes to your Alice images, I always want more... may I request the tea party, or the cards painting the roses, or the queen playing croquet with dodos... seriously though, my desktop loves you:)

Janko Falli 15 Giugno 2009
cuuute :)

Tybois 15 Giugno 2009
This totally reminds me of my cat Flatsky, who I swear smiles, from when he was a kitten. This is totally going on my desktop...and now it is :) Excellent work!

aya 15 Giugno 2009
Great! So beautiful and I like cat best.

Jynrya 15 Giugno 2009
Very cute!

Ladislav Fornusek 16 Giugno 2009
Great Vlad! :-)

Christina (Australia) 16 Giugno 2009
So cute! Brightens up my day, meow! :0)

16 Giugno 2009
the cat has big boobs. i dont like it.

Michaela Basham 16 Giugno 2009
That. Is. So. CUTE!!! I LOVE your Cheshire Cat wallpapers! This one looks much less evil/manipulative than the adult.

Katherine Appleby 16 Giugno 2009
GRIN!!! :D

Sharon Robak 16 Giugno 2009
Another beauty Vlad! You never disappoint! I just upgraded my subscription to lifetime -keep em' coming.....

Michael 17 Giugno 2009
Very kool as always..thanks...Michael

Robert Marton 17 Giugno 2009
Hahhhaaa :)) This is a very cool cat :D Well done, my friend!

Ampit 17 Giugno 2009
He is really wonderful. My computer will be happy. Thanks

Carina Marano 18 Giugno 2009
I love cats, but I would love one with just the background and the really pretty tree.

Mary in America 19 Giugno 2009
I love love love this one! I am always checking your website for the next photo. I love your work. Wish you would publish a book with all of your wonderful photos. Plus you need to tell a little story on each of the photo of why it was developed, etc. so we can get a little feel of what you were thinking when you create these delights. Thanks again.....can't wait til the next one.

Antonio 24 Giugno 2009
Very beautiful!Could you post a picture with a black cat,please?Tanks a lot!

Mariya K-W 14 Luglio 2009
So much fluff-ness! :) :) :)

Pascal 3 Agosto 2009
Жаль нет возможности приобрести конкретную джепегу ... а так кошак отличный

x3me 13 Agosto 2009
Good work!

7 Settembre 2009
it is very cute thanks for it

Eco-Chick 18 Settembre 2009
Go green, live, love, laugh. Have a nice life! I love this website! I just found it today, and I love it! I am going to get all of my wallpapers off of Vladstudios! Peace, love, happiness! :) Vladstudios are amazing!!!

cseh sándor 13 Ottobre 2010
őrült jó

sandy 16 Gennaio 2011
ithis is the best wallpaper website!

Surnix Shreshta 12 Aprile 2012
Stop coping others

sepi 17 Febbraio 2013
o yah

Vlad Gerasimov 15 Giugno 2009
Kelcey: well it is not exactly an artwork about Alice in Wonderland story - Cheshire cat was never mentioned there as a kitten! It is just the idea associated with the story. Thanks! :-)

caspar 15 Giugno 2009
hey do u remem me vlad?? when you had that desktop of a toucan i had an idea for the clock version and you used it =] anywai its been cool looking at your wallpapers i got all of my friends checking your website pretty much daily for updates=] and i jus gotta say your amazing! luv the new pics especially this one! the nose looks relly cool =D

mkultra 15 Giugno 2009
ahahah funny

Anna Maria Wallace 15 Giugno 2009
Made my day! Thank you for that smile, Vlad! Anna

Richard 16 Giugno 2009
Cute. Reminds me of a Chia pet as well as a Cheshire Kitty.

Carl Willetts 16 Giugno 2009

elisa 16 Giugno 2009
So cute!!!

blader 16 Giugno 2009
More cat please, I love them~~~~~http://www.vladstudio.com/wallpaper/?cheshire_kitten#

Ivonna 16 Giugno 2009
You made my day sunny!! :)

Таня (Украина) 16 Giugno 2009
вот этот кошак у меня уже на часиках стоит! милашка! )))

Vlad Gerasimov 16 Giugno 2009
Sharon Robak: thank you very much :-)

jankadujava 17 Giugno 2009
I just love it !

Mary Raines 17 Giugno 2009
LOVE this!! It's purrfect!

Peter Dackers 17 Giugno 2009
Wonderful, haha! This will be my new wallpaper for a long time ;)

Grinskater 17 Giugno 2009

Lorena 19 Giugno 2009
Love the textures! Great job!

Isa du Pôle Nord 20 Giugno 2009
Congratulations. Some are nice, others cute or funny but all are very special.

Andy 21 Giugno 2009
Thank you ;)

Antonio 22 Giugno 2009
Bellissimo! Beautiful!!nAlso make a NERO as my beautiful cat? nI'd love !!!!!!!!!!!!

Masih 9 Luglio 2009
The Persian kitty cat on a green scene...green wave!...I liked it..thx :D

Steve 30 Luglio 2009
Great job

Zoom _(Iran) 9 Agosto 2009
hello ! it is great ! وال پیپر جدید چی داری ؟ بی زحمت یه خبری به ما بده ؟ نهایتا هفته دیگه خودم بهت سر می زنم می خوای آدرس بدم ؟ سر کاری بود !!! حالا بخندیم

Viviana 9 Novembre 2009
OMG!! That's awesome! I love it!!!

Omar Kasimov 16 Febbraio 2010
thank you Vlad luchshie wallpaper ever!

peralesm32@yahoo.com 12 Ottobre 2011

Marija 10 Aprile 2012
I LOVE IT! You are a genious!!!!!

Lamppa 31 Dicembre 2015
What an amazing smile! :D I like best the Hallmark version of the movie with Tina Majorino as Alice.

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