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Commenti {23}

billtt molto tempo fa
Cute & Cool:) Love it~~

dwinkawatasaki molto tempo fa
Hey Vlad, Cool picture with great emotion. Thanks!

Vivek molto tempo fa
Color and alignment should be modified !! Cartoons should be more expressive !!

Anish molto tempo fa

Yay molto tempo fa

hazy dawn molto tempo fa
hi, vlad, thanks for taking my opinion into serious consideration. anyway you are very talented (maybe one of the best talented minds I've ever run into), and I am a big fan of you for a very long time. I can help recommending your site to my colleagues all the time.

Vlad Gerasimov molto tempo fa
hazy dawn: hey, I overlooked that becayse I am on Mac! (and my icons are on the right). I created reversed version - please see Next wallpaper! Thanks.

Mohammed Korashy molto tempo fa
So Beautifull, But I Didn't like using the black for the animals

Ludmila molto tempo fa
Maby they will talk about Descartes?

Luke Bacon molto tempo fa
ditto it's great but wall clock for Mac would be amazing...!

Jan Kaltoun 16 Febbraio 2008
One of the cutest wallpapers I've ever seen :)... And great for my Mac too. Thank you

AMPIT molto tempo fa
It is very good for Mac users. Thanks a lot once more

illdani - www.danielemolteni.it molto tempo fa
really really genial

son molto tempo fa

joe molto tempo fa
i love ur wallpapers and thanks alot for not making them lower quality for people who arents registerd like some other crappy sites and this wallpaper is sweet!

Roverge molto tempo fa

Justin molto tempo fa
neat idea. love the colors.

hazy dawn molto tempo fa
it's cute, however, i guess the icons on the desktop will cover the long neck animal. If it stands on the right side, it might be better.

Haz molto tempo fa
hazy dawn -> is moving icons to the right side of the screen such a problem? ;) Anyway, wallpaper is nice. I like it :)

Nancy Hanger molto tempo fa
Speaking of Macs (btw, love this wallpaper! and my icons are on the right, too!), are you going to get that wall clock done for the Mac? I love the idea and have been checking back often to see if you have us Mac people "done" yet! :-)

feng shaun molto tempo fa
coooooool...finally...I was waiting for a new wallpaper for so long :)

owce 11 Gennaio 2008
Can I copy this wallpaper?

oscar 11 Aprile 2008
superb!!!!!!!!!! excellent!!!!!!!!! love it

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