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L'albero Viaggiatore

L'albero Viaggiatore

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Commenti {28}

Daniela 19 Maggio 2009
Very cute! I like his backpack. Thanks Vlad.

Janko Falli 19 Maggio 2009
Very nice, thanks Vlad :)

Marcus (Belgium) 19 Maggio 2009
Where do you still find your ideas...great work again, thank you Vlad ;)

Peter Porter 20 Maggio 2009
I like the way you see the world, Vlad.

AMPIT 20 Maggio 2009
Spectacular as allways. I love the taveling tree he looks happy

Liz 22 Maggio 2009
I love love love this one!

Theresa 22 Maggio 2009
Vladstudio is so cool!!!

Mira 22 Maggio 2009
his eyes are so cute ^.^ and the little smile too :) I love your works!! Best wishes :) Mira from Serbia

Alex Alexander 26 Maggio 2009
A bit to babyish for me

Honza 30 Maggio 2009
Your images breathe life, its clear you enjoy your work! I look forward your further compositions.

ding 4 Ottobre 2009
I wish I lived in Vladworld. ^-^

ET 24 Ottobre 2009

Jyn 5 Agosto 2010
images are pretty kul..........kip going

ahmad 10 Maggio 2011

ankur kr singh 5 Maggio 2012
awesome work. keep it up.........

Martin Stružský 19 Maggio 2009
I love the nest box - that's what made my use this wallpaper in favour of Space Travel (but I will definitely use both of them, they are great). Thanks! :-)

pete 19 Maggio 2009
lol - seems to be straight out of lotr

Leti 19 Maggio 2009
I like this one

Mikael 21 Maggio 2009
Hallo from Sweden and me! I always use your wallpapers on my computers. Vlad, You are the best! Best wishes & love // Mikael from south Sweden

Eva 23 Maggio 2009
Awww... This one is so cute! :) You made me smile :) Thank you!

Matius 23 Maggio 2009
Very nice one! You are a true graphic artist!

Karla 30 Maggio 2009
Me gusta!!!!

Jerry jelly 16 Giugno 2009
I like this one, but I was wondering if you could use the same style of tree in some other wallpaper. I just love the look of the branches and leaves. Fantastic!

Gulsen 16 Gennaio 2010
It is a wonderful world; Vladworld

yndi 29 Gennaio 2010

Asad 18 Giugno 2011
Your creations are awesome!

Asad 18 Giugno 2011
Your creations are awesome!

ran 19 Settembre 2013

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