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Simboli (Colore 3)

Simboli (Colore 3)

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Commenti {20}

naNuke 1 Maggio 2012
the ammount of detail and time put into arranging this is just mind blowing :) well done

Jonathan Schemoul 2 Maggio 2012
There is no dual screen 1280x1024 (total 2560*1024) anymore :(

Jo Standley 20 Maggio 2012
nice very nice

Dhawal Vaghela 29 Maggio 2012
I love different language scripts, I find them quite fascinating. The next time you do a Map wallpaper, can you try a writing systems one? See this - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:WritingSystemsoftheWorld4.png

lashtal 20 Agosto 2012
@Vlag - is it some implementation of the Wordle algo by J. Feinberg? Probably word cloud plugin for d3.js with a custom webfont?

Mark Wells 23 Ottobre 2012
Pretty Amazing!! the perfect quality of each single element is absolutly speechless!!

Subhankar Nandi 26 Gennaio 2013
really amazing collection

Riki Keckarovski 2 Febbraio 2014
You are real master of computer and iDevices backgrounds i.e. wallpapers. Keep the work alive. Peace from Skopje, Macedonia.

lolipoè 1 Giugno 2015

Manni 9 Ottobre 2016

Vlad Gerasimov 1 Maggio 2012
naNuke - to tell the truth, this wallpaper (the "main" work, without saving all different colors) took about 15 minutes :-)

Rak 2 Maggio 2012
Love it!

bluejacker 3 Maggio 2012
Would love to use some of these wallpapers as a screensaver for my kindle. Would it please be possible to add a 600x800 (kindle) resolution to mobile devices? Greyscale would be even better (kindle has no colour screen) but I can do that quickly myself.

mostafa 6 Giugno 2012

Andrew Webster 11 Giugno 2012
I love this! Amazingly clever and complex but subdued enough that I can use it on my work computer. Thanks!1

Vlad Gerasimov 20 Agosto 2012
lashtal - you guessed it right, it's wordle!

tota 4 Gennaio 2013
good one

Testunit 6 Aprile 2013
Wonderfull! I really love this one....

pizen 26 Marzo 2015
It's so beautiful .

0,,0 19 Maggio 2015

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