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Strumenti Musicali a Corde

Strumenti Musicali a Corde

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Commenti {30}

Kaz 2 Settembre 2010
Amazing how much the same basic shape has been replicated across so many different cultures. I wonder if they were invented independently from each other or copied from one people to another, or a bit of both Anyway - pretty!

Daniel Pataki 2 Settembre 2010
Hah, good point Lim, but I think it's actually a coincidence this time, or at least the instruments look like that in real life :) How awesome is the musical bow? In peace they make music, in war just turn 'em around and shoot :)

AMPIT 2 Settembre 2010
Good as allways. thanks again

Suzana 3 Settembre 2010
Another awesome wallpaper!!! Yes, it would make a great poster too!!! :o)

Tade Sargsian 3 Settembre 2010
влад, а можно такой же, только с надписями на русском? пожалустя, пожалустя, пожалустя :)

global.alexithymia 4 Settembre 2010

xin 5 Settembre 2010
hey, Indonesia has a cool string instrument called 'sasando'. you should put that into your wallpaper too...=D

Vida Hernaus 11 Settembre 2010
great! i never knew there were so many :)

Adagio 16 Settembre 2010
Beautiful! I would love to see one on "all instruments of the orchestra" ...

saeed 30 Settembre 2010
everyday you are on top

RozA 1 Novembre 2010
And what is Crwth (top left)?

Elif 21 Novembre 2010
There are Sitar,Tar,Kemenche,Rebab,Komuz,Dutar,Santur,Lute,Çeng. Seperately it isn't Tampuri. It is Tambur. The Tambur player is called a tanburî.

Amazigh 30 Agosto 2011

Deepu Nair 10 Novembre 2013
Beautiful as always vlad…!!! :-)

Noura 2 Settembre 2010
simple but great ... love it :) it's been a while since you published your last tutorial ... hope you have time to publish more of them soon ... thanks

Lim Lian Tze 2 Settembre 2010
Is it just me, or all the stringed instruments really have cutesy smiley faces?

Oziel 2 Settembre 2010
Ukulele? For Tahiti, mauruuru! (thank you!)

mhtrinh 2 Settembre 2010
Cool ! There is even the traditional vietnamese guitar !!

Mike Cook 3 Settembre 2010
No mandolin :( But excellent nonetheless!

3 Settembre 2010
Very cool. Hammered dulcimer? Sort of stringy.

Lorena 4 Settembre 2010
That´s amazing!!!

Nuheen Khan 4 Settembre 2010
I think "Tampuri" is meant to be Tanpura (or Tambura) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tambura

atefe 5 Settembre 2010
that's amaziiiiing.thanks VLAD

birol yilmaz 6 Settembre 2010
thanks Vlad, thats very nice wallpaper specially for the people who dedicated their lives to music & instrucments. i would like to see another background colour for better contrast because all instruments are "brown/wooden colour based".. what do you think?

nat 17 Settembre 2010
beautiful, as always :)

rachel 1 Ottobre 2010
no ukulele?

bert 2 Novembre 2010

r.b 24 Luglio 2011
you should make a movie with your own world, better that tim borton, that's for sure, cuz this is cute and brilliant :):D

zak 21 Gennaio 2012
isnt very beautyful...

Ives 7 Maggio 2014

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