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Gocce d'Acqua su una Tela di Ragno

Gocce d'Acqua su una Tela di Ragno

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Commenti 22

Kareem Khazem · 10 Giugno 2008
Really wonderful colours, I like this one better than the plain ones. Looking forward to the tutorial!

Richard · 10 Giugno 2008
Where's the spider?

Pawel Konieczny · 10 Giugno 2008
Fantastic! I love it.

Madeline (Texas) · 11 Giugno 2008
I LOVE the color combination... and the spiderweb looks so realistic!

none · 11 Giugno 2008
WOW!! i like it great job vlad

Leti · 12 Giugno 2008
please include the spider!!! ;)

Richard+ · 13 Giugno 2008
love this series even without a spider!

Leonel Macias · 13 Giugno 2008
no spiders = good :) the web is great ;)

anu mishra · 26 Giugno 2008
nice wallpaper damboo

fred · 19 Luglio 2008
'shopped. you can tell. The droplets don't all hang in the right direction, and many of them are duplicated.

M.G · 28 Novembre 2008

Val · 21 Dicembre 2008
Otkuda ty svoi ideas beresh?

Stefano · 20 Aprile 2011
Actually this is the best version, since it looks like blurred natural background because of the close-up shot.

LucasDT · 10 Giugno 2008
Don't like too much the color combination of the backround... blue and green together would've been better...

Christina (Australia) · 10 Giugno 2008
I looove the colours together, so fresh, Awesome! I get so excited when you have new wallpapers, yey!!!

Suzana · 11 Giugno 2008
Vlad, these are so beautiful, I can't make up my mind which I like best, so I will love them all equally, I think. Would love to see these on a transparency over a lightbox.

Rit@ · 12 Giugno 2008
hate... it's soooooo... HORRIBLE crepy and this colors all together ...

HeyRit@ · 12 Giugno 2008
What's with the bad attitude all over the place? It's not very becoming. So Vlad doesn't necessarily comment back, big deal. What are you, a stalker?

vlad.fan · 16 Giugno 2008
i love the droplets..........................awesome but the background is not up to mark...... nice tutorial thnx

Vlad Gerasimov · 19 Luglio 2008
Fred - please read the tutorial about how this wallpaper was made.

bhanu · 13 Settembre 2008
these cannot be easily downloaded

vasam · 10 Giugno 2010
Hi, in 1920x1080 is the same picture as "Water drops on a spider web (Green)"

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