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Fiocchi di Neve (Colore 2)

Fiocchi di Neve (Colore 2)

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Commenti {13}

Minh Vu 20 Dicembre 2010
Mr. Sparkle!

Lindsey 25 Febbraio 2011
Aww,what a good picture it is, simple but look so beauty :)

Abe 13 Giugno 2011
Its beautiful

mouneeer 6 Marzo 2012
hi veeery gooooooooood

omar 29 Gennaio 2013
thxxx i likeeee

shiyam 20 Giugno 2013
Its beautiful & sooooooo nicee i like this

soudeh 20 Agosto 2015
How it move!? It' s immovable?!

Amaia 24 Dicembre 2010
It's simple but beautiful!! I like it!

Melissa Olivero 11 Gennaio 2011
It isn't plain... it is beautiful. Also, I have been meaning to write to you before this... I purchased your book and my children and I LOVE it. Thank you so much for all the work you put into it. It is wonderful.

kbear 24 Settembre 2012
This is so cute :)

Rashad 25 Novembre 2012
Nice Thank You

AyeshaSarmad 30 Marzo 2013
sooooooo nicee i like this colour

Sebastian 10 Agosto 2014
Si me sirvió, aparte están muy bonitos los fondos :D Saludos :3

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