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Fiume Rosso

Fiume Rosso

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Commenti {7}

marcus 2 Dicembre 2008
I asked for a Red one, and here it is. Like it very much, thx Vlad :) Grtz from Ostend,Belgium

qubra 7 Dicembre 2008
red blood rivers les rivieres purpress kızıl nehirler .... its very interesting... thanx

Pedro Wunderlich 18 Febbraio 2009
I love the feel of this on my 22" dell display. I appreciate your work man, best investment I've made in a while! Keep up the good work! Pedro

Ralph Hiesl 3 Dicembre 2008
Hi Vlad, nice to see you back to the roots with the latest series of wallpapers ("*** river" and "Inside the rainbow *"). I really like your abstract pictures. Regards from Frankfurt!

Declan 10 Gennaio 2009
I like the stars and the milky way wallpapers!:-]

Declan 10 Gennaio 2009
Thank you,Vlad D.Esik

Oshvina 21 Gennaio 2011
the wallpapers are very nice!!!!! I love it!!

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