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Commenti {137}

Jeremy Conley 15 Febbraio 2008
This one is great! Very cute.

Justin Murray 15 Febbraio 2008
great job vlad.

Francesca - Italy 15 Febbraio 2008
Hey Vlad, you are great! Not only your wallpapers are wonderful but also you have fantastic ideas! Thank you for your work, I have always one of your masterpieces on the desktop of my PC!!! Francy

Martin Coetzee (South Africa) 15 Febbraio 2008
Very cute! Thanks Vlad!

denisa 15 Febbraio 2008
Very lovely the girls that are splitting up the rainbow :-)

Orange 15 Febbraio 2008
Картинки классные! Только жаль что регистрация платная....(((

lisa 15 Febbraio 2008
This is super sweet. I know my daughter will want it for her desktop.

ionuca 16 Febbraio 2008
Oh, just one thing: you missed a colour. It's blue, *indigo* and violet :)

Vlad Gerasimov 16 Febbraio 2008
Laurie - thanks! It takes about 5-6 hours, then another couple of hours to prepare wallpaper clock WCZ file, to save in all sizes, etc. Thanks! ionuca - too bad you noticed :-) I did notice it too, but it was too late, and I had no chance to fix it yet...

Omid 16 Febbraio 2008
You are the Best... it will be on my desktop for a long time surely thank you

Vlad Gerasimov 16 Febbraio 2008
lisa - no wait! I understood! The blue fairy with her blue color is late! So she is yet somewhere outside the screen :-)

Mirime 16 Febbraio 2008

Ahoo 16 Febbraio 2008
thak you, very cute . with all my best for those who creatie and others who show these beautiful art works.

fengshaun 17 Febbraio 2008
WOW! amazing! keep up the good work.

lori 17 Febbraio 2008
You never cease to make me squee with joy with your imagination! Thank you!

lalabridget 17 Febbraio 2008
Kudos Vlad ;) my new fave!

Benjigarner 17 Febbraio 2008
Very poetic, also on GuiPulp > http://guipulp.com/ Nice work as usual ;)

JOE 17 Febbraio 2008

Samantha 18 Febbraio 2008
Very nice, Vlad, but why do they all have blue wings?

Dewarhy 18 Febbraio 2008
cool man...

Nonees 18 Febbraio 2008

eda 18 Febbraio 2008
: ))))))))))) love it!

Ampit 19 Febbraio 2008
Lovely, as so many others of yours

chaitanya 19 Febbraio 2008

backlash 20 Febbraio 2008
I really wish you offered widescreen images to the public b/c I miss out of using your images now that I have a new monitor. :( Great image, though.

rachelle ann 20 Febbraio 2008
cute nman

mook 20 Febbraio 2008
so cute!

Gokben (Turkiye) 21 Febbraio 2008
inanamiyorum! Vladstudio Türkce yayınlanıyor :) :) :) cooooooooooooooook tesekkürler Vlad Gerasimov

shay 21 Febbraio 2008
Simply adorable!!!

Nou 21 Febbraio 2008
This one is amazing...really cute & very cheerful

Ssaikat 21 Febbraio 2008

Cynthia 22 Febbraio 2008
WOW Vlad! This is just wonderful, full of color. You are a genius! Thanks for share this with us. You're a fountain of inspiration! All the best.

Alessandro 22 Febbraio 2008
Your creativity is superb.

Mohammed Korashy 23 Febbraio 2008
So Nice Colours . . But Why Girls? And if these are angels ,I'm not sure if angels are girls !!

Lisa Aug. 24 Febbraio 2008
Vlad , your artwork is Awesome!! thanks so much for sharing it with us. I love all of them!

Sebastian 24 Febbraio 2008
Where in god's name do you get your inspiration? please tell me! how can you be capable to get theese images in your head?

Bibaniu 26 Febbraio 2008
It was my birthday yesterday and I dreamed about fairies. This wallpaper is so beautiful. It reminds me my childhood. Thanks for making this one :)

Daisy 28 Febbraio 2008

gnehe 28 Febbraio 2008
yeah you are right!!!!!!!!! i love rainbows and so do u! bye

Snow 2 Marzo 2008
Thank you....I only use your desktops!

Marucha 4 Marzo 2008
hola Vlad, me encantan las hadas, sige haciendo esos dibujos, eres el mejor

PERIKLIS 10 Marzo 2008
THANKS A LOT..............

ANSH 13 Marzo 2008

gloria 18 Marzo 2008

nagendra_webdesigner 20 Marzo 2008
good site

mondandaeg 23 Marzo 2008
Me encanta, siempre admirare el trabajo y creatividad que hay en los diseños... Soy una mas de tus fans por el impresionante trabajo...

Dhawal Vaghela 24 Marzo 2008
Vlad, my man, you should be working for Pixar or something !! And Mohammed, these are fairies not angels.

grace 31 Marzo 2008
nice~! i love your wallpapers~! refreshing~

Kamalasekaran 1 Aprile 2008
Nice work. The most important, the way you have explained the steps is superb.

tatz 15 Aprile 2008
very sweet!

Ñandu 3 Maggio 2008
Amazing art!

Bette 5 Maggio 2008
¡A mi me encanta tambien! Sus obras siempre son fantasticas, pero este es particularmente bonita. ¡Muy bien! And I love how just like in the other one, the one blue fairy is not working.

sydnie 19 Maggio 2008
This one is fabulous - this style of yours is my favourite! Great background. Such cute fairies! I love the bright rainbows.

sydnie 26 Maggio 2008
i love fairies!!!! This one is fabulous

none 31 Luglio 2008
it's lovely great job Vlad (Y)

Mari (Brasil) 1 Settembre 2008
Muitooo lindo (very beaultiful)!!!

Erica 15 Ottobre 2008
Awesome dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

qubra 9 Novembre 2008
very sweet :) ;)

12 Giugno 2009

7 Settembre 2009
its good

Jason 3 Dicembre 2009
You should know that your wallpaper is being used on the engadget site, I presume without your knowledge or consent!! http://www.engadget.com/2009/12/02/nokia-promises-to-take-symbian-user-interface-to-a-new-level-i/2#comments

paige 19 Gennaio 2010
so pretty

nealee 24 Gennaio 2010
its so cool i love it

Ivan 13 Marzo 2010

13 Agosto 2010
beautiful! ....................

30 Agosto 2010
so naic

Aparna 14 Novembre 2010
Really cute

Some Chick on your website that you don\'t know 9 Gennaio 2011
Coolieo Dude Great Work Your pretty amazi'n

Lauren peralta 1 Luglio 2012
its prettyy

aptis elif denisa(Romania)0 22 Marzo 2014
Nu stiu ce sa zic...........Adica, zane care fac un curcubeu? Nu este firesc!!!!!!!!!!!

Divya 15 Febbraio 2008
What a wonderful wallpaper.Simply Superb. T.C

Dusty Wolf 15 Febbraio 2008
That is soooo pretty Vlad, thanks!

Gokben (Turkiye) 15 Febbraio 2008
Mukemmellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, muhtesemmmmmmmmmm, coooooooook guzelllllllllllllllll...:):):)

Marco (Italy) 15 Febbraio 2008
Unbelievable! Incredibile! :-D Thank you for your art.

ionuca 15 Febbraio 2008
I've had the same wallpaper for about 2 years now, but I'm changing it right now. Yours is adorable :X

Jean 15 Febbraio 2008
Hm... I think they're making the rainbow, not splitting up... Anyway, beautiful as always!

Lucia 15 Febbraio 2008
this remember me the song over the rainbow so sweet !!!

Laurie 16 Febbraio 2008
Hey Vlad - awesome....how long does it take you to do one of these on average ??

Lish 16 Febbraio 2008
I love it!!

Almir 16 Febbraio 2008
Ahhhh... aren´t they supposed to be seven fairies for seven colours? Anyway, very cute, my wife loved it!

Rebecca 16 Febbraio 2008
Great background. Such cute fairies! I love the bright rainbows.

lisa 16 Febbraio 2008
I think you can take color liberties and leave out indigo. I like it just as it is. One more color may be too much.

ncLa (turkey) 16 Febbraio 2008
so creative... maybe we find treasure in the end of rainbow :))

nicola 16 Febbraio 2008
very best

nuno 17 Febbraio 2008

Krysthopher 17 Febbraio 2008
Taría bueno uno al estilo "In Rainbows" de Radiohead.... :) jajaja

Moo 17 Febbraio 2008
This one is fabulous - this style of yours is my favourite! I love the faeries!

Belén junquera 17 Febbraio 2008
I love your work but this is simply great!!

Life Seeker 17 Febbraio 2008

Marija 18 Febbraio 2008
Wow ,Vlad it's very beautifulll

Stefano 18 Febbraio 2008
The Best.

Leti 18 Febbraio 2008
so cute!

Yuanyuan 18 Febbraio 2008
amazing texture ! thank u so much !

Kohinoor Basu 19 Febbraio 2008
bueaty in simplicity.

Ladyjade7013 19 Febbraio 2008
I am really a fan of your creations. They are so clever with a touch of warmness at the same time.

Ruby 20 Febbraio 2008
This is stunning. Makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Xin Yu Yao 20 Febbraio 2008
wow.... this one is incrediblely CUTE!! making me feel like spring is coming, so sweet~~

galahaad 20 Febbraio 2008
good idea + graphic = vlad continue to enjoy us, thx

Vlad Gerasimov 21 Febbraio 2008
I fixed my mistake and rainbows now have 7 colors!

Ioanna Lianeri 21 Febbraio 2008
It was never a mistake, just a different perception... Love it!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BlueRocky 21 Febbraio 2008

FuzzyMuffin 22 Febbraio 2008
Gorgeous work as always Vlad :) I was wondering, what kind of effects do you use on solid color lines like those rainbow stripes? just shadow drop, outer glow and stroke? and how do u get that texture? for the solid stripes? if you don't mind me asking.. :P

Haidee PH 23 Febbraio 2008
i'm a long time fan. this is really cute.. keep it up!

Jessica 23 Febbraio 2008
I love this wallpaper!! I love to read fiction, and it reminds me of a that sort of a book. Love it!!

Bel 25 Febbraio 2008
Realmente es un trabajo hermoso!!

Bruce Wilson 25 Febbraio 2008
How about one without the fairies?

dfgdfg 27 Febbraio 2008

Natasa 27 Febbraio 2008
Your work makes me smiling! I can't help my self, I keep smiling and smiling because of yours art! Thanks Vlad!

spooky_kz 28 Febbraio 2008
wooooow!!! how did you do it!!!

Honza 2 Marzo 2008
Great! I have never see better wallpaper like this. Thank you for your work. This is absolutely unbelievable. You have my respect! Have a good time.

Arianna - Italy 5 Marzo 2008
Thanks a lot. You always make a great work...but I really LOVE this one: rainbows are such a fairy thing... Un bacio dall'Italia (A kiss from Italy).

Julika 14 Marzo 2008
LOVE it!

tnbsingh 17 Marzo 2008
this is great

Dew 20 Marzo 2008
This is an unparalleled creation, vlad. your wallpapers are simply adorable, no less than the very best of all. keep up the good work.

Leandro 24 Marzo 2008
Amazing artwork!! Thanks for letting us enjoy them.

TLHP 28 Marzo 2008
the idea, is so creative Thanks VLAD for ths wallpaper :x

Banny 30 Marzo 2008
I love these little fairies..they are perfect!

angelkom 1 Aprile 2008
namaste!! yeh toh bahut hi cute hain maine ise pasand kiya bahut hi sundar ..... language in hindi....

May 7 Aprile 2008
I love this wallpaper, which has adorned my desktop for quite some time. You're also talented for coming up with a rainbow creation concept.

Linh 27 Aprile 2008
Thanks! Good

Joshua Hammontree 4 Maggio 2008
THIS wallpaper is why I just bought a lifetime registration. Well, this one and all the other great WPs here, but this is the one that brought me here from MacThemes to begin with. Kudos, great work!!!

Mauro Novali 16 Maggio 2008
Fantastic!!! I love it!

lola 25 Maggio 2008
this is SO cool i really like this one anyways iv'e had this same wallpaper for 12 months cuz my dad gave it to me when he got cancer and now he is ok but this picture helps alot it reminds me of my dad.:) +(:lola:)+ p.s. vlad. are you christian?

emmm 13 Settembre 2008
sooooo prettyy! :)

Lesabre` 10 Ottobre 2008
its gorgeous and i love it. its pretty.

Carmen 12 Novembre 2008
Very Very Coot !! is Indcreible

Marakins 22 Gennaio 2009
Absoluty love this wallpaper!! Its so beautiful and the girls are so pretty... love the colours and great idea!! Xoxx

14 Novembre 2009
하하하 진짜 죠탸~

Vlad Gerasimov 3 Dicembre 2009
Jason: thanks, I already contacted them.

monica 17 Gennaio 2010
love it! awesome job!

Ragen 20 Gennaio 2010
I would love to have a print out of this for my daughters wall, but live in Sweden so can't just buy from your website. Wish there was a way to print the ile myself, I just love it :)

khalil 30 Marzo 2010
very good

ADELE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19 Agosto 2010
l'ho messo sullo sfondo, ciao

3 Ottobre 2010
so nice

Subha 9 Dicembre 2010
choooooooooo chweeeeeeeeeeetttttt..........

NANDKISHOR 21 Marzo 2011
U R THE BEST..................

Areg 13 Giugno 2013
I luv it , amazing

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