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Dragonologia 4

Dragonologia 4

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Commenti {53}

CatherinaBallerina molto tempo fa
HEE HEE, makes me feel warm and all fuzzy inside! Heart Heart Heart Heart!!!!!!!!!!!!

ต่าย molto tempo fa

rifat molto tempo fa
Your art are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kahi molto tempo fa
After a few pieces a comeback to classic Vlad-style - this one rules! Btw, I think there is a little buggy issue to report: as far as I remember the right sized picture (according to my desktop resolution) was displayed automatically... now on /wallpaper/?500/ I see 800x600 picture. But if it's a feature, then ok... :)

birol molto tempo fa
congratulations, hope to see your 5000th work....

Molekula molto tempo fa
typical for you vlad :)

Phillip molto tempo fa
I don't like it. The dragon looks corny and the girl might die from the it being corny.

marzi molto tempo fa
your namber is......10+10+10+10=20 20

Linda Lika molto tempo fa
Î÷åíü êðàñèâûå, æåëàþ âàì óñïåõîâ .

Hedieh molto tempo fa
I LOVE that !! so special....

Ahsan molto tempo fa
I am a new user of this page.But i have to say that opportunity given for download walpaper is just tremendous.

Lue molto tempo fa
Very nice.. great job. A small petition: Please offer widescreen wallpaper in low quality too - can't use them here on my 16:10 :o)

ricardjorg molto tempo fa
oh no, hope she doesn't get too close... he may be dangerous

george molto tempo fa
ps like the new site design

george molto tempo fa
500 wow congrats keep up the great work

Jan Blazicek molto tempo fa
Nice one eh...

MAP molto tempo fa
Much better... I've missed the little lady. I was wondering if she'd the the maiden the dragon captured.

Joel molto tempo fa
Did you see a ressemblance with Gremlins (the film) ?

Sebastian molto tempo fa
Really nice one Vlad. Congratz on WP no.500. Keep up the great work. Your number 1 when it comes to art.

Chris molto tempo fa
This is nice. Little lady is pretty sweet!

tusen molto tempo fa
Great! I especially love this style of your wallpapers. Congratulations on 500.

Karla molto tempo fa
Muy bonito !!! Me recuerda a un libro que lei cuando era niña !!!

Rizz 7 Aprile 2008
I love all ur work!! its so funky!

neda 27 Aprile 2008
very happppppppy

shr 16 Dicembre 2008
inanılmaz güzel..içim içime sığmadı bu siteyi bulduğumda..bravoo emeği geçen herkese..bu resimde çok şirin.. :)

Grace 4 Maggio 2009
This one's really cute. It made made me smile. Thank you for that!

navee... 16 Ottobre 2009
Very...........Beautiful Designs

lyu xin molto tempo fa
I like your style, but this dragons ... weird ...

Lei molto tempo fa
nice,i like this fashion. i am from Shanghai and dragon is a symbol in China,excellent work!

Ampit molto tempo fa
This is one of my favourites. Very nice job. Thanks for all the happines you give us.

martin molto tempo fa
when i saw it i remembered old video game called Mario... what a beatiful game :) the goal in each level was to get in the castle, defeat the dragon and then mario went to princess castle ... and got a message "sorry mario, but your princess is in another castle". but at the end i finally catch her. ;)

Moo molto tempo fa
It'd say it's a friendly dragon... Love it! (and congrats for the #500! I've been a fan since around your #250 :))

lynne molto tempo fa
i fell in love with your work.

Rasool molto tempo fa
so beautiful

4ree molto tempo fa
cool and cute!!

daro molto tempo fa

Foad molto tempo fa
Hot Dream.....,Don't u wanna be there ??

amirjoon molto tempo fa
Your art are the very BEST!

Johannes de Jong molto tempo fa
Congrats on # 500

carol_in_a molto tempo fa
I've been visiting this page for some time and I just have to say something finally: absolutely adorable! this style of your work is soooo romantic and so special, always something different and close to my heart :) P.S.: I like the castle

Unicorn molto tempo fa
The giraffe slug devil with wings outgrew his little castle.

Paulina molto tempo fa
Amazing and very interesting concept.

Amir molto tempo fa
It's really amazing, Your art is number 1.

Mohammed Korashy molto tempo fa
I Do Like Your Art, But I Don't Like Dragons.

Ell molto tempo fa
I enjoy orange and dragons This one is yhe best of last four wallpapers, IMHO Thank you!

Carole molto tempo fa
I Just Love It.......Some More Black Ones Please???

Cynthia molto tempo fa
WOW! really amazing. I love this one too!!! I was missing this little lady. You're a great artist and on top of that you're a wonderful person for sharing your beautiful work with all of us. You're a true inspiration. Thanks heaps.

chris molto tempo fa
It looks a bit like pete`s dragon, i think it was a kids film from the 70`s

Tatjana molto tempo fa
Beautiful.....and delicate. Greetings from Slovenia !

LG molto tempo fa
I love this one... I don't really think that the dragon will eat the little girl. Reminds me a bit of "The BFG", a book by Roald Dahl...

AvooY 4 Luglio 2008
so beautiful cool and cute!!

tsarmina 18 Gennaio 2009
WOW vlad. i am... totally amazed. of all your dragonologies, this one is by far the best. LOVE THAT STYLE OF ANIMATION! Keep on truckin', vlad

Bam Bam 7 Settembre 2009
wow big ...HUGE the dragon needs to put of a few pounds

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