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Il Cavallo

Il Cavallo

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Commenti {25}

Jessica Schneider molto tempo fa
Love it :D I love how her hair is blowing :) And I love the Horses' coat (Patterns) :D

BOK molto tempo fa

Deena molto tempo fa
I like them so many much!!!!!!!

A molto tempo fa
wonderful clouds...wonderful horse design! =)))

Lauren molto tempo fa
I love this one. :)

Cynthia molto tempo fa
Awesome! I like the way you represented the clouds. I also checked on the Thimorovy Fund website and it's a wonderful work helping disabled children. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

Ampit molto tempo fa
Beutiful and the former onefor the Thimorovy Fund also very nice, and a very nice job they do also.

Bennish molto tempo fa
Lovely - makes me think of Don Quixote somehow. Are you likely to put up a phone size of 480x640, for VGA Windows Mobile devices? thanks

Emily molto tempo fa
I love how you did the clouds! Lovely!!!

mkorashy molto tempo fa
Great !

Mohammed Korashy molto tempo fa
Helping disabled children with horseback riding With These Beautiful Wallpapers, Is Such A great Work, That's So Nice. And By The Way, Is This Horse Is Different From Don Quijote's Horse?, Because I Think The Other One Was A Limousine!

Avril 10 Ottobre 2011
uííí uííí krása :D

uwo molto tempo fa
what does Le Cheval means in English?

kiswa molto tempo fa
uwo - Le Cheval means "The Horse" in English.

Matilda molto tempo fa
Is it a horse or a giraffe?

mazdak molto tempo fa
Great.:) www.mazdakizadyar.com

molto tempo fa
and her face expression...esp. her eyes ....seems to me that she is being tender with the horse...looking at the horse with gentle considerate eyes

Ludmila molto tempo fa
Standing or riding?

darthvinyll molto tempo fa
nice :-) looks like the rider's face seems to be sad or distressed... i think that the dots representing the eyes are too close to the circle of the outline of the head, resulting in this visual impression

Ribbot molto tempo fa
Is that a horse or a giraffe....or both?

darthvinyll molto tempo fa
also, the high quality versions of this wallpaper seem a lot darker than the preview or even the low quality ones. i'm using firefox, is anyone else getting this?

Justin Murray molto tempo fa
love this wallpaper. the way you represented the clouds is amazing. i cant wait to use this wallpaper when autumn (in the U.S.) comes around. great great work

none 11 Gennaio 2008
it's great. good gob vlad.

tom 22 Aprile 2008
great wally

Joasia 30 Agosto 2008
Sweet ;)

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