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Ponti: Millau Viaduct, Francia

Ponti: Millau Viaduct, Francia

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Commenti {5}

dims 22 Giugno 2010
I adore that bridge, thanx for the wallpaper Vlad! The aqueduct is also very cool. great choice

Katie 23 Giugno 2010
would love to see a tutorial. would it be possible?

zeynep 4 Febbraio 2011

Ray 23 Giugno 2010
Overall it's nice, but Vlad I am soooooo looking forward to seeing something bright and colourful for the summer. Something with yellow and red or green, anything, especially a small scene with funny looking characters! Something that feels like 'outside' on a sunny day with lots and lots of smiles and colours :) Would you take up the challenge? :))

H.E 30 Novembre 2013
I know your designs since years and wanna thank you for the great wallpapers !!!

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