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Commenti 12

Mohamed Tantawi · molto tempo fa
Perfect wallpaper! Using it now, thank you :-)

Shoukeir · molto tempo fa
Great work (Y) (I really like the simple wallpapers), but I don't like the blue colour... Could you make this wallpaper in olive green?

Kay · molto tempo fa
This is so soothing, so peaceful. :-) Thank you so much.:-D "Happy New Year"! ;-)

:-) · molto tempo fa
to steffer & Shoukeir: Actually if you have a program called Irfanview(it's freeware) you can open it in that(I actually use Irfanview to view most all picture files) and go to Image>Swap Colors and change the colors to something different. I changed this from Aquaware to Emeraldware by swapping the colors from RGB to RBG with Irfanview.

renn · 12 Novembre 2010
I'll call you "GREAT MASTER" !!! It's amazing! Your coloring is great!!

Jaideep · molto tempo fa
Uh-mmmmmmazing (L)

steffer · molto tempo fa
Love it! Any chance we might get the same paper in other colors? :-) Merry Christmas!

ㄹㄹ · molto tempo fa

sumit joshi · molto tempo fa
so nice digital experience

sonic · molto tempo fa
hehehe. Vlad, this wallpaper takes an amazing effect. u tried to spoil it with noise, but noise made it even better ))).

xoturk · molto tempo fa
like this one! Pure Dahi

SEO · 29 Gennaio 2010
thx......share http://www.linkagepro.com

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