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Tutto ciò che ti serve è amore

Tutto ciò che ti serve è amore

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Commenti {70}

\(^_^)/ molto tempo fa
kewel kudos 2 ur anniversary! \(^o^)/

carolina d'vetteau molto tempo fa
hermoso trabajo....

yjm molto tempo fa

ahmet cemil çakmut molto tempo fa
You r the king Vlad!

Venby molto tempo fa
Very very good :)

D molto tempo fa
Very very very beautiful this remaind me of my love, once he told me ...I kiss you in the sky .It is so full of love ,so sweet ...

hieunc82 molto tempo fa
thanks nice

nae-nae molto tempo fa
i loooooooove ittttttttttt.

molto tempo fa

Good Speeder molto tempo fa
I like it, good job!

Oddbjørn Sjøgren molto tempo fa
I love the idea. I hope you publish a better version of this someday, it's not quite up to your fantastic standard.

夏鼎(China) molto tempo fa
simple and connotative...........

linh molto tempo fa
awwwwwwww, how sweet.

Life Seeker molto tempo fa
'All you need is love' is a Beatles' song. I hope you create a desktop wallpaper for Pink Floyd's song 'Wish You Were Here.'

Jack Langworthy molto tempo fa
I like it. I won't use it very often, but my wife will think it's sweet. I'll put it on her desktop & it will keep me in her good graces for at least one more day! ;)

LucasDT molto tempo fa
You know I love your work... but you failed this time. This looks like something I'd have made... not up to your standard... sorry, but that's my opininon :(

Ashwin molto tempo fa
Happy anniversary. I know your wife will love this.

poone molto tempo fa
great & lovely & charming , thx my vlad ;-*

feng shaun molto tempo fa
how lovely!

Me molto tempo fa
Maybe try blurring the rest of the clouds or brightening the part you drew in. Just my thoughts. I love the idea, though. Keep working on it, please! I know the final product will be amazing! :)

Pumpkin molto tempo fa
I second the "Wish You Were Here Idea." And I love this picture a lot...

Moo molto tempo fa
Love is blind to imperfections. :)

Jaideep molto tempo fa
Sky is the limit for unbound love...

peter molto tempo fa
lovely .....

Justin molto tempo fa
Vlad, Id love for you to actually re-do this. It seems as though you may not be totally happy with the end product either. A finished & polished version of this would be very welcomed.

Hannah 19 Febbraio 2008
Very nice, Vlad, but it's kind of smudged. If the figures looked more like the other clouds it would be better.

laxmasmn 29 Febbraio 2008
you are very gooood

lulù 8 Maggio 2008
i like it

zlato 31 Maggio 2008

garoel 14 Agosto 2008

Mari 27 Febbraio 2009

Ali 2 Maggio 2009
great dude! ur art is truly inspiring...

Neuselly 30 Aprile 2010

mooky 26 Ottobre 2011
It'll make me happy ! thank you!

andreido 5 Novembre 2012
Very romantic :)

fateme 8 Agosto 2013
خیلی خیلی خوب!excellent:]

fateme 8 Agosto 2013
خیلی خیلی خوب!excellent:]

Ela molto tempo fa
best feel

awey molto tempo fa
It's funny.^^

Biag molto tempo fa
it's been a while since I've seen this kind of cloud formation.

Amanat molto tempo fa
Good work man!

Pooya molto tempo fa
absolutely cool . . .

ASAL molto tempo fa
Oh!how did you find the piture of him &me?

asoji molto tempo fa

widhy from INDONESIA... molto tempo fa
beeeehhh,,,keren bangsat bro!!! baner2 hasil kerja yg bagus....congratulation!!!

kalu molto tempo fa
Very nice!! congrats!!! is beatiful!!

joaquin molto tempo fa
excelentes diseños, me encanta ver creatividad al extremo

bec molto tempo fa
young love!!!!

George molto tempo fa
Sooooooooooooooooo cute

euro molto tempo fa

.coder molto tempo fa
My congratulations! Ñ÷àñòüÿ è áëàãîïîëó÷èÿ Âàì è Âàøåé ñåìüå!

Life Seeker molto tempo fa

Fredo molto tempo fa
I actually love it, one of my favorites even. Nice job :)

Vlad Gerasimov molto tempo fa
Thanks for comments - unfortunately I did not have much time today to work on this picture! (preparing for celebration...) This was a quick sketch actually.. I promise not to publish quick sketches any more :-)

Justin molto tempo fa
congrats but this looks cheap, and very beginnier-ish. i understand what you were aiming for, but the end result came out bad, sorry vlad,

Zampa molto tempo fa
Happy wedding anniversary!!!

topegui molto tempo fa
congratulations, it is very nice, but... i think you could do much better, on the lightning .

steffer molto tempo fa
Happy Anniversary! Would love to see this with just plain/real clouds... very pretty!

Melissa molto tempo fa
I think It is very cute

ass molto tempo fa
this is awful

Emma molto tempo fa
I love this, the raw sketch feel is the perfect compliment to the clouds. They feel real to me, as if I was laying, watching them pass right in my back yard

karla molto tempo fa
Me encanta, exelente trabajo... despierta la imaginacion cada uno de estos wallpapers, e invocan la inocencia. Gracias

mia molto tempo fa
happy anniversary, too. a "quick sketch", hm? i love it!

Seabass 13 Febbraio 2008
Happy vday. xoxo T

Aldrine 9 Marzo 2008
SO cute! i like it!

Anne 19 Aprile 2008
cool, it looks so real! like it!

Ninjaki 1 Agosto 2008
Very nasss!!! :)

sh 27 Gennaio 2009
u have creative mind.congrajulation!

6 Aprile 2009
ale badziewie

Shian L.E. Buultjens 3 Febbraio 2010
I think this is my first comment on this site. But I've been coming here for while. Sadly Im not one of your more favorite viewers cause im one of those freeloaders loll...but come the time I get my own bank account I'll defintely be registering. Anyways, great work. Love your take on things. Your art's got this cool vibe bouncing off it & its nothing cliched like you see on other sites like deviantart etc...which is probably why i like it so much. Its fresh & clean?! K rapping this up, hope you continue to do this for a while cause I'm lovin it. This pic has a lot of meaning to me too...tc.. Much Respect. http://shian2.spaces.live.com/

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