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Alice, il Suo Drago e L'Albero di Natale

Alice, il Suo Drago e L'Albero di Natale

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Commenti {21}

Kelcey 16 Dicembre 2011
I am absolutely loving these Alice and her Dragon wallpapers, they're so wonderfully whimsical. Merry Christmas Vlad:)

shaby 17 Dicembre 2011
cute as always!

Cheri Crockett 18 Dicembre 2011
Love all of your work. Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy, productive New Year!

Terzle 19 Dicembre 2011
I love the whimsical feel of this - thank you for sharing such wonderful work with us :)

Jose M C 19 Dicembre 2011
Hola, tras un par de años siguiendo tu trabajo de forma gratuita, me acabo de registrar. Fantastico trabajo. Feliz navidad y prospero año nuevo a todos (Merry Christmas a Happy New Year)

Justin Murray 20 Dicembre 2011
very very VERY disappointed with the lack of christmas wallpapers this year. :(

Deborah D 22 Dicembre 2011
Love this one. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! :)

8 Gennaio 2012

21 Gennaio 2012
what do i most say????

Marianne 13 Dicembre 2012
I just love Alice! And all your beautiful works of art!

keith Stone 14 Dicembre 2015
Christ-mas goes by so fast. Hopefully he is born in all our loved ones hearts this season. Jesus is the beautiful lights of the world. Be one of those lights. I love the art here. Just incredible and fun.

Anar Quliyev(from Azerbaijan) 16 Dicembre 2011

Heidi 16 Dicembre 2011
Just as adorable as the previous one. Beautiful colours, charming characters, a simple but enchanting style - perfect :)

Julie 18 Dicembre 2011
With this wallpaper - Christmas can´t surprise me. It is really beautiful like all your works... Merry Christmas a Happy New Year

Vida Hernaus 19 Dicembre 2011
Adorable :)

Lya 20 Dicembre 2011
всегда с нетерпением жду Ваших новогодних творений)

Mads 20 Dicembre 2011
How do you make that cloudy effect on the background?

Tusnelda 22 Dicembre 2011

Jennifer Loforese 23 Dicembre 2011
Bottom and upper left (facing screen) corners might have a couple of extra brush "circles" that didn't blend :) At first I was hoping it was an easter egg, hidden in the picture for me to locate, and perhaps win, an ornate and glorious prize! My prize, of course, is the talent you continue to gift us with. Lifetime membership for years now, and my admiration for your talent and whimsy continues to grow :)

John Doe 6 Febbraio 2013
Thank you very much!

Nidhin Sathyan 18 Agosto 2016
Simple and elegant one

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