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Aria di Astrazione 10

Aria di Astrazione 10

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Commenti {35}

CeleronDude molto tempo fa
Very elegant. Just found my new wallpaper!! :-D

Bubblegum molto tempo fa
the stuff in this site is of a very high artistic standard.. very pleasing to the eye.. good work.. I really like it.. not just this one but 90% of the rest.. Very very good

K molto tempo fa
really defines me. thanx man!

Suresh Khaire molto tempo fa
I liked all the shots very much. Excellent work indeed. Regards,

Princess molto tempo fa
You Rock!!!! (Y)

Craig molto tempo fa
Brilliant, I love the Blue, Keep Up The Good Work!(Y)

Badal molto tempo fa
very nice..just how do u do all this?

sweet angelface molto tempo fa
wow!!!!!! this is so amazing, im really loving this it shows the beauty of BLUE

wayhong molto tempo fa
It is very match with my icon theme!!! I love'in it...!!!(L)

|unknown| molto tempo fa
unreal. thanks man ;-)

Supra molto tempo fa
very nice. i love the cool soothing blue color on my desktop. thnx!

Neal molto tempo fa
I really like the blue present in such varying shades. I love blue. Excellent once again

Snéhà molto tempo fa
Fine work! I love the dark streaks which give it a satin-ray of light kinda feel!

storm_walker molto tempo fa

Threeksthefreak molto tempo fa
Im going to repat ks...Smoke...wow...How o you make these?(Y)

Vlad Gerasimov molto tempo fa
All my wallpapers can be downloaded for free. Pay only if you want PNGs or want to show your support :)

Gopi molto tempo fa
Its simply amazing.I like it .I would like to appreciate the artist.

Blue Electrica molto tempo fa
Kind of like Blue Electrica!! Like electrics and its blue!!! COol! ;-) I wish i can make a background like that!!!!! :-( but i am happy to find this!!!! :-)

masha molto tempo fa
one of the best wallpaper i ever saw(Y) :-)

Charlyk-Marlyk molto tempo fa

Jovaria molto tempo fa
not so impresive.

Chris molto tempo fa
I love your work....always LQQKing to see what's new....

Armando molto tempo fa
realy realy nice!!! (Y)

zephb molto tempo fa
all of your wallpapers make me drool!

Scrilla molto tempo fa
Is that an image of a person to the left of the center swirl?

Duygu & Cengiz molto tempo fa
How that can be paint? Imposible was painted. Really Good. (L)

Nightflower molto tempo fa
That is so cool!!! How did you do it???? Plz tell a rookie artist?? ;-) Anyway, I love it. UR AMAZING!! *^_^* :-D

jeopardee molto tempo fa
True Tribute to Blue, my favorite colour (L)

Neal molto tempo fa
I really like the blue present in such varying shades. I love blue. Excellent once again

omeega molto tempo fa
Very very nice. I love it :-)

ARAGORN molto tempo fa

KPT n molto tempo fa
of pic. (Y)

Jury molto tempo fa
Reall, really, really cool !

pissed molto tempo fa
You shoulndt pay for the wallpapers it should be free

rrrr molto tempo fa

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