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18 Febbraio 2014

If you've visited my website before, you might have noticed I have not updated it for a while. I have been receiving emails saying "Where are new wallpapers?", "We miss you!" - and I truly appreciate them. Silence is proved means of defence for me. However, allow me to write a little bit, just in case you're interested.

Some time ago, I used to combine doing outsource design and development with drawing wallpapers. It worked well, sometimes challenging, but manageable. I had steady flow of jobs, and enough time to draw a wallpaper every week or two.

Then, three things happened.

First, my little Alice was born. Yeah I know it was three years ago :-) But I only felt I was able to re-structure myself about a year ago. A kid is definitely the greatest gift, and I heard there are young parents who are able to keep on the pace of their work - I was not one of them. The "project guilt" was accumulating.


Second, seemed like everyone who wanted to purchase Vladstudio account have done so :-) The decline in sales is evidently also due to lack of updates, promotion and generally efforts I was (not) able to spend to keep my website hot.

Third, I found myself involved into several really great projects, started by awesome people, and backed by great ideas, but they took all my time and did not return any money. It could not last long, unfortunately.


So after the most stressful summer of 2013 (filled with personal stuff), I simply said "No" to everything. I burned all bridges. I was squeesed and sat silently, unsure what to do. One thing I know for sure - enough of "startup", "freelance", "independent".

Suddenly, my friend, working for large US company, recommended me to her boss, looking for graphic designer. I joined them immediately, thinking that the timing could not be more perfect, and it must be more than just coincidence. So this is where I am now - still living in Irkutsk, working remotely, but having only one boss (and she's the best boss ever, that's for sure!), one project, and most importantly - stability. Oh stability, I missed you so much these years!


But where are new wallpapers!? - I hear you asking. I'm afraid they're still in my head. It's either work or family (or winter flu) right now. Just need some more time.

Thanks for reading! And once again, I have been most lucky to get the audience like this. Your warm emails support me enormously.

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Goulagman · 18 Febbraio 2014
Hey Vlad, Glad to hear your life is going on well :). I have bought a lifetime suscription to your website and obviously I wasn't expecting that you would keep the same production rate all your life! That's fine for me, I have one of your wallpapers on all my desktops and I think my suscription is worth every dollar. Good luck man, I'll be glad to have a wallpaper from time to time but don't bother. Take care of your family, that's the most important. Best, Alexandre.

Maria · 18 Febbraio 2014
Vlad, each peace of your art is just enjoyable. Take your time. I can wait. :-) I simply loved your message. Maria

Yaniv · 18 Febbraio 2014
Hey Vlad. It’s great you found your new path. I love your wallpapers and as others said - we already have plenty, thanks. Enjoy your family, new work and life :)

Debbie · 18 Febbraio 2014
Although we miss you am very happy for you :)

Cheryll · 18 Febbraio 2014
Glad to hear you're sorting life out. It happens :) We, your followers, will always wait for your return :)

ZubaZ · 19 Febbraio 2014
It appears you have made good choices. I am glad things are better, I have loved your work for years (both the wallpapers and DesktopX). I hope the best for you.

Michael · 19 Febbraio 2014
Been a lifetime subscriber for many years now. Worth every penny then, worth every penny now. All the best Vlad.

Sotirios · 19 Febbraio 2014
Hope for the best, Vlad! We miss you and can't wait for your new wallpaper! Maybe something that represents overcoming life's difficulties?

steven taylor · 19 Febbraio 2014
you do what you have to do, we'll (miss you) wait. enjoy your family! :)

Lock · 19 Febbraio 2014
What other said. :) I've a lifetime subscription as well, and it's one of the best gift I've made to myself. All my desktops (well, only one monitor but, thanks to OS X, I can have more virtual screens) have one of your draws and this brightens my days every day. Won't stop thanking you for this. :) Take your time, life is hard sometimes (I'm in one of those moments right now) but an artist can't work watching clock. Do what you feel, share your time with your important ones. This will surely give you more ideas for great wallpapers in future. We're still here, when the time will come. Have a nice day, Lock :)

Betsey Butler · 20 Febbraio 2014
patiently waiting my friend.....but email me or something....worry about you!!!

Kelli · 20 Febbraio 2014
Goodluck in all that you are doing, just waiting for some new wall's. Hope to see some soon :)

Scott Ross · 20 Febbraio 2014
Hi Vlad - thanks for the update - glad you are well and totally appreciate your thoughts on the difficulty of remaining productive as a freelancer while providing for a new family! You obviously established a world-wide audience that appreciates you and wouldn't have found you but for your efforts. That's worth a lot. Hope to work together again someday -

frances · 20 Febbraio 2014
thank you for the update. i'll wait patiently and hope that life leads you back to drawing some new stuff soon. so glad you have found the stability you were looking for. good luck!

Monica Almeida · 21 Febbraio 2014
Hey, Vlad ! Good to know you're okay and that everything is going well with you and mainly, with your family ! Yes, if someone love a work like yours, this person can wait, just to see what a wonderful wallpaper will emerge, so colourful and full of life ! Yes, we can wait for you ! ;) Good lucky with your new way of life and hope to see you soon ! Be happy !!!!

Prince · 23 Febbraio 2014
Vlad, ur work is 'creativity at its best' .

Mary G Drown · 24 Febbraio 2014
Congratulations! Enjoy your good fortune with this job and most of all with your family. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Mark · 28 Febbraio 2014
I've been one of Vlad's happiest customers (paying..) years ago, and it was absolutely awesome working with him. Unfortunately could not provide stability he's enjoying so much right now. But, never say never! I'm still hopeful! Vlad, really happy for you. Still, if you have a bit of time put something new, we miss it.

Julián · 2 Marzo 2014
Glad to hear you're ok, keep up the good work Vlad!

Born Genious · 2 Marzo 2014

Manu · 4 Marzo 2014
Thanks for the graphic pleasure ! I connected today to find any new wallpapers but I've found better ! The joy to share the most respectful decision one man can do, family and stability while not surrendering creation. And if we still use wallpapers in 20 years I'd be glad to hear from you, Alice will have met Bob !!

Andrew Wardlaw · 5 Marzo 2014
Glad to hear stability has returned, but sorry that the startups did not work out. Always looking forward to new wallpapers but completely understand "Life and Family comes first". I'll wait happily whilst your wallpapers rotate around my 5 monitors!

Jehzeel Laurente · 7 Marzo 2014
Glad you're still alive. :D Looking forward for your new wallpapers. You're fans are still here, loving you always. :) - Jehz from the Philippines

Jehzeel Laurente · 7 Marzo 2014
Ooops. My mistake. I mean your, not you're. Your fans are still here. :)

Melissa M · 9 Marzo 2014
I'm glad that you've been able to find some peace in your life! I love your wallpapers so much that I'm still joining...even if you don't add any new ones for a while there will still be plenty for me to enjoy! Take care and Breathe!

Joan · 11 Marzo 2014
Hello Vlad, so glad to hear you are back on your track of life. Enjoy, have fun and most of all: all of that together with your family. I like your work very much regardless of the lack of updating. Best wishes for you and your family.

ilona · 14 Marzo 2014
Oh, by the way, I remember the little wallpaper you made when Alice was born! And now, she rides the dragon (daddy!.....the eyeglasses gave it away!) Too cute! And one more side point: i noticed all your past wallpapers are not on the site (glad I saved them to MY computer) Was looking for one from the past to download to phone, but not seeing......so will use one I saved.......(Je T'aime) ..........And Vlad, when ya think about it, there's really only some much of one person to go around: you can't possibly care for everything, something had to give; stay focused and make wallpapers when you want; we'll all be here.......

Judi · 21 Marzo 2014
Hi Vlad - Your site is the best. I'm so glad to hear you life is getting better and better - That's the way it supposed to happen! You are much too talented for anything else. Of course we miss your wallpapers, but you've left us so many to go back and revisit. I don't think I'll ever get bored!

Laurie Dalton · 24 Marzo 2014
I, too, am a lifetime subscriber, and the Siberian Wood Houses alone are worth every penny! When you have the creative energy/desire to make more beautiful wallpapers, we will certainly enjoy them, but I'm glad you've been taking the time to enjoy being a father.

TrudySnider · 28 Marzo 2014
I will miss your work as an artist, but I have learned in my life family comes first. Everything else will fall onto place when the time is right.

KayLynn · 16 Maggio 2014
Your work is amazing and I share it with hundreds of elementary age children in Layton, Utah. I'm a technology specialist and I use your wallpapers when I create a new computer image for the computer labs. They look forward to new ones, and comment about their favorites. You have touched many lives for the better. Take care of your little one now. They don't stay little very long...Best wishes to you and your family.

Lesley Hatch · 15 Giugno 2014
what a lovely update! I too purchased the lifetime to pay for what I'd already received- I had downloaded so many I thought the price of the lifetime payment only fair. Thank you.

Myddna · 27 Giugno 2014
(the comment was truncated... ) As I was saying... Good Luck with work & have fun with your family. Take a deep breath. And maybe, come back *soon* and surprise us with a magical, beautifully done wallpaper. And, of course, it should be blue... ;)

Mike · 4 Luglio 2014
Dude, your works are timeless to me, I love each of them. I know what you've been through, I've been there myself. I wish you all the best ;)

Handholder · 23 Settembre 2014
try publish a wallpaper each year, keep us connected.

Luis · 25 Settembre 2014
Thanks for being a shining light all these years, Vlad :) Better times will come: enjoy life!

Suzanne Thurman · 6 Ottobre 2014
Hey, I too have bought a lifetime membership and I just read your blurb...I am really behind. Your graphics are amazing and so are you. Just wanted to reach out to you to say...Its OK, I will continue to check back and wish for some great things. God Bless and prayers your way. Keep a great and a happy attitude and don't forget the gratitude. Thank you for giving your talent to others. Hugs and Peace

alex Liko · 7 Ottobre 2014
Hope everything goes well with you! I am and will still constantly checking your website too. Your previous wallpapers were worth every penny for the life time subscription. Thanks and all the best!

Nasir Mahmud · 1 Novembre 2014
Vlad ... you have touched the lives of myself and my children with your outstanding talent for some years now. It is indeed wonderful to know that you are doing well with your life and there is no doubt in our minds that you will continue to brighten countless lives on your way to unprecedented success. Despite the fact that we miss and certainly look forward to newer expressions of your talents; we are content with the qualitative graphics you have shared with us over the years ..... graphics that continue to brighten our lives every day .... no gift can be greater than that and we cannot thank you enough. Our love and prayers will remain with you and your loved ones ..... Nasir, Rubina, Mahroush, Mahaer & Mikhail

Micha Schellingerhout · 2 Dicembre 2014
Hi Vlad! Glad all worked out in the end, your wallpapers make me happy when looking at them and/or make me think. Thank you. Micha

João · 18 Dicembre 2014
Thank you for inspiring us with your beautiful designs. I for one totally understand and I hope that sometime in a not to distant future and even before you retire all those creative designs still on your head come out to see the light! They deserve it and we surely will see you as a greater graphic designer as we enjoy them.

hook · 26 Dicembre 2014
Dear Vlad, as someone working for an NGO (and volunteering in a few others), I can relate to your chaos vs. stability dilemma and wish you all the best! Belated congratulations on the child! I just wanted to let you know that buying that lifetime account at your website, was one of the best decisions that I made, as it gave me countless wallpapers and e-cards that I still use today. If there is one thing that I regret, is that at that time I didn’t have enough income to opt in for the yearly account and give you the money each year (I seriously considered it!). In any case, thank you for all your wonderful works so far, and I hope in time you will be able to go back to this as a hobby …I, for one, am patiently waiting and will be positively surprised if that happens ☺ P.S. I chose the cool smiley, because *you* are cool.

Faris · 21 Aprile 2015
Hey Vlad, I've been a member since 2006 I believe. I love your style, I check your blog monthly hoping to see new work, but I understand, freelancing is not always easy, congrats for your new born (belated) hopefully you'll get back into the groove of wallpapers, we miss you!!

Moni Janzen · 1 Maggio 2015
Hey Vlad, Thank you for sharing your story. I've read your story and I think it takes a lot of courage to make decicions that change your life completely. Success doesn't always mean to go the straight road. To me it means balance and happiness. I hope everything is still going well with your family and your job. Best wishes, Moni

Tracey Raine · 27 Giugno 2015
Hi Vlad, I understand your situation, I've was self employed for twenty years as a graphic designer, then I changed careers and became...an accountant! (still self employed - but much easier to get regular work!) I now do a little of both - tax accounting and graphics - it's not a bad mix. I hope you continue to enjoy your work and keep your stability, but most importantly never lose your wonderful imagination. Cheers - Tracey.

Deborah Devaney · 29 Settembre 2015
I am glad things are going well for you. I understand the need for stability. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful wallpapers with us. Possibly there will come a time when you feel you can add more. Until then, all the best to you and your family.

MARCELLINO P RUSCA · 30 Dicembre 2017
Thanks for Your all work. You are e great !

Maureen L Wilson · 28 Agosto
Thank you for sharing your gift.

Vlad Gerasimov · 18 Febbraio 2014
Goulagman - thank you!

Douglas Stewart · 18 Febbraio 2014
Hi Vlad, Aah, the difficulties of work/life balance - or should I say work/life/family/children/creativity balance !! Anyway, like others, I purchased a lifetime subscription based on your work which I love, not because I expected a ton of future material. Your work is superbly creative and much appreciated by many people. Take care of yourself & your family. Fear not, the creative juices and the opportunity for further output will no doubt return !! Regards, Douglas

Vlad Gerasimov · 18 Febbraio 2014
Douglas - thanks!

Sava D. · 18 Febbraio 2014
glad to hear everything's OK. that's all that matters, and i think we have enough of your great wallpapers for the moment to wait patiently for the new ones. also, inspiration doesn't usually come when asked, it just comes when it comes, so no use to rush it :) stability is great, especially when you have a kid. by the way, say hello to little Alice ! ;)

Bruno · 18 Febbraio 2014
Thanks for theses news. It's very difficult to have a full-time work (I'm a webmaster), a family (three teenagers at home) and a creative activity (SF novelist). Your wallpapers are universals, and they give me a little touch of Siberia. I leave in Provence (France).

Tom · 19 Febbraio 2014
Hi, Vlad. Thank you for your great work. I always enjoy using your wallpapers. Although I'm missing new creations, I understand your current position. Good luck. I'll be happy about new wallpapers whenever you'll have time to create them :)

Vlad Gerasimov · 19 Febbraio 2014
Thanks to all :)

Pavel Verba · 19 Febbraio 2014
Keep up the good work. :)

Pat · 19 Febbraio 2014
Longtime subscriber here - no problems on my end. I'm old enough to know that life is a series of periods, each with rewards and stresses. Love your family, watch out for others' claims on your time, and try to treat everyone fairly. Your work gives pleasure to thousands - not something many can say. Take care of yourself and be well.

Szekelya · 19 Febbraio 2014
Congratulations for reaching well deserved stability in your private and professional life, enjoy it!

eFi · 19 Febbraio 2014
I wish you all the best Vlad - you did it well! As a lifetime subscriber I've got tons of nice wallpapers from you. The subscription is worth every penny, I just will be even more happy if you will continue creating newer wallpapers sometime in the future.

Christine · 20 Febbraio 2014
You know Vlad I'm always so grateful to be able to go here and see and use a background, a card or just browse through them and look through old favorites. (Max) When I purchased my lifetime membership I also never expected you to keep up with the new backgrounds. Stuff happens, life gets in the way, it has a habit of doing so. Whenever I need an image to illustrate a blog posting I come here and give you credit of course. I will be forever grateful for that priviledge. So happy to hear your life is in calmer more stable waters. Wishing you and your little family lots of good health and more spare time in the future! -- Christine

Ronald Ottinger · 20 Febbraio 2014
I've also been a long-time subscriber, just like a lot of others. I still remember when I found your site, and was (and still am) in awe of your artistic talents. You've given a lot, and you have a lot more to give. For now, take the time to take care of yourself and your family. And congratulations on "stability"; there's a lot to be said for it!

Ryan · 20 Febbraio 2014
Yes, you all have Lifetime Subscriptions but that is why Vlad no longer has any income from his wallpaper gallery. If he had offered yearly subs perhaps he would still be able to make wallpapers rather than looking for commission work or a day job.

Geoff · 21 Febbraio 2014
Enjoy that stability and your family

Joy · 22 Febbraio 2014
I'm just happy that you're happy and things are stable for you and your family. Your existing art is enough for me and if there's more someday, it will be icing on an already delicious cake. Congratulations on the new job!

Rich Baranski · 25 Febbraio 2014
You take care of number 1.... you. We will all wait for any new items your mind can come up with. Stay safe... PS: You were really training for the Olympics weren't you?

Ben · 2 Marzo 2014
I purchased an account on here not too long ago to support the wonderful work on here: there are so many beautiful pieces that I feel proud using and I'm thrilled I was able to offer you some support in exchange for a few dollars. I'm happy to hear that your schedule is entering a more "manageable" phase: remembering what it was like to have a younger child makes me immensely empathize. That said, if more of your work shows up on here in he future: great! If not: thank you for everything that you've shared already.

Michelle Jones · 5 Marzo 2014
I understand completely; you have done the right thing. I was working for myself and struggling when the opportunity to go back to 'real' work came at the end of 2012. I managed to work full time + work for a franchise one evening a week + write for a magazine + write a book...for 7 months, then another opportunity came along, this time to go back into management! I grabbed it and was able to give up the franchise after 5 long years of struggling. My book got finished! It's published on 24:04:14 (Throw Away Your Loincloth by Michelle Jones) I still write for the magazine, but it's so much easier :) ...And if you feel able, I'd still love 'My Way' as a skin for my iPhone 5... Keep doing your stuff, but do it when you enjoy it, not because you feel you have to. xxx

ReggieMann · 9 Marzo 2014
Wishing the best to you and your family in the future Hoping you will consider putting the Xmas wallpapers back up :)

Kostas · 11 Marzo 2014
Hello Vlad, As an amateur photographer and a father of three (very) small children, I think I feel you a little bit. Since my first baby was born, I have almost stopped using my camera. But as an old lady told me once, you either draw/paint/photograph life or you live it. Choose wisely...

ilona · 14 Marzo 2014
I have a lifetime sub also! Vlad, your family is most important! They come first! Your real friends know where to find you; and you can make wallpapers for "spa time" (relaxing therapy!) We all support your decisions!

Timur Atabaev · 16 Marzo 2014
Молодец! Удачи тебе, Влад! :)

Bruce Joubert · 16 Marzo 2014
Hey Vlad, I have learnt this year that time is so so short and family has to come first before they have gone. We are patient and will be here for a long time to come.

Nigel T · 21 Marzo 2014
Good work Vlad - congratulations! I still enjoy what's here - fans like me will be happy with a trickle of new stuff as we love your work :) Life is too short and few of us get the right work/life balance - I hope you're one of the lucky ones!

Judi · 21 Marzo 2014
Hi Vlad - Your site is the best. I'm so glad to hear you life is getting better and better - That's the way it supposed to happen! You are much too talented for anything else. Of course we miss your wallpapers, but you've left us so many to go back and revisit. I don't think I'll ever get bored!

Кирилл · 25 Marzo 2014
Ура! Супер-работы! Спасибо большое, Влад, за труды! Успехов и вдохновения! )

Keith · 29 Aprile 2014
I read somewhere that even musicians who play must also know when to rest... The same would be true for an artist such as yourself. Take time for your family, and for yourself. Get some rest. Guard your private time. Learn to say, "No" and mean it. Then when the muse descends, your inspiration will lead you to create anew. Your artwork is always wonderful and I share it with as many people as I can. Rest up and enjoy little Alice and your family. Thanks for sharing your many gifts and talents with the world.

Myddna · 27 Giugno 2014
Hi Vlad. During many years I have been a fan of your art. I even made my own wallpapers inspired (and taught) by your work and tutorials. I can't thank you enough. I know the wallpaper release flow is not like it was, but now that I have something like "economic independence" I have bought a suscription. I'd have loved doing it sooner... Thank you for everything. Really.

Amar · 8 Luglio 2014
Dear Vlad, The life of a freelancer is very tough, filled with uncertainty and isolation. I've oscillated between freelancing and full-time employment throughout my life. My experiences echoed your own - and employment opportunities always came up just when things were rough :-) You are a very talented artist, and I'm glad things are working out for you. I bought my subscription some years ago, and I've received more than my money's worth. Best wishes!! b.t.w. T S Eliot wrote something that fits the description of freelancing: The lot of man is ceaseless labor, Or ceaseless idleness, which is still harder, Or irregular labour, which is not pleasant. -- T S Eliot -- [http://www.tech-samaritan.org/blog/2010/06/16/choruses-from-the-rock-t-s-eliot/]

Mary Joan · 6 Ottobre 2014
Thank you for allowing people who could never dream of your beautiful pictures to have them as free. I found your site at a time when I was struggling to raise my two sons and your artwork kept my spirits alive. I wish only the best for you and your family. You have such a great talent! thank you!

Christian · 8 Ottobre 2014
Life time member. Have had your wallpapers on all the 8 computers in my commercial recording studio since day one. We have had 30+ world wide nr 1 songs last three years and I bet some of the magic came from watching your walls papers first thing in the morning every morning. Thanx for everything.

Randall Wood · 10 Novembre 2014
Art is timeless, and I can appreciate the conundrum! I just discovered you (via G+, if you're curious) and immediately bought an account. Love your whimsical creations, and happy to support a talented artist. Hopefully the stability of paid work gets you into a new rhythm that allows you to create new things in your spare time - you never know!

Elle (Ireland) · 2 Dicembre 2014
Thank you for all the wonderful wallpapers. They are truly inspirational and treasured. If sometime you come up with more, great, and if not that's OK too. Take care and most important enjoy your family.

tamalita · 8 Dicembre 2014
i know this is a really old post, but I just came by for a visit and read your post - congratulations on the birth of your Alice and on the new job! Stability is very important, esp with a family. Enjoy!!!!!

Caline · 24 Dicembre 2014
I have been following you for a few years now and I love your work. I will wait eagerly for your new art pieces and I celebrate with you your successes. I have a three year old too and I'm expecting my second one next year, so totally understand what you are going through. Enjoy the craziness and have fun as much as you can. One of my daughters favorites is Who Stole the Moon, thanks for that. And Merry Christmas!

Goutam Sharma · 28 Gennaio 2015
Hope you come with one once in a while. I love your art and hope to see more of it. Thanks.

Ana Pereira · 27 Marzo 2015
It's allrigth. You don't have to work for others, we enjoyed your free wallpapers for long, I could not pay for that luxury but I could enjoy then. It's about time for you to work just for your family, unless you don't feel complete in that job. Be happy!

Stephen Lomas · 28 Marzo 2015
You are absolutely doing the right thing. Family and peace of mind come first. I wish you great success. Thanks, Steve

Ames Lai · 6 Aprile 2015
No worries, as long as you are happy! :D

Lim Lian Tze · 24 Aprile 2015
Just wanted to say "hi" -- I miss you and your wallpapers! Hope everything's going on OK for you.

Tim Goudriaan · 1 Maggio 2015
I still miss the wallpapers, but a kid is more important than my desktop, take care!

Steven Forster · 9 Giugno 2015
Hi Vlad, it'd be nice to see some more wallpapers, but family must come first. Hope that in time, you'll be back

Florian · 21 Giugno 2015
Soooo...Vlad...just asking: are there going to be any updates? Anytime in the future? I'd love to see new wallpapers and ideas!

Zach · 9 Luglio 2015
I know this is very late after this post, but wanted to say that I have gotten many many times the value from my life time purchase. I would love to see more wallpapers, but your life/family/work come first and I wish you the best of luck with them.

Helen Or · 6 Settembre 2015
Can't wait to see new works from you. You have amazing ideas and lovely execution. In the meanwhile, I will just have to make do with your old images then! But of course, that's not too bad already - I still have a lot of choices. Keep going!!

Patricia Daugherty · 7 Febbraio 2016
I understand completely about how long it takes to adjust after having a child, and trying to 'freelance'. I found it near impossible and still feel my main focus and job is being a mother- even thought they are now in their twenties, lol! Taking care of kids slipped into taking care of mom, who passed away less than a year ago. So it has taken me a few decades instead of years to get back into it! Congrats on your regular job!

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