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VladVladstudio adalah proyek dari seorang seniman digital Rusia yang bernama Vlad Gerasimov. Pada tahun 1998, saya mulai mendesain antarmuka untuk pelbagai situs web dan aplikasi perangkat lunak. Akan tetapi, di waktu luang saya membuat kertas dinding destop. Seiring berjalannya waktu, hobi tersebut telah berkembang menjadi bisnis, dan sekarang saya bisa menikmati berwiraswasta secara purnawaktu, membuat kertas dinding untuk komputer dan gawai portable Anda. Saya mencintai pekerjaan saya, dan saya gembira bahwa ada banyak orang di dunia yang turut menyukainya!

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Lower Antelope canyon
Procrastination (Color 2)


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Ho ho ho, happy 2016! ·30 Desember 2015

Despite not updating Vladstudio.com for almost 2 years (which is almost lifetime for a web site), I still receive many emails from visitors - some with questions, some (still) with compliments. Thank you for all your emails! I'd like to shed some light on my life these two years.

Well, it's changed.

Who Stole The Moon? - free (paper) book giveaway ·28 Maret 2014

[UPDATE - all books have been sent out and this post is now for history only.]

Book photo

Some time ago, when I was young and naive, I self-published a book with my illustrations, "Who Stole The Moon?". It sold steadily... for some time. Then I realized what most people in similar situation do - to keep sales going, you need to stop drawing/working/whatever you're doing and start marketing. I was always awful at marketing, so sales basically stopped by now. And because I am now full-time employed, I have no enegry left to spend on pushing the sales.

However, I have an idea what I should do about the remaining books. A couple of times, I sent batches of books to my friends from charity fund helping children with Epidermolysis bullosa - deti-bela.ru (I'm glad I have a chance to promote them here!) Instead of gathering dust in my mother's apartment, I'd rather see these books in children's hands.

So here is the deal. If you participate in something related to children aged 2-6 (kindergarten, charity fund, health care center, hospital, etc) and are interested, I will send you "Who Stole The Moon?" for free.

The photos are below. For more information, please email to vladstudio@gmail.com (do NOT contact me using comments on this page). Thanks!

Vladstudio.com - what's (not) going on ·18 Februari 2014

If you've visited my website before, you might have noticed I have not updated it for a while. I have been receiving emails saying "Where are new wallpapers?", "We miss you!" - and I truly appreciate them. Silence is proved means of defence for me. However, allow me to write a little bit, just in case you're interested.

Some time ago, I used to combine doing outsource design and development with drawing wallpapers. It worked well, sometimes challenging, but manageable. I had steady flow of jobs, and enough time to draw a wallpaper every week or two.

Then, three things happened.

Vladstudio.com - still alive ·7 Juli 2013

"Almost two months without a new wallpaper, what about a 'full-time self-employment, creating wallpapers'???" (Comment from a Vladstudio visitor).

Allow me to shed light on why I have been silent. There is nothing exciting - I have been occupied by two side projects (both taking time but not making any money), plus traveling, plus my kid not being well (all is well now, fortunately). I have plenty of ideas for new wallpapers in my head - just completely out of time and energy to actually draw them. Now, I must say I am lucky man - even with no updates, my humble website remains my (only) source of stable income! I am really looking forward to dedicating myself to vladstudio.com again. Hopefully soon!

Komentar pengunjung terakhir

Javier Diaz · 14:13
The White Crow:
Awesome! :)

Jessica · 12 Agustus
Ho ho ho, happy 2016!:
I know it's been a very long time since you've updated this website or posted a blog update. Not sure if this message will ever reach you, but just wanted to send along a quick thank you - I have been following your wallpaper website (and using some of them) since 2008. It's now 2018, a full decade later, but I came back again recently to use one of your wallpapers for the new laptop I got. Your art is amazing! I looked at your new company's website and it definitely has the most admirable mission. I'm glad to hear that you've been doing well - best of luck with everything!

Music​ · 1 Juli
Snow Leopard:
So cute

丁宁 · 24 Juni

Livanco · 18 Juni
Тепер ждем собак!

Fredski · 19 Agustus 11:50
Aquarium 2:
Hi, Can you please reupload the other version too? The one with bones? I was using it as a wallpaper for 10 years and I would like to re download it with higher resolution. Thank you.

Mark Raykhlin · 6 Agustus
I am your fan for the last... 10-15 years. Love your taste.

elizabeth macdonald · 31 Juli
Tardigrade (Water Bear):
This is just so lovely!!

Dave Gyte · 17 Juli
This is the best, this looks great on my phone. Thank you!

Ben · 30 Juni
Ho ho ho, happy 2016!:
You are a great artist! I Have always loved your work. Best of luck in your future adventures.

Vlad Gerasimov · 18 Juni
Livanco: обязательно будут собаки!

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