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Malevich - Black Square

Malevich - Black Square

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टिप्पणियाँ 33

Justin · long ago
not familiar with the artist, but i still like it. nice work vlad.

melanie · long ago
pay for a wallpaper?!?! what the hell!

Dariusz · long ago
super art poprostu swietne

多多 · long ago

derya · long ago
a formation of boundless childish dreams and a great art. you must have a great imagination.

Vaida · long ago
Best wishes from lithuanian girls, who realy love your creative, simple and lovely pictures!

Zille · long ago
So nice!! ^^ (L)

M · long ago
Clever and endearing as usual. :-) Another very nice work. (Y) Thank you!

Uday · long ago

urszULA · long ago
pozdrowienia z Polski!:)POLAND LOVE VLADSTUDIO:)

3za · long ago
Loved it! soon i'll write another poem inspired by this picture in my www.sabordepalavra.blogspot.com

Mohammed Korashy · long ago
How I can get wallpapers for this artist, Please?:-)

William Brovelli · 25 मई 2008
Nice! Check out Vincent Como ... He does black squares, he won the Myartspace 2007 NY NY jurried competition.

Белладонна · 25 अगस्त 2008
Здорово! У тебя много интересных идей.

mwoffle · 29 जुलाई 2009
oh, and melanie and jac, you don't HAVE to pay. and stop swearing!

momo · 3 नवम्बर 2009
That's good

babue76@yahoo.com · 5 जुलाई 2010

Avril · 10 अक्टूबर 2011

Jac · long ago
This site sux we aint going to make canvas of these wallpapers so why pay

Jair · long ago
Awesome! Great tribute to the artist!!!!

mmelavic · long ago
Love it - and intrigued w/ the artists name....wondering if mine is the Americanized version.

Shanshugirl · long ago
I have had one of your imaged on my desktop for about 6 months & I love it!! Its not an easy thing to straddle he divide between work with integrity & work that people love .. but you manage it ... keep it up !!

sajjad · long ago
mamad jooon hameye in ha kare khode vlade. :-D

Nirmalya · long ago
just loved it...thanks Vlad! (Y)

Sotomayor · long ago
Hey! that's awesome and really funny at the time wow did you recreate the Black Square painting from Malevich U ROCK SIR!!!! Continue that way U're the best!!! :-) :-D (Y)

Griever · long ago
Hey I know that guy! We're studying Abstract Art at the moment and we did a piece on him.

huahua · long ago
I googled it~and got some information thanks for making me to learn, with fun.

vicky · long ago
;-) like it a lot

Effdokia · 16 जनवरी 2008
Huh......that's pretty surprising you don't know Malevich...even shocking. As for Vlad's creative work - it's great. Prosto super, raboty takie ostroumnye, 4to kazhdy raz nachodish dlya sebya 4to-nibud' novenkoye!

ghazal · 21 सितम्बर 2008
ohhhh!it's my favorite!soo beautiful

mwoffle · 29 जुलाई 2009
love your work vlad! ever since I discovered your site i have always used only your wallpapers. they never cease to blow me away!

Julius · 14 अप्रैल 2010
Vlad è un artista migliore di Malevic.

Stefano · 15 अप्रैल 2011
"...tribute to another great artist!" Well, "another" refers to the great artist we all know: Vlad :)

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